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Singer Dominic Joker: biography, personal life, discography. Alexander Aleksandrovich Breslavsky

Our current hero is a graduate of the "Star Factory-4" and the ex-member of the band "Banda" - Dominik Joker. The biography of this bright and positive guy is interested in his numerous army of fans. All the necessary information about him is presented in the article.

Dominic Joker: biography, childhood and adolescence

The singer was born on July 19, 1980. His native city is Odessa (Ukraine). Alexander Aleksandrovich Breslavsky - so truly call our hero. Unfortunately, nothing is known about his father. But her mother, Larisa Breslavskaya, received a higher pedagogical education. She still lives in Odessa and is the director of the producer center, created by the famous son.

Sasha grew up an active and inquisitive child. From an early age, he showed leadership qualities. He also liked to arrange home concerts for parents and neighbors. The boy attended two schools - general and music. In both institutions, teachers praised him for his desire for knowledge and diligence. After graduation, the boy entered the local conservatory. However, he did not stay there for long. Alexander was expelled because of ignoring the formalities of the educational process.

The beginning of creative activity

In the mid-1990s, our hero, along with his friends, created his own band "2 + 2". The guys performed songs in the rhythm and blues style. I must say that the collective was popular among Odessa youth. Then Alexander Breslavsky acted under the pseudonym MC Orange. He declared himself not only as a performer, but also as a talented composer. More than 80% of the musical material was created by him. In 1998, the team disintegrated.

"Star Factory-4"

Dominic Joker has always dreamed of performing on the big stage. Soon he had the opportunity. In 2004, a native of Odessa came to Moscow and took part in the casting for "Star Factory-4". Members of the selection committee, real professionals of their work, highly appreciated the talent and creativity of Dominic. As a result, he was among the participants of the 4th season of the project.

During his stay in the "star" house guy got friends. He merged with Nastya Kochetkova, Timati and Ratmir Shishkov. The guys created an r'n'b group called "Banda". At the end of the project, the quartet continued to speak before the public. Wherever they went on tour, everywhere they were greeted with cheers. Unfortunately, in 2007 the band "Banda" broke up. One of the team members, Ratmir Shishkov, was killed in a car accident to death. Nastya, Timati and Dominik decided to embark on a free voyage.

Continuation of career

After the collapse of the band, our hero was able to prove himself as a composer. He wrote songs for such stars as "Otpetye scammers", VIA "Cream", Oleg Gazmanov and others. In 2009, the first solo album of Dominic - "Real People" appeared on sale. The entire circulation of the record was sold out in a couple of weeks. This result pushed the singer to further development of his career. Currently, 15 singles, 19 video clips, 10 prestigious music awards and hundreds of concerts stay in the artist's creative coin box. He could be seen in the following films: "Shadow Fight" (2011), "Without the Tower" (2012) and "The Roof of the World" (2016).

Dominic Joker: personal life

A graduate of the "Star Factory-4" never complained about the lack of female attention. Girls, he took not his appearance, but charisma and natural charm. With his future wife Albina, the singer met in late 2004. It happened in the company of their mutual friends. Slender blonde with a charming smile immediately liked Dominic. He did everything to arrange it to himself.

A family

Formally, the singer wanted to formalize relations with his beloved Albina back in 2005. But the celebration had to be postponed because of the busy schedule. Their wedding took place only at the end of 2006. This time, it was not possible to postpone this event. After all, the girl was in an interesting position. Thamada at the wedding was the best friend of Dominica - rapper Timati. A lot of star guests attended the event. Among them is the composer and producer Igor Krutoy.

In February 2007, Dominic Joker's wife gave birth to a first child - a tiny little boy, who was named Martin. The young father could not look at the heir. Dominic himself swaddled him, bathed and shook in the crib. In December 2008, the Breslavsky family received another replenishment. The second son appeared in the world. The boy received a beautiful and rare name - Marcus.

New love

Dominik Joker, whose personal life interests many, has long been considered an exemplary family man. However, in November 2015, the media reported that he met a new love. The heart of the well-known songwriter in the style of rap and rhythm-n-blues was won by the pretty blonde Ekaterina Kokorina. She is a member of the project "The Voice" (First Channel).

In an interview with one of the print media, our hero confessed that his romance with Katya started in 2014. He, as a decent man, honestly told this to his wife. Dominic Joker's wife, Albina, did not make a scandal and stop him. She let her husband pack her bags and leave. Spouses managed to quietly and peacefully disperse. They divorced without the division of children and acquired property. Singer Dominic Joker promised to provide material support to his sons - Martin and Marcus. And he really holds back the word.

Already almost a year the graduate of the "Star Factory-4" lives in a legal marriage with Ekaterina Kokorina. We suggest you briefly familiarize yourself with the biography of his chosen one. Katya was born on November 27, 1987 in Barnaul. She graduated from the music school and the Institute of Contemporary Art (vocal department). She took part in such projects as "The Battle of Choirs". There they met with Dominic. Then the beauty went to the show "The Voice" (season 4), where she got into the team of Basta. Before the finale, she did not reach. Now Catherine successfully combines career and family life. She loves to delight your beloved man with delicious dishes.

Participation in other projects

Where else is "lighted" Dominic Joker? Biography indicates that he is a sought-after artist. In September 2013 he was invited to shoot the program "Battle of the Choirs" ("Russia-1"). He was the mentor of the team representing the Altai Territory and Siberia. Almost 3 months, our hero gave the project participants lessons in vocals. As a result, his wards took the 3rd place. And this is a good result.

Together with the team "Angels of Siberia" (from the "Battle of the Choirs"), he participated in the organization of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in the city of Sochi. The guys not only performed on stage, but were welcomed by delegations from different countries. In the summer of 2016 Dominik Joker again went to Sochi for the festival "New Wave". He was not a contestant, but a guest star. In addition, our hero participated in the recording of the new anthem of the "New Wave" along with Philip Kirkorov, singer Nyusha, the Iowa group and other well-known representatives of Russian show business.


We reported on where he was born, studied and how he built his musical career Dominik Joker. His biography was studied in detail by us. Let's wish this talented and purposeful guy more hits and a happy family life!

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