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Dream Interpreter. What did the wedding ring look like?

An eternal symbol of love and the long-awaited wedding is an engagement ring. It is curious that most dreams, to which people show interest, are dreams with these ornaments. What did the wedding ring look like, for example, a girl or a woman? What is behind this dream? Let's find out soon!

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A wedding ring in a dream is, in principle, a positive sign telling us that reciprocity, sympathy, wonderful relationships are not far off. Each of us wants to meet that true and only love, his soul mate. Therefore, for those of us who are still looking for, such a dream will mean quite a lot of both good and bad! Let's look at this in more detail.

According to Vanga's dream book: why did the wedding ring

Judging by the interpretations of Vangalia, such a dream is not always worth literally. The most important thing is to try to remember all the circumstances of what you saw.

  1. If in a dream you put on an ornament on a finger to a loved one - do not worry! This is a good dream, showing all the sincerity of your feelings. In life, the right choice has been made.
  2. If you see how the ring does not put on you, and you - expect an ambulance in solving some serious issues!
  3. If the size of the wedding ring is chosen wrong in your dream, then in reality you are waiting for a constant and meaningless search for the second half.
  4. If the decoration for some reason flies off your finger, then prepare for some severe test in your life. It is possible that someone will violate the oath of loyalty.

Miller's dream: what did the wedding ring dream about?

Gustav Miller unequivocally declares that this decoration in our dreams is a very important sign. At the same time, the scientist admits the possibility of interpreting this dream in these or other dream books in different ways. What did Miller prepare for us?

  1. If in a dream you see a ring lying on a display case, for example, in a case - know that the wedding is just around the corner - yours or your friends! Yes, such a transparent dream.
  2. In a dream, lost an engagement ring? In real life, you will noticeably complicate the relationship with this or that person, perhaps with a relative. In general, the loss of an engagement ring in a dream promises some kind of loss in life. Perhaps it will be separation from a loved one.

What did the wedding ring look like in Hosse's dream book?

  1. Dreams of a golden ring that shines and shines? Not far off a successful marriage and financial prosperity!
  2. To see on many fingers of both hands a lot of ornaments (including engagement) - to fame and respect.
  3. A promotion is waiting for you if one single ringlet was dreaming on your finger.
  4. The engagement ring that you find on the road promises to meet a real and devoted friend who is always ready to help.
  5. In the dream, lost the decoration? To an unplanned pregnancy!
  6. Are you looking at the ring and realize that it's all strewn with small precious stones? This dream is a symbol of tears in reality.
  7. Give an ornament to someone - to lose a loved one.
  8. If you can not choose a ring of your size in a dream, then in your real life there is not that person whom you could really love, sincerely.

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