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LMFAO: what does the duo's name mean?

LMFAO is a famous American electro-hop duo, which was founded in 2006 by the DJ of Redfoo (Stefan Kendal Gordy) and the rapper Sky Blu (Skyler Hasten Gordy).

In relation to each other, Stefan and Skyler are not just members of one duo or friends, but related souls - their same surnames tell us about it. Stefan is Uncle Skyler.

LMFAO: what does this abbreviation mean in translation?

Relatives, united by a craving for music, decide to create their own duet LMFAO, which means in a literal translation "I laugh so that the ass falls off" (from English Laughing My Fucking Ass Off). An alternative translation of the abbreviation is "I laugh so much that I even fall on my ass." If we translate into Russian, then we get "I'm falling from laughing".

Creating LMFAO

Many popular songs are created under the influence of drugs or alcohol intoxication. It is rumored that the famous single "Du hast" was written by Till Lindeman in an inadequate state. But the statement that the song was written under drugs or alcohol is quite truthful. Surely it occurred to you that the duet of an uncle and nephew was named so high. But in fact, the case of drugs is not for LMFAO. Translation, of course, looks strange, but the name of the duo takes its origins from another channel. Once Skyler Gordy talked with his grandmother on the Internet. Sky Blu was very impressed by the correspondence with his relative. This online conversation also gave rise to the title of the duo with a cheerful abbreviation LMFAO.

By joining forces, Redfoo and Sky Blu on July 1 in 2008 release their first album, which was named "Party Rock in the iTunes Store." The duet achieves a great success, and already in November the uncle and his tribe create a contract with the label Interscope. Young performers conquer the audience with incendiary singles and clips. The image of the duo's participants is characterized by unusual and bright costumes, sometimes even ridiculous. Even the cases when the participants of the duet appeared on the stage in some briefs and sneakers are not uncommon. LMFAO continued its existence not for long.

The collapse of the duo

Sky Blu and Redfoo in their duet simultaneously perform the role of DJs, rappers, dancers and producers. The LMFAO theme is eternal fun. The duo became very popular among young people. However, in 2012 the duo LMFAO breaks up, which means the termination of joint concerts and release of albums. Sky Blu and Redfoo decide to go in different directions.

Before the collapse of the song, the bands were constantly spinning in discos. In every youth company, you could hear a joke about "I'm sexy and i know it" - words from a song that is called exactly the same. This single was second in the US charts (Billboard Hot 100). In the hearts of students and schoolchildren will forever remain incendiary rhythms of LMFAO songs, which means confidence in the immortality of the duet of the merry uncle Stefan and his nephew Skyler.

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