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"Hardy Bar", Tula: review, menu and testimonials of visitors

It's fun, fun and without pathos. In this place, you can have a good meal, taste fine drinks, dance and laugh heartily. All this is mentioned in the advertisement of a popular entertainment institution known as "Hardy Bar" (Tula). But is this bar attractive for visitors? How interesting is it? And what is remarkable about his menu?

General information about the bar

Residents of Tula managed to assess the convenience and quality of services offered by the modern "Hardy Bar". Tula To a similar format of institutions has long been accustomed to. Therefore, his discovery was not something supernatural. The creators of the organization themselves position their offspring as a "bar-burn". According to them, here you can not only eat and relax, but also "punch" (in the sense of having fun at its fullest).

The building does not stand out particularly. It is quite ordinary. It's not difficult to find the Hardy Bar itself (Tula). Address of the institution: Lenin Avenue, 83-b. For those who have never been there, the "Stadion" bus stop will serve as a guide.

What is the schedule for Hardy Bar?

"Hardy Bar" (Tula - a city where this institution is located comfortably), according to the official page "VKontakte", exclusively on Thursdays (from 19:00 to 5:00), on weekends and holidays (from 19:00 and Before 5:00). It was during this period, according to the creators of the cafe, that the youth movement begins. Of course, they know better. And it seems that many regulars of this institution quite agree with him. According to eyewitness accounts, mainly students and youth gather here. However, there are representatives of Balzac's age.

Why "Hardy"?

The famous bar received its name in honor of the famous British actor, screenwriter and producer Edward Thomas (for close ones he's just Tom) Hardy. Recall that this actor was filmed in "Brothers in Arms", "Storm Pass", "Sharp peaks" and other films, series. For the great role of the unfortunate homeless in the film "Stewart: Past Life" he was awarded the BAFTA Honorary Prize. In everyday life, Tom is known for his eccentric character. He loves to have fun and relax in a big way. By the way, the actor had problems with alcohol, drugs and law. But all this is far behind.

The whole "Hardy Bar" (Tula) in general terms

At the entrance to the bar you can see a small name plate. The same is found on the logo of the institution. Inside you will find a rather spacious room, where besides the client area there is a bar, a stage and a large dance floor.

The interior of the cafe is presented in the classic style of old American cafes, which can often be found in Hollywood movies. There are soft sofas, columns, but there are no closed cabins and partitions. The entire dining room is located on the palm of your hand. At the same time, some visitors sit with their backs to their neighbors, while others have an excellent overview of all cafes in general.

The colors of the interior are dominated by red and green colors. In the recreation area there are comfortable sofas and tables, as well as spectacular vases with green plants. Between them freely move dancers. For many users, the situation here is the most comfortable. This is an ordinary and at the same time attractive "Hardy Bar" (Tula). The organization's phone does not stop for a minute. According to the stories of the cafe makers themselves, people write to them in advance in order to book a table for the weekend or organize an astonishing corporate company of a closed type.

Bright additions to the interior

One of the advantages of this bar, according to some visitors, is a wonderful overview of the whole room and the presence of a huge number of hanging TVs. Such an abundance of TV allows you to attract the attention of fans of sports competitions, football, basketball and hockey matches. There is also an internet modem that provides free Wi-Fi to the bar.

Moreover, the obvious "chip" of the institution is the presence of live music. At the same time, quite well-known rock and pop bands are invited to perform as performers, specially coming to Hardy Bar (Tula). The menu here is very diverse, so it deserves special attention, and we'll talk about it below.

Prices, menus and drinks

The menu in this bar is mostly European. Here you can safely order fried smoked sausages for beer, Caesar salad with tender chicken breast, fish and meat dishes, as well as sandwiches with herring and red caviar for vodka. A great offer for many is a business lunch, bright and sweet desserts. From dishes of the Russian cuisine, those who wish can order hot dishes and pancakes with different fillings.

According to some regulars, Hardy has not only coffee, juices and sweet fizzy drinks, but also alcohol, as well as a huge selection of cocktails for every taste. According to the stories of seasoned guests, they are pleased not only with a delicious menu, but also with acceptable prices. According to their stories, here you can have a good snack and for a small price. All this is real in the cafe " Hardy Bar" (Tula). User reviews, however, in this regard are very different. For example, some argue that the cost of alcoholic beverages in this organization is extremely overstated.

Opinions and feedback on the work of the bar

If you still hesitate, whether to come here, pay attention to the opinions expressed by users about the Hardy Bar. Reviews It will also help weigh the pros and cons about this place. For example, according to the stories of some users, they liked it very much. They were delighted with the huge variety of dishes, drinks and cultural and entertainment program.

Others, on the contrary, did not like the menu at all. According to their stories, the choice of dishes was very small, and the prices did not correspond to the real value of the products. Some also reported inattention to staff. According to their stories, the bartenders and waiters do not have to shout. Many complain about the incompetence of the working staff, who does not know the composition of the dishes, the total weight and the cost. Some make persistence on small portions. According to them, this volume simply can not be taken.

There are also very negative reviews, mainly related to the passage of face-control at the entrance. At the same time, someone tells about his negative experience with the protection of the bar, which undeservedly exposed him and even beat him. Others complain about the boorish attitude of the same guards.

There are also visitors who talk about the lack of sanitary norms in the institution. According to their stories, initially the service, atmosphere and attitude of the staff were at the highest level. However, recently they have changed dramatically, and far from the best. Others like the presence of background music, the possibility to order a hookah, a banquet hall and the presence of a large parking lot. In a word, how many people, so many different opinions.

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