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Waiting and Reality (shopping on the Internet): how to avoid mistakes

Everyone who practices Internet shopping, for sure, at least once faced with the situation when the product received did not meet expectations. In reality, the thing looks simpler, and the quality leaves much to be desired. In moments of such disappointments, we all understand what it is all the same different things - expectation and reality. Shopping on the Internet is a good opportunity to save time and money, but do not forget about the pitfalls that are generously scattered along the difficult path of a modern shopaholic.

How to avoid mistakes, keep your nerves and money and always have a good result? It is worth remembering a few simple rules that allow you to minimize risks. Of course, they will not give one hundred percent guarantees, but they will significantly increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

Mindfulness is the key to success

First of all, carefully consider the materials of the site. This is especially true for multi-brand department stores, where you intend to make purchases online. Waiting and reality can not just not match, but in the literal sense of shock. Read the descriptions, use dictionaries and text translation programs, delve into the meaning. Otherwise, it may be that the seller honestly reported a low quality or marriage, but you missed this moment because of your own inattention.

The following should be alerted:

  • Fuzzy photos of small size;
  • The word imitation or fake in the description;
  • Disproportionately low price;
  • Lack of sales and feedback.

In most cases, a product with such a description is a forgery. For example, instead of a tablet you will get a calculator, or a pallet of shadows will be a toy.

Seller rating

No wonder among the Internet shoppers there is a huge amount of tales, memes and whole albums with photos, which are called: "Waiting and Reality". Shopping on the Internet is sometimes just frustrating.

Pay attention to the seller's rating. It is formed on the basis of customer estimates, it is difficult to forge it. Negative marks should be alerted.

Can you believe the reviews?

In our age, freelancing is a serious earnings for millions of people. The seller will not be difficult to simply buy reviews. If you see the same type of enthusiastic comments written in good literary language - be skeptical. Perhaps, they left a professional copywriter, who was not a client of the seller, and maybe never made a purchase on the Internet.

Waiting and reality (photo of real goods) is a much more informative source. You can believe with photos.

Preliminary communication with the seller

How to avoid cheating? How to make it so that the expectation and reality coincide? Shopping on the Internet does not need to be done blindly. Write to the seller, ask questions, ask for real photos. The absolute majority of conscientious businessmen is in contact.


Experienced Internet shoppers are happy to share information about whether they liked their purchases on the Internet. Waiting and reality is a favorite topic of those who are keen on foreign goods websites. Read real stories, do not hesitate to ask for advice.

What if the result did not live up to expectations?

And what if all measures have been taken, but disappointment still befalls you? Remember the action algorithm.

  • Check the parcels immediately upon receipt at the post office.
  • In case of a marriage, ask the postal worker to draw up an act to refuse the receipt of the parcel.
  • Take photos at least on the phone.
  • As soon as possible, open a dispute on the store's website.
  • Write a review, lay out a photo marked "Waiting and Reality."

Purchases on the Internet are insured by the site, your money is blocked and will not reach the seller until the dispatch reaches you. If the dispute is opened, and the information provided indicates a non-conformity of the goods to the description, the site will return them to your account as soon as the complaint is considered.

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