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A person who is a church person is what?

A person who is a church person is an active member of the Orthodox Church who attends church services at least once a month, regularly confessing, communicating, observing all church institutions, fasting and taking part in activities related to the life of the Church (processions and the like). People who are forced to live voluntarily either in places remote from Orthodox churches and who, for that reason, are deprived of the opportunity to regularly attend services and take part in the Sacraments are also church-decorated.

What is the Church?

What does vercerized mean? Let's look for the answer to this question together. Churching takes place during the Sacrament of Baptism. This rite symbolizes the dedication of the infant to God. But you can understand this word in a different way. Its root is the word Church, the Body of Christ, the union of all Christians of one confession. That is, churching is the entry of the infant into the composition of this Body, joining it to a great common Soul - the Church. Such a unity presupposes a common understanding of the foundations of faith, prayer life, and observance of the rules.

Girl in the Church

A church girl should strive to become a model of chastity, decency, courtesy. This she indirectly leads a sermon among the non-believers around her. She often does not use make-up, tries to look neat. Clothing means modesty, taste, measure, the absence of any pretentiousness, vulgarity. Well, if she is always dressed so that you can safely enter the temple. Sometimes such a desire arises spontaneously. It is not necessary to dress in all black, shapeless. But we must try not to embarrass the appearance of people present in the church service. Girls usually have more free time than married women, so they often become members of charitable organizations, volunteers.

What unites people in the Church

A person who is a church person is an Orthodox Christian who considers himself to be part of the Church, and who, by his life, seeks to live according to the New Testament commandments. He can be a businessman, an athlete, the father of a large family, but necessarily puts faith in Christ at the heart of the matter. Participation in services and ordinances for him is a necessity. He must understand the meaning of what is happening in the temple during the service. Most of the church people follow the established fasts of the Orthodox Church, consider it necessary to read certain literature, they know and read the morning and evening prayers of the Orthodox Prayer every day. A believing person is necessarily familiar with the feeling of spiritual unification with other members of the Church. On holidays it is especially acute. People are united by the desire to share joy and everything that fills the soul.

How to church another person

What does it mean to church a person? If we return to the symbolic meaning of the word "churching", it means to introduce a person into the Church. Do not just take his hand and lead to all the "strong" icons and relics, do not hand him the Prayer, but help to truly feel the unity of all believers - living and dead. He must see that the Church is a real family. It is impossible to understand the word "church" as a building for worship. A person who does not communicate with anyone in the temple, can in fact be a member of the Church, and one who shakes hands with all parishioners and cliques can be alien to it. That is, to church is to give an understanding of the foundations of the Orthodox faith, help to take the first steps in a new life and master the basic church institutions, rules of conduct in the temple. This should be done by a priest or a person with a special spiritual education. If a simple parishioner is taking a stake in the churching of another person, he should consult a priest. He will correctly explain how to do it correctly, what literature to read.

The Gospel and the works of the Holy Fathers - the ABC of the Orthodox Church

A person who is a church person is a Christian who is firmly aware of the basic evangelical commandments, familiar with the content of the teachings of the Holy Fathers of the Church. The obligatory condition is not only to know by heart, but clearly understand and confirm with whole life the content of the text of the Creed. The beginning of familiarity with the Church should be the reading and careful study of the New Testament. It's good if a priest or a believing person can help in this, who himself carefully studies it. But, unfortunately, now it is almost impossible to find a leader in the spiritual life. Therefore, we need to resort to prayer and help from the Holy Fathers. Then God himself becomes the leader on this important path. Beginners can start with the book: "Philokalia. Favorites for the laity."

Why Holy Fathers? We must try to imagine that a person is skiing in an unfamiliar forest. In front of him is an excellent ski track, and next to numerous jagged branches. What will a sensible person choose ? A good ski track is the path laid by the Holy Fathers. They seem to call us from the other end of the forest and say: "Son, follow my tracks, I have successfully achieved the goal." Each of them passed this way and carefully fixed the ski track. Smart, of course, boldly go on the ski track, a fool - will look for his, a new way and will surely pay for his arrogance by the fact that he will soon lose his way.

But in order to correctly understand the patristic works, an assistant is also needed. Understandable for the modern human language their doctrine was expounded by the abbot Nikon (Vorobiev). His book "Letters on the spiritual life" contains correspondence with his spiritual children, in which he describes at the everyday level how to understand and apply the patristic teaching in practice. Slightly more difficult, the magnificent language of the XIX century, this teaching is set forth in the works of St. Ignatius (Bryanchaninov). It is quite simple and understandable that the works of the Holy Fathers and the evangelical commandments for the modern man are explained by the professor of the Moscow Theological Academy, AI Osipov. To get acquainted with his understanding, you can on his personal site. What does it mean to be a church person? He is the one who shares the views of the faithful children of the Church on the foundations of Orthodoxy, loves and respects it, believes in the truth of her teaching.

Family and Church

It is much easier for a believer to lead a spiritual life if in his family all members knowingly believe in God and have a need for church communication. A churchized family is formed when two believers create a couple. Less often a believing husband or a believing wife manages to bring his half to the Church.

In each churched family, children are surely brought up in the Orthodox faith. Norma is the general morning and evening prayer of the whole family, reading of the life stories of saints at the dinner table and, of course, regular general visits to worship, participation in the Sacraments. All this contributes to the affirmation in the faith of each of the members of the family separately. A person who is a church person understands this and necessarily cares about that all his relatives aspire to spiritual life.

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