Women's Suit with a skirt - timeless classic

Today, a suit is an indispensable part of a girl's wardrobe, it's almost impossible to do without it. At the moment, there is a wide variety of them: models of women's suits with a skirt suggest the use of different materials and stylistic directions. Following their own preferences, modern girls choose outfits with trousers or a skirt.

Women's costume with a skirt in the style of the forties

Strict and conservative costumes in this style, consisting of a straight skirt and a narrowed jacket, are a hit of the season and are found in various collections of fashion designers.

Despite the simplicity of design, they look amazingly elegant and very feminine. In this case, the color range of these costumes is very low-key and includes dark blue, gray and black shades.

Suit female with a military style skirt

Such suits are trouser, and also include a skirt and jacket - it does not really matter. Skirt in the form of a pencil or trapezium, strict lines of cut, a jacket with lapels, epaulettes, 2 rows of buttons made of metal, dark colors are the main features of this style.

Such a militarized image is also complemented by a tablet-type bag and a wide belt. But the trousers in the suits of this style are dressed in boots.

Women's costume with a pajama style skirt

Free long, wide trousers, a jacket in the form of a collar-shawl, soft fabrics - this all distinguishes the costumes that are made in this style. Here the eastern influence is felt, which is strengthened by the used fabrics - silk and velvet.

Suits for women

All kinds of three-piece suits together with ties and various hats create interesting retro images of the thirties, when the girls tried to wear clothes for the first time for the guys.

In the collections of Armani, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren there are vivid images of the "dandy". In these models, pants are not traditional: a little shortened, without arrows, mostly of the "banana" type.

Suit female with a skirt in a romantic style

In the last collections there is a huge number of models that create the image of a strong, courageous and strict woman, but romance and femininity also continue to be relevant.

Jackets with basques and flounces, slightly fitted jackets create an accent on the hips and waist. This is one of the most expressive models in fashion collections. In this respect, the Lanvin collection is particularly prominent, with exclusively feminine images.

Women's summer costumes with a skirt and shortened jacket

Short jackets to us came from the seventies. They look good in costume models with trousers or skirts.

Actual details of costumes

In the new season, the most relevant are textured materials. Among them are corduroy, velvet and velor, although it is also possible to use other fabrics with original texture, as well as a relief pattern. The most fashionable are suits made of linen, lace, leather with pinhole, and also metallic shine.

Remember that the costume model you need to purchase in accordance with your type of figure and your own taste.

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