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Add to friends - why and to whom

Virtual reality presents us with new lessons, giving rise to new concepts. What is the secret of this? The fact that the Internet is an unreachable information field, where everyone finds something and likes someone. Agree, at the university or at school you will not always be able to meet, for example, an admirer of bionics, a chinchill lover or a connoisseur of classical music. Yes, and at work the same: people are not chosen for their hobbies, but for their profession. Therefore, in reality, we are limited to the connections that life offers us. But in the network the choice of the interlocutor depends only on our desire to communicate.

Knowing a foreign language, you can add friends to foreign bloggers on the pages of social networks. People, as a rule, willingly go for virtual contact, especially if it is associated with their hobbies. Add to friends makes sense in Twitter, and in Google+, and on all sorts of portals. Why? Because for "their" often authors provide more detailed materials, you can get acquainted with their experience, communicate. Many sites and forums are not that closed, but with limited access. That is, until you call trust, they will not share with you, for example, their secret of working on the stock exchange or the way to grow cucumbers in a bank. But when you start adding to your friends, people will be more willing to communicate with you.

In the network we find a fellowship on interests. Here (unlike reality), it's easy to cross out a person from your life, blocking, and just as easy to add to friends. This is not a friendship that is tested for years and severe trials. It is, rather, a way to show a community of interests or similar views. Far from always we are familiar with our virtual readers in reality. But when they start to be added to friends, it's a good sign. And it's not just that the attendance of the blog is growing, that the author becomes recognizable. The bottom line is that people have trust, interest in our texts, that they find something important in their articles.

Feel free to join friends to the author that you like. Because sympathy is contagious, he will also pay attention to you. In the abundance of blogs and diaries that exists now, it is sometimes difficult to understand. In fact, people find each other on the web from the links of those who are friends. And, strange as it may seem, people on the Internet are often ready not only for more frankness. Because they are linked by a common problem or common interest, they readily help each other morally, provide support. It just seems like you're alone with the screen. In fact, at the other end of the wires is the same person who may have the same problem or doubt. He is ready to share his solution and just say a good word.

By subscribing to the news of the blog, we will receive them on the mail. But here for the interaction it is worth adding to friends. Often, blogs and websites have buttons that connect them to social networks. The openness in communication is influenced by the fact that the network can be almost anonymous. Therefore, when discussing a problem, you can not be afraid that the statement will be used against you.

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