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Why can not I upload a photo?

Today, you can find a very different assessment of this phenomenon, as social networks. Many of them abuse, accuse fans of Facebook, "Contact" and "Classmates" in the fact that they cause dependence. People lose a lot of time, spend hours, making monotonous stupefying actions. To a certain extent, these accusations are not groundless. However, the concept of social networks has also positive aspects. Never before have friends, acquaintances and relatives been so close. And what now there is an excellent opportunity to share impressions of lived days with the whole world!

Have you visited the ancient temples of Cambodia? Did you taste exotic Mexican dishes? Do you dive in the Red Sea? For sure with you you brought hundreds of bright photos of people you met and places visited. Just a few of these pictures, uploaded to the album, will give you a sea of pleasant attention. Photos of people who met you on the journey, will make you with them, at least, good friends. If, of course, you do not forget to mark them on the pictures. In my opinion, it is quite a pleasant afterword to leave. However, occasionally there are also unfortunate problems. Images are simply not loaded. And then this problem must be solved.

Why can not I upload a photo? Reason number 1

The fact is that there can be several reasons for this annoying malfunction. Therefore, for convenience, we will break our text into sub-headings with different recipes for solving the problem. First of all, pay attention to the format in which your pictures are stored. Perhaps the problem is just your inattention. If images weigh more than 5 megabytes, they will be too cumbersome for the site. In such It's easier for you to upload photos to specialized hosting for images, and "VKontakte" simply leave a directional link for your friends. Or you'll have to compress your image files. But keep in mind that then they will partially lose in their quality. Remember also that albums can only upload files with JPEG, GIF and PNG extensions.

Why can not I upload a photo? Reason number 2

Another possible cause may be a site conflict with the browser. The latter may have certain settings that do not allow such actions, or simply become obsolete. Try clearing your browser's cache . This can help. To do this, open its settings and find the appropriate function. If that did not work, try uploading the photo using a different browser.

Why can not I upload a photo? Reason number 3

The problem can be and at all as your Internet connection. If it is too slow, the images will not load. Try to open other sites. If the download is really slow, then check all downloading anything from the Internet program. They slow down speed. Disconnect them first. If this still does not work, contact your ISP.

Why can not I upload a photo? Reason number 4

Most likely, your trouble has already been eliminated, thanks to one of the previous tips. If not, then the reason, obviously, lies in the site itself. Write to tech support, clearly explaining your wishes. And you will certainly be helped.

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