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Registration of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation: legislative nuances

Have you decided to take your elderly mother to your home from Ukraine? Do you want to receive a German citizen? Renting an apartment for foreigners? All this can bring on you an unexpected fine if you do not comply with the Federal Law, which requires all foreign citizens without exception to register for migration. And although this law was adopted in early 2007, many of them have not yet been acquainted with him. But it should be treated with a large share of responsibility, because "the law is severe". How does registration of foreign citizens in Russia take place? And who should answer for it?

First, now it is called not registration, but a statement on migration accounting. But no matter how you call, but the guest (whether from the near abroad or distant) should be registered at the place of residence on the territory of our country. And to postpone this procedure in any case is not worth it, because in a week of such skipping your duties await you a fine. Who is responsible for the timely registration of an alien? Only the receiving party - that is you, dear citizens of the Russian Federation. Tourists who settle in the hotel, it is easier: temporary registration of foreign citizens appears in their migration card for 24 hours. The hotel administration is responsible for this procedure.

But if ordinary citizens or legal entities are the receiving party, then all the hardships of caring for the placement of a guest or a hired worker in the migration account fall on them. Where is the registration of foreign citizens? In the department of migration service at the place of residence of the host party. If it is a foreigner who came to the Russian Federation at the invitation of a legal entity, you can include documents at the place of registration of the company or at the place of residence of the guest (for example, a rented apartment).

What package of documents do I need to collect in order to register foreign citizens without problems? The passport of the guest and the immigration card filled in by him at the entrance to the country, as well as photocopies of these two documents. Further, the one who accepts the guest must fill out a special form, which is entitled: "Notice of the arrival of the alien at the place of stay". These documents must be provided, as already indicated, to the migration service department.

How? There are three options: directly appearing there, by contacting a multifunctional center for the provision of public services, and by mail. No fees are charged for this procedure. It will be necessary to pay only in the third case. In each post office there is a special window where notification forms are issued. You fill in the form, show the originals and give copies of the passport (or ID) and the alien's migration card. Then pay 216 rubles to the cashier. The detachable part of this notice is a confirmation that the registration of foreign citizens took place.

As you can see, everything seems very simple, however, there are also pitfalls in the process of registration. For example, you are a resident of Kazakhstan and have purchased real estate in Russia. You want to move in there. However, Article 2 of the aforementioned Law of the Russian Federation provides a complete and exhaustive list of categories of persons who can file documents for registration. And there does not appear the foreigner himself. According to article 6 of this law, the registration of foreign citizens is possible according to the quota, which is annually adopted by each subject of the Russian Federation. In the event that the quota is exhausted, the foreigner can petition that his petition be taken into account when the quota for the next year will be formed.

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