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How to draw a palm tree: teach a child

The palm tree is a beautiful exotic tree, very popular in the warm southern regions. Returning from a trip to the warm sea, the child probably wants to express his impressions in the drawing. Palma - the symbol of the sea and the sun - is suitable for this as well as possible. Probably, he will want to learn how to draw a palm tree, and you can help him, especially since it's quite easy to do.

Beforehand it would be desirable to view several photos of the photo album that you brought from the trip, with images of various palms and highlight some common features for them. Discuss these characteristics with the child, then it will be easier for him to understand how to draw a palm tree.

For all species of palm trees, a straight line, without branching, is characteristic of the trunk and exit from approximately one point. Correctly convey the shape and nature of the palm tree is possible, only correctly depicting this output from one point.

Considering how to draw a palm tree in stages, you need to consider that the overall round shape of the crown easily fits into the circle. The upper, the youngest vayi, protrude upward, the old lower ones hang down, and the trunk is usually slightly curved in its upper part.

So, some tips on how to draw a palm tree in pencil.

First, we plan the center of the picture, where the crown will be. First, we mark the trunk and leaves with simple light lines. To do this, from the center we draw down a slightly curved smooth line, denoting the trunk in this way. Fountain up from the center draw a few lines, bending at the ends - the future leaves.

In the second stage, we begin to draw a trunk and leaves. Parallel to the first vertical line, we carry out the second, denoting the silhouette of the trunk. Using zigzag lines, you get a lively and aesthetic drawing. The trunk is preferably in places a little shaded, this will lend the liveliness of the composition.

Next, discussing with the child how to draw a palm tree, pay attention to him, from which side you will see light fall on the figure. Let's say light falls on the right, then this side of the tree will be lighter, and on the left the trunk and leaves will look darker, more bright. Accordingly, on the left, it is necessary to darken the trunk, putting a shadow on it by several more intense vertical lines.

Now it was the turn to solve the problem, how to draw a palm tree with fluffy leaves, which would look the most realistic. To do this, we apply a small hatching across the leaves, taking into account the illumination: on the left the leaves should be darker than on the right. Shade also on the leaves of the place on which the shadow falls from the overlying leaves. It is very important to put all the finishing touches on the leaves across their long side.

Finally, you can draw an island with the help of an arc, putting a shadow on it to the left of the palm and outlining the outline of the shore. Now it remains only to note the horizon line and to indicate the sea waves in several short horizontal strokes . Completing the drawing, you just need to erase the extra details and draw some elements that the child can offer to decorate your work.

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