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"Nokia 1208": specifications, photos and reviews

Despite the rapid development of the smartphone market, do not forget about the devices that have much less functionality, but often become indispensable helpers. It's about the simplest mobile phones, which allow you only to make calls and send text messages.

They, despite small sizes and primitiveness, can cope with a large number of calls per day, so they are perfectly suited for the role of a second, working device. In addition, they are often taken as the main device by those who do not keep up with modern trends and use only voice communication in the old-fashioned way. One of the best models tested by time is "Nokia 1208", which will be discussed.

A bit of history

Initially , the Nokia 1208 phone was positioned as a solution for poor and developing countries, allowing to attach to the blessings of civilization those who can not afford a more expensive device. However, the model was so successful that it appeared on sale almost all over the world, firmly occupying a place on the shelves of a large number of stores.

Even now, after almost 10 years since the release, it is still relevant and sold in some stores. What helped to win such popularity with a kind of non-kazakomu apparatus?


The key to the popularity of the Nokia 1208 phone is the very low price, which was achieved due to the maximum cost reduction of the unit's prime cost. At the same time, the quality was maintained at a decent level, and the phone turned out to be reliable, moderately hardy and trouble-free.

Despite the ultra budget, the device is equipped with a color display with a resolution of 96x68 pixels. Plus this or a minus, you can see only when using. Some believe that a monochrome display would be a better solution, since the information on it is better visible in strong sunlight, unlike the color one.

The phone works only in networks of the standard 2G, and this allows you to economize the battery charge. He does not need any more, because the firmware does not support the work with any kind of multimedia files. The level of signal reception is sure, the interlocutor during the conversation is audible well.

Separate attention deserves the body of "Nokia 1208", which, though made entirely of plastic, turned out to be quite strong, but at the same time easy. The keyboard is rubber, seamless, which prevents dust, which can remain on your hands, for example, during operation, get inside the device.

The phone has 4 MB of dynamic memory, which can be used to store contacts from the phone book, SMS and EMS messages, as well as several melodies in the corporate "Nokiev" format.


The software of the device was designed to simplify its use as much as possible. In it, all items are placed within a few keystrokes, and if necessary, pop-up hints appear.

Based on the firmware firmware Nokia Series 30, and this means that everything in the phone will be a little bit. There is a simple organizer with a minimum set of necessary functions, such as a calendar and a calculator, as well as a couple of simple games. Language localization is executed qualitatively, the firmware has been translated into Russian by 100%.

Battery and autonomy

Separately, I would like to touch on the subject of the device autonomy. Taking into account the minimal functionality, the battery supplied with the phone with a capacity of 700 mAh is enough for 7 hours of talk time or more than 15 days in standby mode. If desired, you can increase the autonomy of "Nokia 1208". The high capacity battery, which reaches 1020 mAh, copes with this task without problems, increasing the operating time from one charge by one and a half times.


It would seem that such a phone can not have any personal information. But if you want, you can also put a defense on it. For this purpose, it is possible to use the system security code, which makes it impossible to unlock the keyboard without entering it. By installing this code, you can completely stop access to SMS messages and phone book. The security code "Nokia 1208" can not be reset without losing all data.

Advantages and disadvantages

Based on feedback from users, there are some strong and weak points in this device. Among the uniquely positive factors that can induce choice in favor of this model, you can list the following:

  • The rugged case "Nokia 1208", the photo of which was given above, withstand unfavorable operating conditions. Even when using the phone while performing construction and other similar works, it keeps working, can easily carry the fall from a small height.
  • A minimum set of functions that increases the running time from one battery charge. The phone is perfect for those who are just beginning to use cellular communication, because it is almost impossible to get confused, and the complete illustrated user manual is included.

However, not without the drawbacks that exist in any electronics. According to user feedback, they are often not critical, so they may seem insignificant. So, the shortcomings of "Nokia 1208" are:

  • Low brightness of the display, which prevents comfortable use of the phone in bright artificial or natural light.
  • The manufacturer could immediately equip the phone with a more capacious battery, which would increase the autonomy, but at the same time the cost of the device would also increase slightly.

Apparently, the shortcomings include indirect moments, which may be insignificant for most ordinary users.


This phone is good for those who want to purchase their first electronic device for communication, due to its simplicity. Successful was "Nokia 1208" and for those who do not want to risk, for example, at work, a more expensive phone, and who needs only voice communication. It is also ideal as a second working tube, operating a strict number of hours per day.

It is not devoid of shortcomings, which should be taken into account when choosing, but in some cases they can be neglected.

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