Women's perfume, which men like. Rating, description of fragrance and reviews

Choosing the fragrance for yourself, some girls wonder if he will like their young man. Will he be as attractive to him as to her? In fact it would be desirable to buy or purchase such scented water about which liked will tell or say, that she approaches or suits on all of 100%. In this article we will consider the TOP of women's fragrances that men like.

Dior, Chanel, Gucci ... What do men pay attention to when choosing a perfume? Definitely not on the brand. In any case, not how the girls do. However, there is a certain rating of women's spirits that men like. They find their fragrance sexy and attractive regardless of the time of year and day. So, what kind of perfume do men prefer on women?

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

The floral fruity fragrance from the Spanish perfume fashion house occupies a leading position in the TOP of the elite. He attracts with warm sound and languid, multifaceted beauty of perfume composition. Saturated, slightly fresh, sweet, but not cloying, recognizable, but not beaten.

The top notes are revealed by a combination of juicy raspberries and freshness of lemon. Tenderness is added by the chords of Neroli. In the heart of fruit and berry fresh is replaced by a floral bouquet: the notes of jasmine, orange blossom and gardenia come into force. The trail of fragrance is given to patchouli and honey in the base, leaving a sweet aftertaste.

Perfume is resistant, can be used both in the afternoon and as an evening. Ideal for the cold season.

According to reviews, is associated with sexual impudent seducer, does not leave indifferent to others, often serves as an excuse for compliments.

Narciso Rodrigues for Her

Ambiguous, but certainly bright and attractive fragrance from Narciso Rodrigues. These are the women's perfumes that men like. Rating on a scale of 10 points is firm 9. Perhaps, in the opinion of some of the fair sex, the perfume is harsh and heavy, but most men are crazy about it.

The fragrance belongs to the family of floral woody-musk.

The top notes are revealed by the sound of osmanthus and orange color with light bitterness of bergamot. Flower sweetness does not last long and smoothly turns into musk-amber notes, then to be heard in the base with vanilla, amber and vetiver. Sweets in the train is almost not audible, it is muffled and delicate.

The aroma is sexy, but discreet, elegant and feminine. On someone, musky notes can immediately appear, bypassing the floral ones. Depending on the chemistry of the skin can sound very sharp, even resembling a man's perfume, and can reveal a white-green flower bouquet. Very persistent.

Agent Provacateur

Is there a fragrance that can turn your head, make you move closer? Yes. Agent Provacateur - female perfumes that men like. Rating and reviews - a vivid confirmation of this: "fragrance-bomb", "it is impossible to resist" - only a few enthusiastic statements from men who tested perfume.

Several pshikas behind the ears and on the wrist will turn the cavalier head off without difficulty. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the fragrance will cause a back reaction.

If we talk about the group, it is a floral woody-musky perfume. The top notes are floral-spicy (saffron and magnolia), heart notes are floral with a predominance of rose. The base is heavy and sharp due to a combination of amber, cedar and musk.

At first it may seem a bit harsh, but, gradually opening up, it becomes softer and more exciting.

Love in White by Creed

The most sexy and attractive female fragrances are not necessarily bright and sweet. They can be gentle and elegant, like "Love in White" from the perfume house Creed.

The pyramid is built very harmoniously and opens gradually, without sharp unpleasant transitions. The upper bright orange chords smoothly flow into a floral composition of noble iris, delicate jasmine and a languorous rose. Adds unusual and recognizable aroma to the note of rice. It makes the perfume almost tangible. The base a little heavier aroma, but sandalwood, vanilla and amber perfectly play the lightness of the upper notes and heart.

Trying to understand what women's spirits like for men, the rating is often confused with mass popularity. This perfume is not very famous among brand lovers, it is not advertised in magazines and TV. However, Love in White is a very worthy and win-win choice. The fragrance does not run ahead of its owner, but it will not remain unnoticed.

Dolce from Dolce and Gabbana

Aroma takes a worthy position in the category "women's perfume, which men like". Rating popularity since the release remains unchanged: 7 out of 10.

Perfume thin, gentle, weightless. This is not a passionate "Empress" who loudly declares herself, but a confident and elegant lady, who knows her worth well and does not strive to subdue everyone and everything.

The fragrance begins to sound with fresh floral chords of neroli and a flower of papaya. In the heart comes a rare white amaryllis, a white water lily and a white daffodil. Tenderness and subtlety of white flowers emphasizes the base. The combination of sandalwood and musk serves as an excellent finishing small chord.

The fragrance is ideal for summer and late spring, when worn in the cold season, many customers notice the bitterness in it and stress that it reveals on the skin worse.

The One by Dolce and Gabbana

The rating of women's perfumes that men like, continues one more perfume composition from the fashion house D & G. If Dolce is tenderness and refinement, then The One is passion and play.

The aroma is fruity, sweet, with a deep stubborn streak.

Opened notes of peach, lychee and mandarin, flavored with the astringency of bergamot. In the heart, fruits give way to flowers: jasmine, lily and lily of the valley come to the fore. Adds an unusual plum sweetness. In the base, there are vanilla-musk chords, diluted with more calm vetiver and ambergris.

Girls note that the aroma can be opened with warm honey notes, it lasts from 5 to 8 hours on the skin, if used moderately (one or two pshika).

Guilty Black from Gucci

Are you looking for bright, memorable female perfumes that men like? Rating can continue flanker from the fashion house "Gucci".

Fruity-floral fragrance is perfect for winter and autumn, in the summer it can start to choke with excessive excessiveness, which is not felt during the cold season. On the skin sits well, it stays decently - 6-7 hours, then almost not felt.

The top notes are red berries, generously flavored with pink pepper. In the heart of raspberry and lilacs, delicately supplemented with violets and peaches. In the database - patchouli and ambergris.

Despite such a pyramid, the aroma does not resemble a "compote", it is rather cold and yet very feminine.

What kind of women's perfume do men like? The list can be continued indefinitely, because everyone has his own olfactory perception. It can be both light flower compositions, and bright, rather sweet aromas. The ideal option is to choose perfume together, but if a loved one gave something strange at first glance, do not rush to be disappointed. Maybe that's how he sees you and thinks the fragrance created just for you. Remember that men and women perceive odors in different ways.

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