Scooter Honda Tact 30: overview

Honda Tact 30 is a scooter that was first released in Japan in 1993. Since then, this model has become very popular and has become extremely popular due to its excellent characteristics. Despite its almost universal popularity, the most popular scooter is Honda Tact in Russia. The reason for this - its endurance, reliability, durability, relatively low fuel consumption and excellent handling. The special steering device of this unit allows you to comfortably ride on it even on bad roads.

As already mentioned above, the technical characteristics of the Honda Tact are very remarkable. Of course, it is necessary to start their consideration from the engine.

So, this model has a two-stroke engine type AF24E, whose volume is 49 centimeters cubic, power - 6.1 horsepower, and the maximum torque - 7000 rpm. One cylinder is installed in the engine.

In the scooter Honda Tact fuel and oil tanks are separate, the volume of the first is 5 liters, and the volume of the second - 1.2 liters. Of course, this is quite a bit, but the fuel consumption of this scooter is not great.

The maximum speed of this vehicle is quite small - only 60 kilometers per hour, but on the country roads more and not necessary, and Honda Tact is usually taken just for driving on bad roads.

The scooter is equipped with drum brakes on both wheels. Also on it very soft shock absorbers are installed, which allows to "extinguish" almost any bumps. Very noteworthy and steering fork - thanks to its special design, it facilitates the management of the scooter and dampens the vibration of the steering wheel. Thanks to these characteristics, the scooter has a very smooth running, which can not help but the driver - even experienced, even a beginner.

Dimensions of Honda Tact are very small. Its length is little more than a meter and a half, and the height is equal to a meter. At the same time, its weight reaches only 71 kilograms, which makes controlling it extremely easy even for weak people. The road clearance is equal to 10 centimeters, which makes the scooter very passable.

Honda Tact is equipped with a solid trunk, which makes it indispensable when going on a fishing trip or for mushrooms and berries. It is not out of place that it will be available when you go on a picnic. In addition, the scooter has two glove box, in which you can store the most necessary tools.

One of the main differences of the Honda Tact 30 from previous models is the location of the tank - if previously it was located under the seat, then in this model it was moved to the underground area, which significantly improved the weighting.

In addition, this scooter is equipped with excellent powerful crystal optics, anti-theft system and catalytic converter. Front and rear brakes are combined into a single system.

Honda Tact has a one and a half sitting, which can comfortably accommodate one full person or two medium build.

Externally, this scooter is very attractive - small, neat and sporty, it will certainly attract the attention of any person.

There are some disadvantages to this model, but there are not many of them at all. So, it has a sufficiently low overclocking speed and, despite its excellent behavior on the road, is characterized by a slight low-speed roll.

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