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Buying clothes for yourself or a child, buying a thing as a gift, we often encounter such a problem as inability to understand exactly what size is indicated on the label to the product, how to translate Latin abbreviations into the usual centimeters. Special tables of measures and standards come to the rescue.

What is the size of clothes

It is customary to consider a special code that consists usually of letters of the Latin alphabet or numbers and denotes certain parameters of the human body (volume of the chest or thighs, waist, arm length, neck circumference, etc.). Measurements are made in linear proportions. In the production of certain types of clothing, shoes, hats, linens, companies and companies are guided by the developed systems of sizes and sew their products in accordance with them. And for the convenience of customers and the systematization of the goods in the implementation, on the finished products are hung tags with the indication of sizes, volumes, etc. The size of the shoe is usually indicated on the sole or inside, on the insole.

Sizing system

The sizes on products from the European manufacturers do not always coincide with the sizes of clothes of the Russian manufacture. This is explained by different standards of units taken as reference points. In the European Standard System (EN) use centimeters, in Russia the sizes of men's shirts, underwear, etc. Are regulated by special GOST.

Some explanations

Now let's compare the parameters of Russian and Western calculations:

  • The sizes of clothes for babies (ryazhonki, sliders, hats, etc.) from European manufacturers are included in the categories of goods with the code "XXS", which stands for eXtra eXtra Small - very, very small. Those. If there is an abbreviation "XXS" on the tags tag, it is clear that these are goods for babies.
  • "XS" indicates that the product is also very small, but slightly larger than the previous ones: eXtra Small.
  • The single letter "S" characterizes clothing as simply small or childish: Small.
  • Latin "M" on clothes indicates that this product belongs to the medium size category - Medium.
  • The letter "L" (Large) is usually placed on clothes of large sizes.
  • Size "XL" - eXtra Large - corresponds to a very large in terms of clothing.

Comparison of Russian and European sizes

Knowing your standard size by Russian standards and its compliance in the EN system, you can easily figure out if the new look is just right.

  • Men's sizes

Standards for men's sizes start with "XS" - very small. It is understandable, because clothes like "very-very small" goes without sexual distinctions. Further, as usual, "small", i.e. "S"; Then "M", "L", which can be regarded as "more than average"; Size "XL", i.e. "Very large", and then by increasing: "XXL", "XXXL". In the digital equivalent, it will look like this: for example, "XS" is equal to 44th, and the size of "XL" is 54th. "XXL", respectively, the 56th. And the biggest - XXXL - 58th.

  • Women's sizes

Parameters of female sizes are similar to the male ones with the only difference being that they contain several other figures and indicators. The size of "XS" here is 42, i.e. One indicator less than the male one. Further, the gap increases somewhat, and already the size of "XL" is equal to 50th. The largest dimension of women's clothing is the 54th size - "XXXL".

Custom Units

In the fashion and clothing design industry, in addition to the accepted standards, there are also narrow-profile differentiations. Clothing "haute couture" in this regard is divided into small and large. The gradation is made depending not only on the size, but also on the growth of the expected models:

  • "Bolshemernaya":

The female size "XL" is the 50th, and corresponds to a rather high for ladies' growth of 176 cm. And the biggest indicator is "4XL": 56/182. For male models, the marking qualification is also very wide. It starts with the letter "S", i.e. "Small", and ends with "5XL". The growth range starts from 170 cm and ends at 182 cm, and the size ranges from 46th to 60th. The size of the "XL" clothing of the male type corresponds here to the 52nd;

  • Small:

In the so-called small-scale standards, under each letter there are two sizes. Those. Each model of clothing represents something in between two dimensions that are close in parameters. So, in the female samples under the letters "XS" are designated 40-42nd, "L" - 46-48. And "XL" what size of clothes in this case? For women - 48-50, for men - 50-52.

As you can see, it's not so difficult to understand literary and digital primalities. For the first time, of course, it is better to have a matching grid-table in order not to be confused. And when you remember, you can navigate without problems!

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