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A. N. Ostrovsky "The Thunderstorm". Curly Characteristics

In 1859, AN Ostrovsky wrote the play "The Thunderstorm." By this time the whole of Russian society was hiding in the terrible fear of the impending changes. Indeed, the social conflict between the old world of conservatives and the patriarchal way of life, the so-called "dark world" and the new world of young and progressive forces, became more and more clear. The old world in the play "Thunderstorm" is represented by the rich and very vicious merchant Kabanikh and the wicked, unbearable merchant Dikaya. Of course, their power over others is still very high, but they also begin to understand that gradually a new, alien, incomprehensible and already hated by them force begins to awaken in the lower strata.

"Storm". Curly Characteristics

NA Dobrolyubov will devote this article to his article titled "The Ray of Light in the Dark Realm." Where he writes that the dark world of the tyrants, who mop up arbitrariness everywhere, began to feel the sprouts of another life, with other beginnings, although it is still not well seen.

By analyzing the topic "Thunderstorm" in more detail. Characteristics of Kudryash ", it must be noted that it is such a young generation of the small town of Kalinov in the play that Katerina, Boris, Kudryash, Varvara and Tikhon represent. But are they all capable of fighting and rebuffing the tyranny of the tyrants who rule over them?

Character of Curly in the play "Thunderstorm"

Can Vanya Kudryash stand up for himself, and who is he? After all, in fact, the theme "The Thunderstorm" was asked. Character of Curly ». Curly - this is one of the minor characters of the work of Ostrovsky, a young man working in the office of the rough merchant Dikoy. But Kudryash also seems to be a rude and does not want to "slave" to his master. He says to Kuligin and Shapkin, they say, "I'm not afraid of him, let him be afraid of me", and he answers with rudeness to rudeness, although he tries not to come across Dieka once again. But if the merchant Dikoy does not expel him, so they need each other, and therefore Curly does not need to show heroism for presenting any of his demands.


Curly one of the first characters appears in the play and acquaints us with the way of life of the city of Kalinov. He is bold, merry and self-confident. He has his own passion, with which he secretly from her mother Kabanikhi meets in the evenings. Curly with Varvara contributed to the meetings of the married Katerina and the free from the conjugal bonds of nephew of Wild Boris.

Concluding the discussion on "Thunderstorm". Characteristic of Kudryash, "it should be noted that when all their secret visits were revealed, Boris did not begin to save Katerina and obediently left for Siberia, where he was sent by his uncle. But Curley is not the same, he takes Varvara and runs away with her. Curly if he sets a goal, he achieves it, whatever it costs him.

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