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How to set up the scope in CS: GO using the console?

If you want to succeed in CS: GO, then you will have to try, since this project is the most popular in its genre to date. And this means that there is a large set of gamers who have already reached quite impressive heights of skill, so you will have to seriously strain, train and develop your skills. However, immediately it is worth noting that the ability to play is not all that solves in the COP. Naturally, a gamer with a high playing skill and extensive experience will be able to defeat a less experienced opponent. But what if the levels of mastery are approximately equal? Even the smallest details can solve here. So you should understand absolutely with all aspects, including how to set up the scope in CS: GO. This is done with the help of special console commands, which you can write each time directly in the game in the console or create your own config, which will be loaded when the game starts. In this article, you will learn a few basic commands that will allow you to make the sight exactly as you are comfortable.

Sight Size

As we all know, in this game the sight is a cross of four strips. Accordingly, if you want to learn how to adjust the scope in CS: GO, you need to be able to change the size of these strips, since they form the main part of the sight. This is done using the command cl_crosshairsize, which specifies the specific size of each strip. If you set the size to zero, then the bars will not be displayed, and just a point remains - for some, this option looks most convenient. However, this is by no means all methods of customization - you have to learn a few more options on how to set the scope in CS: GO. And if this command allows you to specify different values that have influenced the length of the sight bars, the cl_crosshairdot command has only two values-0 and 1. If you set the value to 1, a point will be located on the crosshair of the sight that will allow you to more accurately aim. If you decide to set the value to 0, then, accordingly, there will be no point. You can set the most realistic mode, giving both commands a value of 0 - then the sight will not be visible at all. Naturally, it will be extremely inconvenient. And it is suitable only for entertainment. Now you know how to set the scope in CS: GO. However, this is not all the commands available to you in the game.

Thickness of sight

If you include a bar of a sight or a point, then you can set the exact value of not only the length, but also the thickness. This is done with the command cl_crosshairthickness, which also specifies a particular value. You can make both a very thin sight, and very thick - here it all depends on your taste. As you can see, in CS: GO the sight is adjusted very accurately with the help of simple commands.

Color of sight

There is also the command cl_crosshaircolor, which allows you to specify a specific color for the sight. If you select values from 0 to 4, you get one of the standard colors. But the value of 5 will allow you to further customize and even more seriously change the scope in CS: GO. With this value, you can then set the most accurate color for your sight using RGB. Thus, you can either just choose any standard color, or set your own.

Sight Style

The last of the most popular teams is cl_crosshairstyle. It has six meanings, each of which sets a certain dynamic for the sight. Only two of them make the sight static, and the rest affect how it will move in the process of shooting. You can experiment with styles to find out which one is most suitable for you, in fact, as well as other available settings.

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