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S. Dovlatov, "Compromise": a brief summary is ridiculous about the sad, and sad about the funny

"Compromise" (Sergei Dovlatov) is a collection of small autobiographical stories or, as the author himself calls them, "compromises". The action takes place in the 70's in Estonia, then another of the numerous Soviet republics. What was that time? It can be said that this was the period of those very "compromises", mutual concessions between the society and the ruling party. In the official ideology the leading role of the party and the path of developed socialism remain unshakable . However, other moods reign in society: it is an increasing riot against "grayness" and "wretchedness". In literature, cinema, the press and just at home, during the "kitchen" conversations the same "truth" flashes, but without liberties - this is the main concession from the state in exchange for "silence" in the remaining 90 percent. But is it possible to tolerate this "unequal compromise" for a long time?

S. Dovlatov, "Compromise": a summary

Compromise first: the main character, journalist Sergei Dovlatov, writes a note on the International Scientific Conference in Tallinn. Among the participants were scientists from countries such as the USSR, Poland, Hungary, the GDR, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the FRG. Further, the author ironically talks about how he was accused of political myopia, because the countries are listed in the wrong order. It turns out that the list should be compiled not in alphabetical order, as is customary, but based on other criteria. In the beginning, countries with victorious socialism, and then all the rest. He rewrote several times. How much did they pay? Only two rubles. I hoped - three ... Compromise of the second: the lofty article "The Rivals of the Wind" timed to the 50th anniversary of the Tallinn Hippodrome. Known jockeys, master-equestrians persistently develop the breed and weekly rejoice the audience with their successes. After high-sounding quotes from the daily newspaper follows the author's story about what is actually happening at the racetrack. This place is a miserable sight - a dirty field, slanting stands, and a crowd constantly visiting the bar, as only here they sell a cheap port for bottling. After two or three sketches made in a notebook, the journalist turns to "help" for the main character of the article - the budding young jockey Ivanov. He tells him "the name" of a well-known leader, and they both win a large sum.

Compromise the third: a note in the newspaper "Youth of Estonia" about young and talented guests of the capital. The heroine of the essay is a student of the choreographic studio Alla Meleshko, whose faithful companions are Blok's volume and camera. Who, in fact, is this "romantic person"? There is such a category of young people and "not that vicious, depraved, there are not ... more likely, carefree" girls who have "countless souls" for countless acts and desires. Alla came from Dvinsk and became another "familiar" one-night journalist Mitya Klensky. They had a fun and carefree evening in one company, and the next day it turned out that Klensky had left and did not leave her a penny of money. Dovlatov offers his way out of the current situation - to interview her, then pay her twenty rubles, or maybe more.

S. Dovlatov, "Compromise": the summary does not end here

Compromise Four: the heading "Estonian ABC book" consists of cute, harmless poems. The main character of the poems is a bear, which helps Russian children learn Estonian. The instructor of the Central Committee closes the section, seeing in the image of an innocuous bear a chauvinistic hint that every Estonian is an animal: "I, the instructor of the Central Committee of the Party - is a beast?"

Compromise Five: the anniversary of the liberation of Estonia was marked by the birth of the 400,000th inhabitant of Tallinn. As Goethe said, "A man is born, that means the whole world is born!" Although Goethe never said this, no one ever knew what kind of a baby he was born in. A candidate for the title of "a man doomed to Happiness "was chosen for a long time.The first newborn was the son of Estonians and Ethiopians - this is a clear" marriage. "The second son of a Jew, the more so, the editor-in-chief agrees only to the third, since he is the son of an Estonian and a Russian member of the CPSU. Important thing - happy parents should call Un Lembit. For this father offered a bribe of 20 rubles. He agrees.

Compromise of the sixth: the radio program "Meeting with an interesting person" was prepared by journalists L. Agapov and S. Dovlatov. On air candidate of economic sciences. Four years later, a scar appeared on the face of the journalist Agapova. A self-taught engineer with four classes of education will rush to her with mad eyes, whom she suggested in an impulse to become a participant in the next issue. However, after seeing his "brilliant" drawings of the future house, the expert suggests to hand him over to a psychiatric hospital. The program is closed. A hopeful "innovator" will hit Lida with a metal ruler on the head, and her career will be interrupted for a long time.

Compromise the seventh: an article is published under the heading "Man and profession". Dovlatov "alive" and interestingly writes about the costume designer of the Russian Drama Theater in Estonia, Voldemar Silde, who, undoubtedly, was a very talented man. However, after the publication of the article, he is called "on the carpet" to the editor-in-chief. It turns out that the famous fashion designer was supposedly a traitor to the Motherland, and the director of the theater sat for homosexuality. "He did not bother you? "I got in, I think." He handed me a hand, a journalist. That's why I was surprised ... "

Compromise eight: the newspaper published a telegram to Brezhnev from an Estonian milkmaid. The heroine joyfully reports about the high milk yields, about her admission to the party .... Journalist Dovlatov and photobank Zhbankov sent on a business trip. They should interview the milkmaid, who was not going to write a telegram. But the "comrades" from the neighboring district party committee took care of everything. They organized a meeting not only with the "hero of labor", but "warm welcome" on one of the country cottages with a sea of alcohol and two young girls, ready to fulfill any whims of the guests. Interviews and telegrams were written during a small intermission of the "cultural program".

S. Dovlatov, "Compromise": the summary continues

Compromise ninth: there is an article "The most difficult distance" about Tiin Karu - the medalist, secretary of the Komsomol committee, a hardy sportswoman and a young promising scientist. Once Tina appealed to the main character with a request for help. The fact is that she had unusual problems with her husband. She needs lessons of "emancipation" in bed. Dovlatov refused to act as a teacher. However, he proposed the candidature of his friend, whom she liked very much. After several "failures", the girl finally becomes an "honors pupil". As a token of gratitude she gives the author a bottle of whiskey.

Compromise ten: "They prevent us from living" - a small article about a former journalist E.L. Bush, who once again got into the sobering-up center. The author is nostalgic about the old times, about how he came to Tallinn without money, without work, without friends and without the slightest idea what to do and where to go. He is given a phone to Bush, who does not know him, but welcomes him and offers to live with him and his next "lady of the heart". Bush is an ambiguous person. On the one hand - good-natured, honest, talented, not making compromises with his superiors. On the other hand - carefree, drinking, cynical, living at the expense of aging women. As the author himself says, he has not shared people for a long time on positive and negative.

Compromise is the eleventh. Obituary: eternal memory to the director of the television studio Hubert Ilves, an honest and decent man, which his friends and comrades will always remember. During the "solemn ceremony" it is discovered that the deceased is not Hubert Ilves, but an "ordinary" person. What to do? Television, live broadcast, farewell words. Let it be as it is, and at night it will be possible to change the coffins. Although what else could happen if a privileged cemetery was actually buried not by a friend, not by a relative, not by a colleague, but by a hypocritical careerist, an unnamed person, without a soul, impulses, disappointments and hopes ...

S. Dovlatov, "Compromise": the summary is coming to an end

Compromise twelfth, last: "Memory is a formidable weapon!" - a photo report from the next republican gathering of former prisoners of German concentration camps. The main character and the same photographer Zhbankov go on a business trip. The program of the event is as follows: first - a meeting with comrades, an emotional part, then an official part, congratulations, and at the end - a long-awaited banquet, for which all gathered. At the festive "dinner" after a few drunk glasses it turns out that many after the Nazi concentration camps went not to their home, but to Mordovia and Kazakhstan as traitors to the Motherland. The national question was raised: who is a Jew, who is a Chukhon. Zhbankov discharges the situation, accepting instead of veterans congratulations and a "wreath" from the pioneers.

"There are no angels in this story and no villains ... There are no sinners and no righteous people. And in life they do not exist, "- says the author. Someone makes concessions, someone becomes an outcast .... Although, if not all, the majority, at least once in their lives, went to this "deal", obeyed the circumstances, crooked and acted out of conscience. But here the main thing is to stop in time, otherwise ... The protagonist threw everything and left. "On this tragic word, I say goodbye to journalism. Enough! "- Sergei Dovlatov," Compromise. "

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