Boeing 767 in the sky of all continents

The roar of American Boeing planes is known to heaven over all continents, seas and oceans. Unfortunately, this sound is not always peaceful, one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers for a long time specialized in the production of strategic bombers, but this story is not about them, but about the passenger liner Boeing 767.

The aircraft of this series began to be used on domestic and international lines from the early eighties of the twentieth century. In total, the 767's produced over a thousand, for the aviation industry of any country this is a fairly serious figure. What is the secret of such success?

Boeing 767 - the first mass-produced twin-engine aircraft, capable of landing without landing a distance of five thousand miles or more. Before him such a task was feasible only for four-engine cars. In itself, this fact says little about anything, because the passenger, in effect, does not care how many engines are installed on the plane, which carries him from Paris, say, to Kathmandu. But this is only at first glance. Two even more powerful engines weigh less than four, which means that the whole plane becomes lighter. You can take more passengers and pour a larger amount of kerosene into the tanks. Fuel consumption is reduced, the flight costs less. Such is the dependence.

The aircraft has a wide fuselage, which increases its capacity and improves the conditions in flight.

The 767 series occupies the middle position between the 757th and 737th series of Boeing aircraft, that is, it has the dimensions needed for airlines with a moderate degree of congestion.

After Boeing-767, the scheme of a wide-body monoplane with a low-winged wing and two nacelluluses under it began to be used by other manufacturing companies, Airbus, Tupolev, and Sukhoi. Their planes are not worse, and perhaps even superior to Boeing in their characteristics, because progress continues, but the fact that the 767 series after so many years of production in the ranks and continues to successfully compete with younger producers, says a lot.

By the way, about the characteristics. Boeing-767 flies at a speed of 850 km / h for a distance of up to 12 thousand kilometers with 270 passengers of two classes and their luggage on board. The car is very reliable, during operation, only fifteen aircraft with a minimum number of casualties were lost, and in the vast majority of these incidents, it was not the machinery that was to blame, but the wrong actions of the crew or malicious intent. So, during the attacks of September 11, attackers used this type of aircraft.

There is a known case when the 767th with non-working engines flew over a hundred kilometers and landed successfully, receiving minor damages, after the elimination of which it returned to service.

Russian airlines are widely used by Boeing 767. Aeroflot operates eleven cars, Transaero - five, they are in the aircraft fleet of Krasnoyarsk Airlines, Russia and other domestic air carriers. However, none of the aircraft of this type in our country has not crashed.

Russian passengers appreciated the convenience of the flight to Boeing 767. The layout of the cabin became classic, three seats in the middle row and two on each side, so out of every seven seats four have direct access to the aisle.

This plane is even in Roman Abramovich, at the request of the owner it is painted in white-gray-steel colors.

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