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How to choose a good inexpensive wine?

The phrase "a good inexpensive wine" may be a smile, but in fact it is not a myth, there is such a concept. Here it can even turn out the opposite, when, having bought an expensive product, one can get not the best quality.

With all the richness of the choice of this divine drink, it can be very difficult to decide, and if it is not well understood in this, it is impossible at all. First of all, I must say that the price below 400 rubles already speaks about not too good quality, and buying a product is cheaper means to exclude the concept of "good" completely.

What is it for?

The variety and price will depend on what event is preceded by the purchase, because light table wine, for example, does not suit for a romantic date, as well as for someone to give it to. But to drink a glass of this drink before meals or during it - it's quite another matter. When you need to prepare for the most important meeting in life or make a beautiful gift, a completely different category of wine is used. For solemn occasions it is better to buy a good inexpensive semi - sweet wine, it is preferred by most fans of this drink. To the meat you can serve red wine, and to fish and poultry - white.

A little about packaging

Quality wine is poured into heavy bottles, where the shoulders are somewhat wider than the bottom, and there is a depression in the bottom. But this does not mean that in ordinary bottles there is no good product. Rather, on the contrary, a good inexpensive wine is sold precisely in such a container. But the intricate shape of the bottle, most likely, was created for not very high-quality products, to somehow attract the buyer's attention. When buying wine for direct consumption, exclude cardboard packaging. Such products can only come in handy for preparing dishes in which this type of alcohol is required to be added.

If earlier it was possible to judge the quality of the wine by the traffic jam, now it is not so important, because in some European countries the twisting plugs for packing young wines have become a kind of trend.

In which store to buy

Even if it is decided to buy a good inexpensive wine for a simple dinner, you should still go to a specialized store, where all the conditions for proper storage of the product are created. In ordinary supermarkets, even the temperature regime can affect the quality of the drink, especially if it has stood on the shelf for a long time. In stores that sell this product, all bottles should be in a cool and dark room and it is to lie, not stand. As a rule, professionals work in such institutions, which will always help you to choose the right one.

Look at the label

On bottles with a long exposure can not be new, as if just come off the conveyor label. If so, then, most likely, the wine is fake. And of course, on labels with high-quality products there should be no spelling mistakes and bad, smearing paint. The exception is sales, where you can find a good inexpensive wine with a torn or dirty label, because of what it got there.

A good inexpensive dry wine should be a strength of 9 to 14% and almost no sugar. All these parameters are necessarily indicated on the label, as is the case with all other types of wine. If you want to buy a good inexpensive semisweet wine, then the sugar content in it should not exceed 13%, and the strength - 15%. If it is indicated that sugar is contained from 16 to 32%, and the fortress from 13 to 16%, then before you - dessert sweet or liqueur wine.

What should be indicated necessarily

A good manufacturer does not need to hide his name. Therefore, if the label does not indicate who made the product, then do not buy it.

On the packaging with natural wine, the year of harvest is always written. Not finding this information, you can buy a chemical concentrate instead of wine.

It is very good, if it is indicated, from what kind of grapes the wine is made. Nobody will write that the products are made from not the best raw materials. At best, this information will be veiled approximately like this: "The best grape varieties are used". In fact, it is hardly the best and, probably, not even grapes.

The name of the region in which the raw materials for the production of wine is grown are indicated by all producers who take pride in the quality of their products.

Perhaps this information is not relevant for inexpensive wines, but indicating the aging time is also an important detail.

Good inexpensive red wine

Red wines, unlike whites, are more tart due to the content of more tannins in them. Their taste is more complete and velvety. Therefore, wine lovers prefer a greater preference for red varieties. A vintage wine with a long aging period can not be inexpensive, so it's worth looking at ordinary wines with aging for about one year.

An important detail: wines made in the Old World, for example, in France, Italy or Spain, are more expensive. Therefore, it is better to look at manufacturers such as Australia, New Zealand, Chile. Crimean, Georgian and Abkhazian red wines of the price category mentioned above are also not inferior in quality to foreign ones.

Good inexpensive wine is red semisweet - Kindzmarauli bakedoni (Georgian wine). Variety of grapes "Saperavi".

Medici Ermete, Lambrusco dell `Emilia Rosso IGT is a fine Italian wine made from grapes of" lambusco "variety. The quality of Italian wines is indicated by labels on the labels: DOC (Denominazione di origine controllata) and DOCG (... e garantita).

Do not buy red wine made in Germany or Hungary. These countries specialize in the production of white wines, which they do well.

Choose a white wine

The best white wines are produced in Germany. If you want to buy a white good inexpensive dry wine, then it's best to look at German manufacturers. The best white wine produced in this country is Riesling. Wines produced under this name are dry, semisweet and sweet. The label on the dry wine label will be Trocken. By the way, wine with this name is produced in other countries. And if the German wine of this brand is more difficult to find, then the Alsatian is found on the shelves much more often and does not give the quality of Germany's guilt in quality.

Another good white wine is the French Sauternes (Sauternes). This wine can be both matured and quite young. Naturally, the young wine is cheaper, which is what we need.

General recommendations

Trying to figure out how to choose an inexpensive good wine, you need to distinguish several general rules, the first of which will be: inexpensive - this does not mean the cheapest. The price category with which you should begin is about 400 rubles. Wine that costs so much, is not sold in boxes, of course, if it's not 10 liters.

  • If the wine is purchased in a supermarket, try to take it where there is less light, both sunny and artificial.
  • Do not pursue the beauty of the bottle, you did not come for her, but for what is inside. Carefully read the label, on it - all the useful information.
  • If the wine - it's better dry or sweet. Semi-sweet wine is made from raw materials not of the best quality and in other countries, unlike Russia, use very little.
  • In addition to white and red, there is also a rose wine, which is not so common in our country.

Of course, not all the names of good inexpensive wines are indicated above, these are just some of the possible options.

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