A narrow hallway is not a verdict! Creative design ideas

In terms of design a narrow hallway, naturally, is much more difficult than any, even a little more spacious room. However, given that the problem of narrow hallways has become relevant for a person since the beginning of active construction of high-rise apartment buildings, over the last century, a lot of tricks have been invented that allow to visually widen the hallway and make it a truly stylish and cozy place. Well, let's begin.

Color spectrum

Due to competent selection of colors and playing of shades, a narrow hallway can become visually much wider. Generally it is considered that the ability to "move apart" the walls have exceptionally light shades. But hardly anyone will like the entrance hall, made in a dull gray color. Therefore, professional designers recommend using light colors only for long walls. But for short sections it is better to pick up pretty bright colors. Due to this move, you can visually give the hallway the right shape. Another option - the use of bright, saturated, contrasting hues on all walls. But here there is one important "but" - a narrow hallway in this case should be conditionally divided into "zones", and the color design should be tied to these zones.

Location of furniture

In a narrow hallway, all furniture, as a rule, is located along one of the walls. The main rule when choosing furniture - take into account its compatibility with the chosen style solution. Choose a shallow model, devoid of serving accessories and equipped with sliding doors.

To the interior of the hallway seemed easier, it is worth to abandon the massive walls and place instead of them several separate pieces of furniture. For example, instead of a large closet for outer clothing, it is much better to put a compact standing hanger.

It is very good to put padded stools for the hall, sitting on which you can wear shoes. As for shoes, it will be more convenient for guests to put it on an open shelf. And, so to speak, "for yourself" you can use the usual closable lockers.

Be sure to come up with where you place the mirror, in which you can look at yourself before going out. You can make a "knight's move" and buy a compact sliding-door wardrobe with a mirrored door. Due to this visually free space in the hallway will become much more.

At the far end of the entrance hall put a small table on which you can put the phone. This is an ideal option for small apartments where there is no possibility to equip a full-fledged office.


A narrow hallway will visually look bigger if you distribute the light correctly in it. At a minimum, at both ends of it, one light diffused light must be installed. If the hallway is long, they may need more, so that all areas of the room are evenly lit. In addition, it is possible to install so-called local lighting. It allows you to select specific areas - for example, a mirror, a cabinet or something else. You can try installing adjustable luminaires and directing the rays of light to the opposite walls - then the hallway will seem a bit wider.

Many popular designers are looking for creative ideas for the hallway, decorating it in any topic. Everyone here has their own taste preferences, but this move makes it possible to turn a nondescript and cramped room into a real highlight of your home.

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