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Restaurant Gambrinus: description, prices, reviews

What is the restaurant "Gambrinus"? This is one of the establishments of the famous Moscow network. In these restaurants, guests are given a wide selection of beers. And, of course, the menu has a large assortment of snacks, combined with the world's most popular low-alcohol beverage.


The first " Gambrinus" was opened in 2007. Work in the institution was based on European standards. Despite the fact that there were a lot of eateries and bars for beer lovers in the capital, Moscow in sufficient quantity to offer "Gambrinus" (restaurant) could not yet offer. A wide choice of everyone's favorite drink, unusual interior, quality cuisine - all this allowed the brand to win the love of guests and residents of the capital. And, as a result, the company began to expand.

Today there are six such establishments in the capital. For those who have not yet visited the restaurant "Gambrinus", below is a list of addresses. From this list you can choose the nearest institution. So, they are at the following addresses:

  • 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 16/23;
  • St.Sergius of Radonezh, 8;
  • Zubovsky Boulevard, 13c2;
  • Ul.Pokrovka, 19;
  • Ul.1-I Vladimirskaya, 9;
  • Prospect Vernadsky, 16.


" Gambrinus" is a restaurant, in the menu of which there are twenty-two kinds of beer. Even the most demanding visitor will not be disappointed. After all, in the assortment of each of the establishments of this network there is beer of the lush producers.

German drinks are represented by such brands as "Meisels Weiss", "Franciscaner", "Spaten". Belgian - Hagarden, Belle View Creek, Petryus Edge Red. And, finally, the main drink, in honor of which the restaurant is named, is Gambrinus - the reviews deserve the most enthusiastic. The cost of this popular Czech beer is 180 rubles (30 ml). The German "Meisels Weiss" will cost 230 rubles for a glass. "Hagarden" - 250 rubles.

In the menu "Gambrinus" there is both craft and trappist beer. For ladies here are several types of fruit Belgian drink. However, how excellent the choice of beer, the restaurant owners and dreaming is not worth the high attendance of their institution, if not working in it worthy cooks.


Among the appetizers and hot dishes, visitors can pick out assorted sausages and lamb quads. After all, these positions in the menu are very popular among the guests of Gambrinus. The cost of the assorted is 450 rubles. Rack of lamb, which is served with young potatoes and beans, will cost, of course, more expensive. The cost of this dish is 1550 rubles.

To the beer patrons are recommended to try pork ribs, quesadilla with lamb, fried camembert, as well as shrimp dishes. The choice of hot appetizers in "Gambrinus", as in any other beer restaurant of this level, is quite diverse. The average price for meals of this category is 300 rubles.

Restaurant "Gambrinus" is visited not only by fans of beer and hearty meat dishes. The menu offers a wide selection of strong alcoholic beverages. Of course, there are desserts here. The price for the famous cake "Cheesecake" is 390 rubles.


Unfortunately, there can not be a spoonful of tar here either. Reviews of guests who visited the restaurant "Gambrinus" are positive when it comes to the quality of beer and food. But otherwise the situation is with the level of service. The waiters here are rather unfriendly and do not pay much attention to the guests. And in this, alas, most of the visitors agree.

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