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What does the form of a person say about you?

The form of a person can reveal to your surroundings your personality type, tell about life principles, about what you preach. Despite the fact that most people have a combined oval face, such as a combination of square and round shapes, there are still people whose outlines can be clearly defined. The knowledge received from the wise men and healers of Chinese folk medicine, who knew how to recognize the character of a person in the form of a face, accumulated over 3000 years. That's what we got.

Face of rectangular shape

These people have a square forehead and chin. Representatives of this type differ enviable logic and are good thinkers, but too zealous in their thoughts. These people tend to plan their actions and rarely talk about feelings. In order to remove the internal tension that constantly arises in their heads, they work hard and hard.

Round form

This shape of the face is characterized by a broad rounded line of hair growth on the forehead and good cheekbones below the cheekbones. This suggests that we have a kind man who puts the interests of other people above his own. That's why people with a round face form, as a rule, attract self-explanatory egoists. However, if you prioritize the interests of a partner, you can often get from the relationship is not what you want.

Diamond shape

A sharp forehead and chin form a rhombus with the help of elongated cheekbones. Such people like to take the situation under control. They are focused on the details, so that out of them come out excellent workers. Representatives of a diamond-type face are precise in words, have a lot and are in good communication with other people. However, it is only necessary to object to them, immediately resort to witticisms and causticism in the address of the interlocutor.

Oval shape

Representatives of this type have an elongated face with chins already cheekbones. These people know about all the right things and can say the words that they will surely like the interlocutor. They have to themselves and make them feel welcome, but they are too focused on the desire to appear faultless.

Square shape

A small face with a broad forehead and chin. Such people have endurance and are charged with enthusiasm, so they can easily undertake large-scale projects.

Heart-shaped face

Representatives of this type have a broad forehead and a narrow chin. They have incredible inner strength and stubbornness. These people can safely be compared to small rabbits Energizer. Their inner strength systematically leads to the achievement of the goal. They have a strong intuition and internal knowledge, can calculate the moves in advance. Moreover, creativity is not alien to them.

Pear-shaped or triangular shape

Before us is a man with a sharp narrow forehead and a broad lower jaw. These people want to be at the head, and the more their forehead, the more authority they take on themselves. Representatives of this type of person are often very successful.

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