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Pop is music for everyone

Pop is a trend in modern music and a kind of mass culture. The main features of this phenomenon - the rhythm, the instrumental part and the small value of the vocals. The main and almost the only form in this form of creativity is a song.


Pop is simplicity. The songs are built according to a conservative scheme and consist of a verse and a chorus. The composition requires simple, easy melodies. The main instrument is the human voice. Pop is an insignificant accompaniment: musicians do not play solo, as a rule they are not leaders of groups and songwriters. An important role in this genre has a rhythmic structure. Many songs are created for dancing, so they have an unchanging, clear beat. The main musical unit is a separate song.


Pop is a phenomenon that arose in 1926, but its roots go far deeper into history. The immediate precursor of this direction is folk music, ballads and street romances. Modern genre was formed along with others. In particular, rock music can not always be strictly separated. In 1950-1960, the most common forms of this phenomenon were "traditional pop." It is about the performance of the composition by the singer-soloist accompanied by background accompaniment.

In our country

Russian pop has its own characteristics. In particular, special importance in our country is advertising on television and radio of individual songs that are included in music albums. This genre began to develop in the Soviet period. From American, Soviet pop music was distinguished by lyricism, censorship, expressiveness and brightness of the text. This is largely due to the non-commercial form of this kind of creativity in the USSR, as well as the lesser use or absence of modern musical techniques. Certain genres were under prohibition or strict control. It was caused by fears of political propaganda. In general, the overall style, as well as the format of the songs and the characteristic melodies, were of Western European character. Even in the nineties, when the country was in an acute economic and political crisis, Russia continued to be an important producer of music products. Many hits in the genre of pop were created at this time. This period is characterized by the emergence of new groups and artists that have become very popular in the future. At the beginning of the 2000s, Russian pop musicians began to actively adopt world experience in this field.

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