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How to make traps for bed bedbugs by your own hands. Features of application and efficiency

In everyday life often interfere with various pests, such as mice, cockroaches or ants. To get rid of such individuals is quite simple: you just need to buy a special product in a home store. It is much more difficult to find a qualitative trap for bedbugs. If such insects are wound up in the house, they will have to be eliminated with the help of improvised means.

What is the difficulty?

Almost all insects have some favorite treat. For example, cheese, jam, sweetened water and much more. The trap for bed bugs is not possible to put something like this, because they are attracted exclusively by human blood.

To get rid of these pests, you need to be smart. In general, there are several simple ways to make traps for bed bugs yourself. It is worth noting, this task is not easy, it will be necessary to show maximum patience.

Trap from a viscous liquid

Insects are cunning individuals who attack a victim at night. Accordingly, they will begin to approach the sofas and beds. It is in this place that you need to put a trap for bedbugs. To make it simple enough:

  • Prepare several containers of different sizes in advance. As their can be used plastic cups, lids from cans, saucers and much more. Than there will be more, the better.
  • In a saucepan, you need to mix the solution: mix sugar and powder with a little oil and water. As a result, a thick and viscous mass should be obtained.
  • It should be distributed among the tanks and placed around the perimeter of the bed. Each leg should also be dipped in this mixture. Preliminarily, you can wrap it with a plastic bag.

Trap for bedbugs with your own hands is ready. Now it remains to be patient and wait until the individual goes on a hunt. They will try to overcome the barrier, fall into the sweet liquid and will not be able to get out of it.

Application of adhesive tapes

Many people are wondering how to make a trap for bedbugs for fast time and at minimal cost. There is a way out of this situation. It is necessary to buy in the store an adhesive tape, which is designed for catching cockroaches, flies and other insects.

Now you should open it and gently stick it to places where bugs can be present. First of all, it is necessary to process the plinth along the entire perimeter of the room. The more the tape is wider, the better. It is also recommended to glue it on the legs of the furniture and around it. Insects, when trying to enter the room, will get stuck in the adhesive tape and will not be able to get out of it themselves.

Use of a chemist's daisy

There is another effective way, how you can get rid of hateful bugs. To do this, you need to collect chemist's chamomile or buy it in a pharmacy. This plant contains essential oils that repel many insects. Chamomile is rubbed into a fine powder and thoroughly dried in a dark place. Approximately this process will take about 7 days. Next, this mixture should be distributed in the corners of the room and near the furniture.

You can also make a similar solution by mixing a powder of chamomile with 1 liter of alcohol. They are recommended to process the room.

It is worth noting that essential oils of chamomile can adversely affect the organs of human respiration. Therefore, it is recommended that this procedure be carried out using a respirator, and at a time when the rest of the family is not at home.

Lure with carbon dioxide

How do insects understand that there is a potential victim nearby? They can feel the carbon dioxide exhaled by it. You can try to outwit them by making an artificial bait. To do this, you need to purchase a design that separates this substance. Usually it is sold in the form of umbrellas. It should be placed on the table and wait until the individual begins to approach it. Once it appears, you can eliminate it with the grandfather method (tapka).

If there is no time to observe the situation, it is worth considering how to make a trap for bedbugs yourself. To do this, any of the above methods.

A few tricks

You can make the most high-quality trap for bed bugs, arrange it in several copies throughout the space, and in the morning still detect insect bites. This suggests that insects have long settled in soft furniture. In this case, you need to show some tricks:

  • If there is a possibility, then for some time it is worth sleeping in another sleeping place, but better in the next room. Around the new place should be placed traps. Annoying individuals become hungry and necessarily follow the person, then they will fall for a self-made trick.
  • You should carefully inspect the furniture for the presence of holes in it, through which bugs can penetrate. Each hole should be processed around the perimeter of the adhesive tape.
  • It is also recommended for some time to remove soft covers and feather pillows from it. They can become an excellent place where insects safely leave their larvae.

Catching bugs is a very long and painstaking process that can drag on for several months. The master of the house will certainly win if he shows great patience and will observe all the rules.

Special devices

Many shops sell special traps for bugs. Thanks to them, you can catch all the pests in a few days, and do not need to create various adaptations.

In appearance this device looks like a small house. Bedbugs can confuse him with a good shelter, where they safely hide from the lodgers at home. Chemicals are concentrated in these traps. It's enough for the bugs to breathe them for a few seconds in order for them to get the strongest poisoning.

This method is not effective, as many insects are smarter than people think. They are not attracted to this device at all, and they choose for themselves another reliable shelter. If the house has many such individuals, then you will have to buy more than five traps. Not every landlord will want to spend money on it.

The final stage

People who have repeatedly faced such a problem as pests in the house, argue that the most effective method is the use of several means at the same time: purchased equipment, folk remedies and familiar tricks. Only in this case can we hope for success. It remains to talk about what to do after the trap for the bugs has worked, and the insects have fallen into it.

  • First of all, you should put on rubber gloves and neatly fold the trap along with all its contents into an impenetrable package. Immediately need to take it out of the living area. Ideally, this container should be buried under the ground.
  • Next, you should treat the entire room with a solution of essential oil of chamomile, which is so afraid of bedbugs.
  • It is worthwhile to carefully consider each secluded place in the apartment, including all cracks, for the purpose of larvae.
  • It is recommended to treat all furniture with a special chemical, wash all blankets, clean pillows and blankets, wash bed linens.
  • After this procedure, you should leave the room for several hours, opening all the windows.

Pests in an apartment and a house have always been a big problem for a person, it's difficult to cope with. Fortunately, you can make a fairly simple trap for bedbugs from improvised tools, which will quickly eliminate all the hated pests.

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