Greece: rest with children. Where is the best place to rest? Greece Resorts and Hotels

Greece is an excellent country, so many people dream of visiting it. She lures to her azure sea waters, amazing nature and a favorable climate. Thanks to all this, as well as clean ecology, this country is suitable for the younger generation. So, in the field of our attention is Greece, rest with children. Where is the best place to rest? It remains only to determine this issue and the cost of permits. Then buy them, make a visa (most likely with the help of a travel agency) and go with your family to get real pleasure under the most delicate sun rays. After all, winter is coming soon, and gray everyday life will begin again.

Advantages of family holidays in Greece

Whatever it was, the best vacation is the one that you spend with your family. It is clear that it is undesirable to take small children to two years with them. The hot sun is contraindicated. In all other cases, you get only pleasure during the holidays, because in this country there is a very friendly population. Even without knowing your native language, these people will always try to understand you, to explain themselves. The sea is amazing, the beaches are excellent, the sea water is cleaner than in the pool part.

There is also an extensive program of excursions. Always tours to Greece differed in the fact that you did not have to miss this country. So in the hottest time you do not have to sit in an air-conditioned hotel. You can explore the sights with the children, traveling in a comfortable bus. And all will be well, everyone will be satisfied.

Choosing a holiday tour with children

A trip to a wonderful country begins with such a decision - where do you go? What can Greece offer us? Rest with children where better to spend? Of all the options you need to make the right choice. Still, there is a difference - to rest alone or with children. There are many places specially equipped for toddlers. Preferably choose a hotel on one of the islands of the country. On them there are not only places where life boils even at night, there are also those where there is an opportunity to retire and rest in silence. In many hotels the infrastructure offers all conditions for children's recreation.

A separate menu in restaurants, special pools for our kids, water parks, amusement parks - all in order to meet the needs of children. If parents wish, they can allow animators to organize contests, various games for the younger generation, and also have the opportunity to use the services of highly skilled nannies.

Great hotels for families with children

So, looking through tours to Greece, choose a hotel for your family. Here the most basic rule: you need a cozy hotel, located on the sea beach. They often offer discounts if you live with children. And children under the age of six live absolutely free of charge or receive various benefits. Rest children requires good food, a healthy sleep and a favorable stay. Do not forget to book excursions, for example, visit the water park, take a boat trip, see the sights, visit a picnic.

The best holiday with children in Greece can be done by staying, for example, at the five-star Capsis Elite Resort Ruby Red, whose complex is very close to the sea, 200 meters away. On its territory there is a small zoo, an entertainment center, entrance to which for children under 10 years old is free, a pool for small children with a slide, attentive Russian-speaking babysitters. You can ride on the territory by car. In the rooms - excellent furniture, TVs, air conditioning. Restaurant - with a special children's menu. For adults there are excursions, restaurants, bars, wellness centers, a SPA salon. All this offers hospitable Greece. Holidays with children: where it is better to spend it? This hotel is quite a decent answer to the question.

Holiday in a five-star hotel Oceania Club

Each guest who has visited this hotel, has paid attention, that in it all is provided for children, and the most different age. In different, specialized clubs, children 14-16 years old, children 8-14 and children from 4 to 8 years can actively spend time. Different age groups are provided with everything necessary to under the strict guidance of the animators to swim, dance, entertain and play. For children adapted and hotel rooms, and the staff offers extra seats for toilets, baths, playpens.

The pediatrician at the hotel is on duty around the clock. For the youngest they prepare to eat on a separate menu. Incredibly diverse makes children's recreation that playgrounds are available both in the air and indoors. So you make the right choice, studying the resorts of Greece: with children, it is best to rest here. Buy a tour of Halkidiki.

Potidea Palace - four-star hotel

What is this hotel known for? The fact that the staff in it works mostly Russian-speaking. Our language is also spoken by animators, so rest at this hotel will be very pleased with the excellent professional service. Only in the best light will Greece come here before you . Sandy beach, rest with children in comfortable conditions - all this will cause only positive emotions. By the way, on the beach, near the hotel, there are free sun loungers and umbrellas.

On the territory of the hotel itself there is a cinema, a club, a swimming pool filled with fresh water, a playground. There are tourists and special family rooms. The menu provides Mediterranean and international cuisine, a buffet, three meals a day, and once a week, a thematic Greek evening is always held, when the whole day served ice cream, confectionery, a variety of snacks. For diabetics and vegetarians there is a separate menu, food is prepared on request.

Greece: rest with children. Where is the best place to rest?

But now we will try to answer this question. According to travelers with children, one of the world's best hotels for families with the younger generation is the five-star Sani Beach Hotel and Spa. This is a bungalow-style hotel. It is located at Cape Sani, in the reserve, and is surrounded on all sides by pine trees and olive groves. Free sun loungers are set next to the magnificent sandy beach. Meals with full board or half board are provided, and for children there is a separate menu.

This is almost the only place in Greece, where there are nurseries for toddlers from four months to four years. There are also mini-clubs for hotel guests in the hotel 4 - 12 and 13-16 years old. A room with various electronic games is equipped, in the open air there are playgrounds for children.

All kinds of classes with qualified teachers are held outdoors and indoors. You can also use the services of nannies, only this need to notify the administration in advance. You can also rent cots, cradles and strollers, watch children's movies, and for breakfast with a nanny are provided separate zones. If your children are from 12 years old, they have developed special SPA-procedures. It should be noted that the cost of the tour to this hotel starts from 1 130 euros per person.

Price for tours with children in popular resorts in Greece

On the widely known island of Rhodes, prices for co-recreation with the younger generation start at 650 euros per person. Expensive, of course, but for a comfortable vacation have to pay. Still, Greece offers excellent rest with children. Prices are normal, because for this money you will get an impressive service and will be calm for the younger generation. But you must choose a hotel with a minimum of four stars. If, of course, you want to get a full set of high-end services. For example, we present data on the cost of living in several hotels. Here, on the island of Rhodes, is a four-star Mitsis Faliraki Beach with a water park. The trip to it will cost you 727 euros per person.

Staying at the Rodos Princess Beach Hotel (four stars), you will pay 681 euros. With children, you can have a good rest on the island of Crete. Prices here are tolerable, start from 650 euro per person in Agios Nikolaos and Retetno. Buy tickets to the island of Kos. Local hotels, in Marmari and Kardamena, also offer prices from 650 euros. If you look well, you can find a ticket for 520 euros. There is no particular difference, although the service is still slightly different, but not quality, namely, the abundance of services, which, accordingly, in cheaper versions will be less.

Conclusion: in brief about the unsaid

Little need to talk about the rest with young children. Many try not to take them with them, because traveling can become a problem, but sometimes parents decide on it. And the best option, perhaps, will be with Greece. Holidays with young children - how to organize it? First of all, choose the right season, with the kids you can go to the road, if you really think, from mid-May to June or September-October. The sea has had time to warm up, but the heat has not yet come, but in the autumn it has already moved away, and fresh local fruits and vegetables are abundant. You can spend your vacation on the islands of Rhodes and Corfu, as well as in Crete.

Visit water parks, children will like it very much. They have built a lot in recent years. What can be rightfully called the best?

  1. Waterland - near Thessaloniki, has artificial waves, swimming pools, water slides (11 pieces) and much more.
  2. Watercity - on the island of Crete, has two waterfalls, 13 pools and 23 slides.
  3. Aqualand - on the island of Corfu, in Europe and Greece is the largest. It has six pools, 25 slides.
  4. Limnoupolis Water Park - on the island of Crete, with a river that stretches 260 meters, a pool area of 1500 m2 and a lot of water slides, the most unusual.

You will never regret choosing to Greece to rest with your children. Those who spent their holidays even in three-star hotels, for 350 euros, are also happy. Therefore, feel free to find out more about current tours and go to the sea with the kids.

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