Minsk - Simferopol: train, itinerary, ticket price

The Minsk-Simferopol train connects the Crimean Peninsula with Belarus, therefore, despite the complicated relations between Russia and Ukraine, it continues to function. Travel time is slightly more than a day, however, if for you it's too long, you can use other vehicles.


The capital of modern Belarus was founded in 1067, at the same time there are first references to it in the annals and legends. The city has always been closely connected with the Crimean peninsula by trade and economic relations, therefore the route Minsk - Simferopol still remains very popular. The total area of the city is about 350 square kilometers, it is home to almost 2 million people.

Today the city is the largest political and economic center of Belarus, it is here that the headquarters of the Union of Independent States (CIS) is located. During the Great Patriotic War, Minsk was subjected to massive attacks by fascist invaders, as a result of which, in July 1944, no more than 70 whole buildings remained in it. The city had to be rebuilt from scratch, which took several years.


The capital of the peninsula Crimea was founded in 1784 and since then is the largest commercial and industrial center of the region. The route Minsk - Simferopol appeared a little later, originally it was covered by postal and commercial transport. The passenger movement opened there much later and today is represented by trains, planes, buses. You can also go on this route and on your own car.

It is known that in place of present-day Simferopol in ancient times was Naples Scythian, the remains of which are still preserved on the peninsula and are popular with tourists. The city is home to about 330 thousand people, beginning in 2009, there has been a growing trend in the number of residents of Simferopol and the surrounding area.

Distance between cities

There is a thing that interests travelers who are going to go on the route Minsk - Simferopol, - the distance. It will depend directly on which vehicle you choose to travel on this route. When traveling by car, you have to travel about 1100 kilometers, the situation is complicated by the fact that periodically sections of highways are closed for repairs, so the length of the route can increase by 200-300 kilometers.

When traveling by train, the distance on the way increases slightly and is about 1200 kilometers. Faster and easier to fly an airplane, 1080 kilometers it will overcome much faster than a bus, a train and even more so a car. However, due to the exacerbated relations between Russia and Ukraine, flying over the space of the latter is not recommended.

Can I get there by train?

Minsk - Simferopol - train number 100, which previously cruised on this route, has recently been canceled at the request of the Ukrainian Railways, and now it will not be possible to get to the Crimea peninsula without transplants. All the trains that had previously been traveling to Simferopol from Ukraine, now complete their journey in the village of Novoalekseevka. Then you can transfer to the bus, which will take you to the border village.

Previously, the whole journey on this train took 29-30 hours, now it has to spend a lot more time because of transplants and the passage of border control. The train, which used to go on the route Minsk - Simferopol, passed through Melitopol, Kharkov, Sumy and Bobruisk, the longest stop on the route - Kharkov (29 minutes). The cost of tickets was about 4 thousand rubles (reserved seats), coupe cost 8-10 thousand. Since the train was abolished in December 2014, it is best to clarify at the ticket offices of the station information about its counterparts.

Bus service

If you plan to take the Minsk-Simferopol route by bus, you will have to disappoint. Direct communication, passing through the territory of Ukraine, does not exist since 2010. The only option that you can take advantage of - offers from travel companies that organize a trip there and back. But here there are complications, if you plan to go only to one end, you will have to take care of this in advance, otherwise you will overpay a large amount.

You can also go by bus with a transfer, for example, from Minsk, first get to Moscow, and then change to the route going to Sevastopol exclusively through the territory of Russia. However, in this case the movement time will increase substantially and amount to more than two days, since the distance will almost double.

Or maybe it's an airplane?

Direct airplane Minsk - Simferopol does not exist as such, therefore one can get from one city to another only by using other flights with a transfer. When flying with a transfer, the journey time will be from 5.5 to 17 hours, taking into account the waiting time for another flight. The proposed routes imply a transplant in Moscow, there is no other air service between the capital of Belarus and the peninsula of Crimea.

Almost all flights are carried out by Aeroflot, once a day the interchange is provided by S7. The cost of tickets varies, based on the time of day you fly, how long your transfer takes in Moscow, and in which class you took the ticket. The price ranges from 8 to 15 thousand rubles, the detailed information is best clarified at the ticket offices of the airport in Minsk or Simferopol.


Simferopol - Minsk - a route that because of political events was not needed and was replaced by other, uncomfortable and unprofitable counterparts. Residents of Belarus and Russia are now traveling around Ukraine, spending additional time resources for this. Whether this route will ever return to its usual rut or not, is still unknown.

Please note that the fare can be constantly changed, it is best to check in at the box office in advance. Also take an interest in the cost of carrying baggage, the rules of crossing the border between the two countries, as well as the sights that you can see in both cities. And do not forget to take care of your place of residence if you go on vacation. Have a nice trip!

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