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How to pay for "Yandex.Direct"? Instruction for beginners

Advertising remains the engine of trade even in the age of high technology. не только выделить целевую аудиторию по заинтересованности пользователей конкретным товаром или услугой, географическому положению, но и распределить потенциальных клиентов по другим группам (возрасту, например, наличию несовершеннолетних детей, уровню дохода, интересам). Now the marketing has largely moved to the Internet, and the ability to customize the placement of ads allows entrepreneurs and managers not only to target the target audience by the interest of users with a specific product or service, geographical location, but also to distribute potential customers to other groups (age, for example, the presence of underage children, Level of income, interests).

"Yandex.Direct" for beginners is not very difficult, but you can get confused in the numerous ways of payment, most of which, unfortunately, is only available for Russian citizens and companies registered in the territory of Russia.

What is Yandex.Direct? The budget of an advertising campaign

One of the popular contextual advertising systems, which even a novice in the field of Internet marketing can master, is the advertising network of Yandex - Yandex.Direct. The cost of promoting products or services in a search engine advertising network that covers 280 million search queries every day depends on a variety of factors: the region and the ad display period, placement sites (all or only mobile), and keywords.

The price of a click varies considerably depending on the scope of the company, an individual entrepreneur or an individual. So, for the keyword "real estate", the average cost of a click is from $ 5 to $ 10 (in the first position of the ad unit), and in the construction business can reach $ 25. In less profitable sectors (potentially), for example, the key phrase "earnings on the Web" the price is limited to only fifteen cents. On a budget advertising campaign can also count managers who promote cosmetics, sports products, sites about games and films, used cars, and mobile phones.

How to pay for Yandex.Direct when the advertising company is already set up and is waiting for launch? There are several ways, some of them are available only for Russian citizens, while others can be used without limits by residents of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Payment ("Yandex.Direct") is only a few clicks.

Minimum Replenishment

The minimum amount of replenishment of the advertising campaign ("Yandex.Direct") at the moment is 300 rubles. Before the change in the dollar exchange rate, the value corresponded to 10 y. After the fall of the ruble, the amount of the minimum replenishment did not change.

Payment for individuals and legal entities from the Russian Federation

There are many ways to replenish the account of an advertising campaign for Russian citizens. How to pay for Yandex.Direct in the Russian Federation? For individuals and legal entities, the following options are available: electronic purses, a bank or in cash.

Users from the Russian Federation can pay Yandex.Direct with electronic money WebMoney, PayPal or Yandex.Money. In the latter case, it is important that the login "Yandex.Passport" corresponds to the login of the advertising campaign in "Directive". For payment by electronic purse it is enough to indicate the method of payment: WebMoney, PayPal or "Yandex.Money" - during the billing of the advertising campaign. In the case of PayPal or WebMoney, you will be redirected to payment system sites with the requisite payment details. Payment is credited within 15 minutes.

Payment through the bank can be made by a plastic card, a receipt or through Internet banking. To receive the receipt, go to the "Pay" page in "Yandex.Direct" and select the option "Issue an account". The generated receipt can be printed or sent by e-mail. To pay "Direct" through Internet banking, when setting up payment, you should specify the option "Cash in the bank", select the payment system and create an account "Yandex. Direct." Money can also be transferred from the card. Cirrus Maestro and Visa Electron are not accepted for payment, there are no restrictions for the rest of the cards.

Payment for Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan

How to pay "Yandex.Direct" to citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan? The following methods are available:

  1. Through the bank to the current account "Yandex Ukraine" (in UAH), Orange Point Agency (in tenge) or the general account of "Yandex" for non-cash settlements. You can receive an invoice for payment by sending a message to the support email in "Yandex.Direct."

  2. The cost of an advertising campaign for citizens and organizations of Ukraine can be refunded from electronic purses "Yandex.Money" (the account must be identified) or WebMoney (only from the U-purse).

  3. By bank card through "Privat24" (only for citizens of Ukraine) or by a bank card in the event that it is issued by "Privat Bank".

Payment from the countries of the CIS, Georgia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia

How to pay "Yandex.Direct" from Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia and other CIS countries (except Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus)? To receive an invoice for payment, you need to write to the e-mail address of the Direct support. Scanned documents should be attached to the letter: passport or driver's license, documents confirming the registration of the legal entity. Validation can take several working days. Payment is made at the bank branch or using a plastic card.

Payment for individuals and legal entities from Turkey

Companies and individuals from Turkey can replenish the account of an advertising campaign with a bank card or on a Yandex Turkey account. Payments are credited within 15 minutes. To issue a receipt, you need to contact the official e-mail address of Yandex.Direct support. After checking documents (passports, constituent documents of the company), the user will receive an account with the details for payment of "Yandex. Direct." For beginners, by the way, payment by a bank card is one of the simplest and fastest methods of replenishment.

Payment from the USA, Switzerland and other countries

How to pay for "Yandex.Direct" from the US, Switzerland and other countries? Residents of the United States of America can replenish their account through the PayPal payment system. Otherwise, the payment methods are the same: through the bank with the help of a bank card (with the exception of VISA Electron and Cirrus Maestro) or in the branch of a financial institution. Currency of payment - US dollars, Swiss francs, euro or currency, chosen at registration of an advertising campaign in "Yandex.Direct".

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