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Voltage stabilizer 380V - an excellent defender

Modern apartments and houses are oversaturated with electrical appliances. Their excess causes a lack and voltage surges. In order for all household appliances to survive after another drop, consumers have to purchase voltage regulators. The market offers a variety of products at different prices and customer needs.


Usually the voltage regulator of 380V looks like a metal box on which there are terminals for connecting input and output wires. Also on the front panel can be placed devices for monitoring the voltage and current consumed by the load in the network. On the body, there are usually a lot of holes and slits for cooling the inner filling, since it can generate a lot of heat under the load.

Inside there is an autotransformer and an electronic unit, in pairs they react to a change in the input voltage and instantly change it, which at the output gives a stable, high-quality current for powering different equipment.

What is it needed for

Many, probably, remember the Soviet times, when each tube TV was connected through a humming heavy box. This was a small power stabilizer for 200-250 watts, mainly intended for television receivers. It was noteworthy that in cities it was possible to not use them, but in villages the voltage regulator 380V was irreplaceable, since the network had 180 V, and the TV simply did not work. Why did this happen? The fact is that in the villages there were 1-2 substations, and the length of the lines is very long, due to which there was a voltage drop, and besides the house was closer to the transformer, the tension in it was higher, and in the last buildings it was Critically small. Then the necessary voltage regulator of 380V 15kW was saved.

Voltage stabilizers now

Since those times immemorial, nothing has changed. Transformers and lines basically remained the same, and the equipment and equipment became much more. Repeatedly it was possible to see or read in the news about the appearance of 400V houses in the outlets, which resulted in massive spoilage of electrical property and non-return of damage to the affected residents by the services. This was obtained from overloading of electrical networks and burning of the working zero. And although many devices have built-in stabilizers, they may not provide really high-quality equipment protection.

Here, an industrial voltage stabilizer 380V specially designed for this function comes to the rescue. For a house or a modern apartment it is necessary.

Which to choose

In a modern store, you can choose a voltage regulator of 380V and 220V. It is not difficult to guess that for a normal apartment or house you need a single-phase 220V. Sometimes there are houses where there are three phases, in this case a voltage regulator of 380V is needed. The same applies to small businesses, firms and workshops, where machines with engines for three phases are installed.

To not spoil the expensive equipment, the voltage regulator will also help.

With the tension sorted out, now for what current to buy the device? One might think that the more, the better, but you need to take into account the cost of the device: with the increase in capacity, the price also increases significantly. Therefore, if you overpay, you can not use half of the stabilizer's potential, but you will spend a fair amount of money. Usually 5-10 kW is enough for a house and an apartment. This can be determined by counting all the possible devices in the house and learning the total power.

For a small enterprise, a 380 V voltage regulator can approach. If the consumption is much higher, we select accordingly. Fortunately, they can be up to 80 kW and above. For each there is one, for different needs.

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the stabilizer to be purchased. After all, there are a huge number of manufacturers, and it is not always easy to choose among them. I would not like to spend money and get a poor-quality product that will not protect the equipment at the first voltage jump, but it will also fail. I wanted to draw your attention to the devices of the company "Resanta". These stabilizers have a fairly low price, but provide a good quality of stabilization.

Take, for example, a three-phase voltage regulator 380V Resant, which provides a maximum permissible load current of 6 kW and a voltage of 380 V ± 2%. Mechanical switches provide the ability to monitor the voltage at the input and output of the device, as well as the current consumption of the load. There is protection against overload and short circuit on the output. Also, natural cooling (without a fan) provides a low noise level, which is sometimes important when installed indoors. The metal case provides rigidity of a design and protection against mechanical damages. In addition, the stabilizer itself has a rather modern and aesthetic appearance, and a weight of 29 kg makes it possible to carry the device without much difficulty. The effectiveness of the stabilizer is also indicated by the declared efficiency - 97%.


Of course, you can do without a stabilizer, but is it worth the risk? Calculating the cost of a TV, a refrigerator, a computer and other, such as business equipment, you will realize that, in which case, the costs will be much greater. And even if the big jumps do not happen, all the same the voltage stabilizer 380V will provide a longer period of operation of your electrical equipment.

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