Chevrolet Lacetti hatchback, reviews and features

Chevrolet Lacetti is a product of the South Korean company Daewoo, which has been producing it since 2003. The car exists in 3 modifications: five-door hatchback, five-door station wagon and four-door sedan. All cars produce five-seater.

Chevrolet Lacetti hatchback: specifications

The length of the car is 172.5 cm, the width is 172.5 cm, with the mirrors covered - 172.5 cm, and the height - 144.5 cm. The minimum volume of the trunk is 275 l, having spread out the rear seats, it can be increased to 1,045 liters. The height of the ground clearance of Chevrolet Lacetti in the modification of the hatchback is 145 mm. The number of additional options depends on the modification of the car, but in all cars there are wipers for the rear window, the driver's seat is adjustable in height, and the rear seats are laid out in a proportion of 60/40. Safety of passengers and the driver is provided by belts with retractors, child seat mounting and front cushions (either on the driver's side or on the entire first row of seats). Among the useful options of the car, you can also note the indicator of a fastened belt, an immobilizer and heating the rear window.

Chevrolet Lacetti hatchback: reviews

Externally, the car is quite elegant, the shape is streamlined, the design without unnecessary twists. Some believe that the car looks a bit rustic. But it is very reliable - the majority of owners the first hundred thousand kilometers do not collide even with small breakages. All the expenditure on the car - it's the ON, gasoline and oil. With regard to fuel consumption, then on the 100 km of the road is spent about 7-10 liters (depending on the pace and manner of driving). Chevrolet Lacetti hatchback is a fairly spacious car, it has enough seats for passengers both behind and in front. Many drivers note that the trunk of the car is roomy, although not the largest among hatchbacks. If the salon is not transformed, the car will include only purchases from the supermarket, bicycles or household appliances will no longer go.

Pleases owners and excellent controllability of this model. The car is very obedient, confidently goes to the turns, though, only at small and medium speeds. If the speed of movement exceeds 110-120 km, the car starts to sweep away on uneven terrain. The car brakes clearly and immediately on any surfaces, whether it's sand, asphalt or snow-covered road. A fairly rich basic equipment for a car for this price. The salon is very comfortable, there are compartments for small things. Chevrolet Lacetti hatchback is easily started in frost even without preliminary warm-up. Among the shortcomings of the machine can be noted a small ride height. When driving on an uneven country road, when parking the car often scratches the bottom on the ground or clings to the curb. Owners of cars with 4-automatic transmissions note that often the fifth speed is lacking. Also, complaints are received for poor noise isolation: at high speeds an engine is heard, from under the wheel arches a thunder is constantly heard. The suspension of the car is rather stiff, all the roughnesses on the road are felt, wide racks restrict visibility from the front.

In general, it is a convenient and affordable car for the city.

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