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Sourdough "Vivo": reviews, instructions. Bacterial sourdoughs of Vivo

Care for health involves a responsible attitude to the diet. Speaking about useful products, it is impossible not to mention milk and its derivatives. The proteins, vitamins, animal fats, trace elements contained in them are far from a complete list of the reasons why milk and sour milk products should be eaten at least every other day. But some products also contain a useful microflora, which strengthens immunity.

It's about yogurt, kefir and other home-made products. They surpass the quality of purchased analogues due to the complete absence of preservatives, dyes and flavors in the composition. One of the most common products that allow you to prepare yogurts yourself is the leaven of "Vivo". Reviews about it, features of the application, as well as detailed instructions you will read in this article.

Advantages of "Vivo" starter cultures

Convenient packaging is designed for one application. Buying a package of starter cultures, you can easily follow the recipe without measuring or weighing the product.

The assortment presented on the market will help you to choose exactly the product that you need.

An important advantage that leaven of "Vivo" is the price. Packing of four jars will cost an average of 220-250 rubles. This is enough to prepare at least 4 liters of yogurt.

Simplicity of use and an accessible illustrated instruction will allow you to easily prepare a wonderful yogurt or kefir, even if you do it for the first time.

Cooking Yoghurt

The company has been producing leaven for many years. During this time, the production has caught on to millions of people. "Yogurt" - the most common and popular starter "Vivo". Customer testimonials indicate that the preparation of home-made dairy products is started with yogurt.

This product is perfect for the absolute majority of people. You can cook homemade yogurt from goat's milk and cow's milk. And if you pre-empt milk in the oven, yogurt tastes like a burger.

For immunity

In the season of colds, the yeast "Vivo Immunovit" will help protect the health. Reviews of this product eloquently attest to its effectiveness. To reduce the risk of disease, you need to regale this product at least a couple of times a week. If you are still sick, eat "Immunovit" to ease the course of the disease. This starter contains 3 strains of beneficial bacteria, which showed high efficiency in the course of laboratory tests.

Homemade cottage cheese

With the help of starter "Vivo" you can cook and home-made cottage cheese. For this you have to spend no less time and effort, but such a product will be much more useful than the purchased one. All you need is milk and leaven "Vivo".

Buyers' comments say that the taste of such cottage cheese is tender, soft, with a barely perceptible delicate sourness. Home curd on the leaven "Vivo" will be appreciated by those who like small grain and friable structure.

Sour-milk products in the children's menu

And do you know that some starter cultures are ideal even for preparing first-course foods? When the baby begins his acquaintance with fermented milk products, it is important that they are of the highest quality.

For the children's menu the leaven "Vivo Kefir" is very suitable. The instruction recommends treating the kid with fresh kefir every other day.

No less useful for children is Bifivit, enriched with vitamins. It is thicker than kefir, it is more convenient to eat with a spoon. Like kids and yogurt, which you can add berry and fruit puree, to make the taste more interesting. The first curd is also desirable not to buy on the market, but to cook independently using the "Vivo" starter.

Sour-milk products must be present and in the menu of children over the year. You can prepare a child "Vitalakt", "Yogurt", "Immunovit", "Bifivit."

Mom's diet

It is difficult to overestimate the role of fermented milk products in the menu of a pregnant woman and a nursing mother. Rational nutrition during pregnancy will help to recover more easily after childbirth and prevent such a common complication as a digestive disorder.

The period of breastfeeding is also a serious reason to introduce into the diet homemade dairy products at the ferments of "Vivo". For the nursing mother's menu, "Yogurt" and "Curd" are ideal.

For those who love sports

Recently, the company's assortment was supplemented by a new ferment "Vivo". Reviews about it confirm the effectiveness. If you are doing sports or your work is physically challenged, Fit Yogurt will help you overcome fatigue and keep fit.

This product is also useful for those who struggle with excess weight. Of course, the product itself does not cause weight loss, but it will help the metabolic processes to take place at an accelerated pace. To taste the product is similar to the usual yoghurt "Vivo".

For convalescent patients

Some dry "Vivo" starter cultures are not intended for daily use. Moreover, the products cooked from them are generally not recommended for eating healthy people. In the first place, such products include Streptosan. But for those who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases caused by pathogenic microflora, this product is indispensable.

Useful in the cause of recovery is "Acidolact". This starter can be used to prepare a fermented milk product and applied in its pure form, directly from the jar. If you are faced with the task of forming a menu for an allergy sufferer, an acute respiratory disease, staphylococcus or fungus, be sure to include this drink there. Recovering will come sooner. Drink this product and with the purpose of general strengthening of the body, enhance immunity. By the way, it is possible for children, but it is especially useful for people of old age.

Preparation by instruction

The Vivo starter is recommended for the preparation of domestic fermented milk products in a yogurt. The manufacturer recommends using pasteurized milk with medium fat content. It is not necessary to boil it, it is enough to warm it up to a temperature of 39-40 degrees. You can easily determine this even without a thermometer. Drip a couple of drops on your wrist and evaluate how much the milk is hotter than the skin. It should be very warm, but not burning.

The capacity of the cups of most yogurt women in the aggregate is exactly one liter. Therefore, the jar of the ferment "Vivo" is designed for the preparation of one liter of milk. Add a half a tablespoon of boiled water to the jar (not boiling water!), Carefully mix it and pour it into the milk. Stir so that the leaven is distributed well. You can use a mixer.

Pour out the cups. To be more convenient, use the ladle. An important rule of a successful yogurt is: all the utensils in contact with milk must first be poured with boiling water.

Cover the glasses with lids and turn on the yogurt. The duration of the process depends on the model and on average a-9 hours.

A little longer will have to tinker with cottage cheese. Milk with leaven must remain in yogurt until full sour. When it goes in flakes, it will have to be poured onto a screen, gauze, and let the liquid drain for about an hour. After that, the curd will be wrapped in gauze and hung over the sink. By the way, from such cottage cheese it is possible to prepare and home pickle cheeses: a brynza, suluguni and the like.

How to do without yogurtnitsy

And what about those who do not have yogurtnitsy? Really they can not use bacterial sourdough "Vivo"?

Do not worry, because useful home products can be cooked and in a conventional thermos. This method is more economical, because you do not have to spend electricity. Do everything as described above, but fill the milk with the ferment in the thermos. If you do this in the evening, you can have a good morning yogurt.


The Vivo starter should be stored in the refrigerator. Too low temperatures are contraindicated, as well as bright light. Do not open the jars beforehand, this must be done immediately before use.

Yogurt, kefir and other fermented milk products also store in the refrigerator. Remember, because of the large content of living bacteria, they can very quickly sour if left at room temperature. A sign of spoilage is an unpleasant odor, a mucus-like consistency, flakes.

Let's add flavors

Yoghurts that are sold in stores tend to have fruit or berry flavors. Can I make something like this at home? Of course, yes.

Do not add fruit to the milk before ripening! Yogurt will be sour, not having time to prepare. It is better to do this immediately before eating. Yogurt is perfectly combined with jams, honey, nuts, fresh berries and fruits.

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