Winter overalls for women - for sports and active natures

If you are not afraid of frosts, enjoy spending time on the ski track or on walks in the snow-covered forest, then you need a winter overall. Reviews of this clothing are always enthusiastic from fans of an active lifestyle. Such clothes will not allow your hypothermia, which can arise during winter sports.

The advantages of a jumpsuit in front of a separate suit are quite obvious: moisture and snow will not fall under your clothes, so you do not need to change it often.

Winter overalls for women: how to choose the right model

Before choosing a jumpsuit, decide for what purpose you need it, what sport you will be engaged in in it. The fact is that the snowboard jumpsuit differs significantly from the ski suit. Their difference lies in the shape of the model. For skiing, less extensive models are used.

Materials for overalls

Winter overalls for women are made of polyester or nylon. These are synthetic materials that protect against moisture penetration. Than clothes are thicker, the longer it will serve its hostess, but the weight of the product will be greater. In addition, there are models made of microfiber. They are worth more, but more popular with women.

Water repellent or waterproof?

There are two types of overalls - water repellent and waterproof. The first are designed for sunny weather. If on the street bad weather (rain or sleet), it is inconvenient to engage in such a suit. In addition, when you fall clothes will get wet. Waterproof models are able to 100% secure their mistress from moisture. As a rule, they use additional effective ventilation systems.

All winter overalls for women protect their mistresses from the wind, but not all models have a moisture drain function. This is a special layer, fixed inside the overalls. It helps to evaporate the moisture and at the same time keep the heat.

Do I need a heater

Some winter overalls for women have heaters. They keep warm, but with active sports in such models can be too hot. Evaluate your activity: if it is high, and the air temperature is not too low, then the heater can be discarded. But it must be remembered that the combined winter coveralls for women without a heater should be made of waterproof fabric.

Necessary and convenient parts

If you choose a model with a hood, carefully look, does not this detail hinder the review. The presence of detachable fur on the hood is welcomed - during the snowfall it will close the face, and in clear weather it can be removed. All coveralls for women have pockets, which are necessary not only to store the necessary small things, but also to warm your hands if necessary. Models with additional protection on elbows are needed for beginners, who often fall at the beginning of training.

Large rubberized tongues with zippers make it possible to use them even in thick gloves or mittens. The range of modern overalls for women is large enough, so you can easily find a model that suits you.

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