Best Running Shoes (Reviews)

Fans of an active lifestyle know perfectly well how important it is to pick up comfortable shoes. Especially it is necessary to approach competently, choosing the best running shoes. In general, all fans of this sport can be divided into two categories: one needs speed, the latter more like convenience. From these indicators depends on the choice of shoes: for rapid running it should be with a hard and thin sole, for convenience, it is more important to fix the foot and softness of the sole. Consider the most popular models of sneakers, of which there are a lot of good reviews.

The list of the best: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 - 1 place

What are the best running shoes? The rating, which we compiled, consists of models of different price range. On the first place buyers confidently put comfortable, elastic sneakers Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32. Shoes perfectly sits on the leg and is not less ideal for a fast pace of movement. As they say those who have already bought these sneakers, the sole is made of soft foam material, so running is very comfortable. The mesh upper of the shoe adapts to the features of the foot. Long-distance runners note that, thanks to the flexibility of the front part of the sole, the legs are almost not tired.

New Balance Vazee Pace - 2 place

The best sports shoes are created mostly by the most popular brands. According to customers, sneakers New Balance Vazee Pace show themselves only from the best side. Even after a long run, the testers note that the shoes are simply delicious. Lightness, an incredibly comfortable fit on the foot - the main features of this model. These light sneakers are suitable for both competitive models and training, but best of all they show themselves as running. In 2015, this footwear has made a sensation and still remains in demand among buyers. Among the merits of athletes allocate an adjacent landing, a tongue with a soft backing and a soft back. These sneakers will appeal to fans of fast and technical running.

Mizuno Wave Enigma 5 - 3 place

If you like long and boring races, the best running shoes for you - Mizuno Wave Enigma 5. They attract attention with a solid appearance, comfort, great shock absorption, which is why they are able to cope with long and lengthy workouts. As the athletes note, these shoes are a real workhorse, which remains reliable and gives comfort even at many kilometer races. In the reviews it is noted that the luxurious view is very pleasing. A tight fit to the foot is provided by a plastic layer at the entire length of the sole.

Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 8 - 4 place

For fast and comfortable running, these are the best running shoes. The rating compiled by us included this model as mass demand shoes, so it combines features of traditional training sneakers: reliability, comfortable heel with soft inserts, spacious sock. The interfacing is made of a combination of EVA foam with soft and springy Boost from Adidas, so when running the legs it is very convenient. It is the high level of comfort noted by buyers in their reviews.

The North Face Ultra MT - 5th place

For jogging on difficult stretches this model fits perfectly. Those who have already used this footwear, note the perfect grip of the sole of the sneakers with any road surface. The comfort of wearing is ensured by a stable fixed fit along the leg. Painful sensations are minimized due to a fairly stiff and dense heel, thanks to which the weight is easily transferred from the foot to the foot, even if the ground is uneven. The front part, on the contrary, is distinguished by its subtlety and sensitivity, therefore all conditions for fast running are created. For off-road it is, really, the best running shoes. The rating of such models will be presented below.

Best for walking

Sneakers for walking have their own characteristics, which are expressed in flexible orthopedic elements, which serve as the protection of the feet when moving. In addition, the sole of such shoes is thick and dense, which makes the cushioning on the contact of the foot with the road surface softer, and the heel, on the contrary, is rigid, so that the stop during movement is stable.

We suggest you evaluate the best running shoes for walking. The rating includes the 3 most popular models for buyers:

  1. Reebok Easy Tone. This brand offers a wide range of shoes, which is ideal for everyday wear. High quality, excellent orthopedic effect, thought out sole - distinctive features of all footwear of this brand. Buyers of different ages give it preference due to convenience, comfort and bright appearance.
  2. Nike AirMillerWalk. According to buyers, each model of this brand is worthy of attention. These sneakers attract attention with a unique strong shoe, which in combination with a cushioning sole creates ideal conditions for long walks. Thanks to the built-in ventilation system, the foot is always toned. There is protection against Sole injuries.
  3. Puma Body Train. The best sneakers for walking, including for sports. Special technology BodyTrain is responsible for the special ease of walking. For the price and quality, these are some of the most popular sneakers, judging by the feedback of buyers.

Best of ASICS

Among the marathon sneakers can be identified ASICS GEL-KAYANO 21. They are suitable for long race distances. In the sole there are gel inserts, thanks to which there is no discomfort when the foot touches the ground. If you choose the best running shoes ASICS, then this model is worthy of your attention. Buyers note among the advantages of shoes foot support, a variety of colors, good cushioning, an excellent fit on the legs. Shoes are ideal for even running, especially for long distances. If you choose sneakers for your first marathon, users recommend trying on GEL-KAYANO: they are comfortable, do not rub, do not feel on their feet.

Among the shoes of this brand with excellent depreciation can be noted ASICS Gel-Pursue. As the manufacturer claims, this model is designed for active training for beginners. What are its advantages? Elite sneakers can please the harmony of excellent cushioning with a firm sole. A special kind of silicone, which is supplemented with a sock and heel, allows to reduce the load on the knees and spine of the runner. Buyers say, if you want to run really fast - choose this particular model from ASICS.

Suggests this brand and the best running shoes for women. In addition to the stylish appearance, the products of this brand are pleased with the excellent shock absorption and surprising softness. Girls focus on a solid full-size shoe, a competent design of the sole and a special technology that makes the fitting of shoes to the top of the foot softer.

Asics Hyperspeed 6 is one of the most affordable sneaker options that are ideal for running. As users say, they are great for training, including speed. The soft and shock-absorbing outsole makes running simple and convenient, a narrow shoe perfectly fixes the foot. Excellent balance, a well-thought-out ventilation system - that's what sets out really good running shoes Asics.

Best off-road

On sneakers, designed for use in not the most standard conditions, it should be said separately. To begin with, it is not very clear which impassability is meant. The main difference between these models is that they will not be used on an even surface, but on very different grounds and in a wide variety of climatic conditions. Consider the most popular models of this category.

Moisture-proof and water-repellent

The best running sneakers for off-road are made of such materials that will not get wet and spoil under the influence of moisture. True, for a long run this is not the most comfortable shoes, because they are inferior in comfort and weight to conventional running models. Among the waterproof shoes that have proven themselves from the best side, you can distinguish two types: ASICS Gel-Trabuco 9 and ASICS Gel-Trabuco 10.

Both models feature a high level of comfort and protection, provide full contact with any surface condition. Special technology Rock Protection Plate protects the sole and legs, respectively, from branches and stones. Among the waterproof sneakers again we can distinguish the model of the brand ASICS Gel-Trabuco 11. They differ wear-resistant top. Another SUV of the same type is Brooks Adrenaline ASR 5.


The best sneakers for melting snowdrifts, autumn puddles - it's waterproof. They are created on the basis of modern membrane materials Gore-Tex and Event. Their features consist in excellent insulating properties, the removal of heat and moisture from the shoe, while it is delayed from the outside. Such models are supplemented with a relief protector, so using such running shoes is not very convenient. In this class of shoes, there are many good reviews of the Salomon XT Wings WP sneakers . As a rule, such models are in demand among those who prefer active and sometimes extreme rest. Users are advised to choose more expensive models, because they will definitely be better.

For the mountains and not only

Off-road sneakers are different tread pattern, and this significantly expands the scope of their application. For example, for the conquest of mountain trails you need to choose sneakers, whose tread is resistant to abrasion and moderate relief. On the plains, the tread pattern should be completely different: with a deep relief and soft rubber. But most manufacturers create universal footwear options, which can be worn to conquer the mountains, and to walk along the plain.

Rating of the best for off-road

We decided to describe the three most popular models that are ideal for operation in not the most comfortable road and climatic conditions:

  1. Mizuno Wave Kazan 2 is a great option for off-road. The model, according to athletes, deserves attention thanks to an improved strong mesh and a lot of top support, while the dynamics of shoes remains at a high level. For rough terrain, as buyers say, it's better not to find a model.
  2. Asics Sonoma - budget sneakers that suit lovers of morning jogs in the woods. The model is designed in such a way that the foot is placed neutral. A heel insert is provided in the heel, the task of which is to dissipate the shock load during long jogs along the ground roots or trails.
  3. Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 3 - the model, as the buyers say, is designed for use in mountainous terrain. Protector outsole provides better grip on the ground, and convenience is achieved by a minimal cushioning layer. Flexible sole remains soft even in combination with a rough protector, which is very pleasing. The top of the sneakers is made of water-repellent fabrics, and the dense mesh fabric provides good ventilation.

We described the most popular models of running shoes, designed to operate under different conditions. Choosing them, proceed from the fact that the load is calculated on the shoes and where you will wear it.

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