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Yossi Benayoun is an Israeli star

Yossi Benayoun is one of the most famous Israeli football players of our time. Of course, everyone expected much more from him, since in his youth he was considered to be a real football genius, who can become one of the best in the world. But things did not turn out that way, and Yossi Benayoun, although he became a prominent personality in the football world, but could not climb to the very top. How did the player's career develop, to which the incredible future was predicted?

Carier start

At the age of fifteen, Yossi Benayoun began to appear on the covers of Israeli football magazines, as his talent was simply incredible. At the age of sixteen he went to Amsterdam, where he played for the youth team "Ajax", known as one of the main clubs in Europe, able to reveal the young talents to the maximum. Young Yossi Benayoun showed such incredible football that the club management immediately offered him a four-year contract. But Yossi himself and his family felt bad in Holland, so they decided to give up the contract and return to Israel. There, the young attacking midfielder spent an incredibly outstanding season for his home club "Hapoel" from the city of Beersheba, virtually saving him from flying to the lower division. The club's management decided that it makes no sense to spoil the career of a junior, so at the age of 18, Yossi found himself in the strongest club in Israel - Maccabi Haifa.

Development of talent

Naturally, it was not a secret to anybody that Yossi Benayoun, whose statistics were already amazing, will eventually move to Europe and play for some top club. But it still had to happen in the future - but for now Benayoun spent four years in "Maccabi", for which he played 140 matches and scored 57 goals. It was an impressive figure, and Benayoun became one of the main creators of success - in 2001 and 2002, "Maccabi" won the championship titles of the country. Do not remain such indicators without attention from European clubs, but this time not leading. In 2002, the 22-year-old moved to the Spanish "Racing", where he began his ascent.

Exit to the European level

Benayoun spent three years in "Racing", playing in 104 games and scoring twenty goals. However, he quickly made it clear that he does not want to stay in the club and wants to raise - preferably in the English Premier League. There were rumors of his transition to different English clubs, and in 2005, the 25-year-old still moved to England, namely, at West Ham.

Moving to England

In the new club Benayoun immediately got a place in the base - for good reason he was paid almost four million euros. "West Ham" really wanted to save the player, and after two years agreed on the extension of the contract - but Benayoun suddenly refused, choosing the transition to "Liverpool". "West Ham" has remained with compensation in the amount of seven and a half million euros.

New call

In the "Liverpool" 27-year-old player also got a place at the base and laid out to the full to return his current club the former greatness - unfortunately, he did not succeed, and for three years in Liverpool, he did not win a single trophy. But it was here that the player reached his maximum, which attracted the attention of the "Chelsea" himself - the club gave seven million euros for the Israeli.

Complete failure

As often happens in the case of Chelsea transfers, the player was bought, but he was not needed. Benayoun spent a year in reserve before being given a one-year lease in FC Arsenal. There he became a baseman, played in 25 games and scored six goals. But the London club refused to buy a player - "Chelsea" asked too much. Therefore, after renting to FC "Arsenal" Benayoun returned to "West Ham", which forgave him the old. In this club he spent a year, but already passed very badly, so he did not even get fixed in the base. The club, which used to idolize the Israeli, did not offer him a contract. As a result, Benayoun remained without a club and stayed in the intermediate state for half a year, until the club of CRC offered him a contract for six months. The player finished the season pretty well, but as a result decided that it's time for him to return to his homeland. For two seasons he played for the club of his youth "Maccabi". The contract of the 36-year-old winger expires this summer, and it is not yet known whether he will win back a season here, or will already complete the coach. In any case, he has impressive football years behind him.

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