"Audi R8": specifications, price, photo and reviews of specialists

The beginning of the history of the car "Audi R8" takes in 2006, when the serial version of the car debuted in Paris. True, it was preceded by the conceptual sports car demonstrated in Frankfurt in 2003. However, it should be noted that this is the case when the serial version is not very different from its predecessor.

New level

I want to say that the issue of "Audi R8" has become a very important event for the whole company. Together with him, the whole company for the first time in his life entered the list of those firms that produce the most expensive sports cars. The enterprise has reached a completely new level and has earned a higher status in the automotive industry.

In this model, the group's experience, the latest developments, the best modern technologies and a very special design combine very well. Therefore it is not surprising that this model has made a real sensation in the automotive industry.

Design and decoration

So, if we talk about the appearance of the "Audi R8" (the photos of the car clearly demonstrate its luxurious design), then the first thing to note is the diode ribbons made of tiny flashlights that are built into the headlights. Also highlighted and decorative body panels, located on the side.

It is also interesting that all the optical devices available in the car are LED - including even stop signals and direction indicators. The diodes have certain advantages over the usual incandescent lamps. First, their work lasts much longer, secondly, less energy is used and, finally, they are smaller in size. The body, by the way, is also quite compact. The lines of the model are swift, smooth and elegant - this design perfectly emphasizes traditional circular wheel arches.

Interior interior

As for the salon, here we can say one thing: being in it is a complete pleasure. The most comfortable seats, taking the form of the back of the driver and passengers, the space in the legs, everything is in the same style. There is not a single detail that could become a hint of negligence - extremely expensive high-quality materials and genuine leather. Manage the dashboard is very simple, because it contains only the most necessary things. In addition, she even turned slightly toward the driver, so it was easier for him to navigate.

Engine - power factor

This car is equipped with an eight-cylinder V-engine, which has excellent performance. His motor is located in the central compartment - so conceived by the manufacturer. The engineers of the company specially developed a special spatial frame. The maximum power that a motor can produce is 420 horsepower, and the torque is 43.8 kg / m (4500-6000 rpm).

301 km / h - this is the maximum speed, which can go "Audi R8". In order to accelerate to 100 km / h, very little time is needed - only 4.6 seconds. It should be noted that today "R8" is the most powerful and fastest car produced under the brand "Audi". For this model, there are two types of gearbox - 6 steps (mechanics) and R-Tronic, but it is installed only by individual order. This is a manual transmission with built-in functions for automatic and manual switching.

Features of the complete set

When discussing the "Audi R8", the characteristics of this car and its components, one should note its brakes separately. In total there are 24 working pistons, and 8 of them work on the front wheels. Thanks to such powerful brakes it is not difficult to stop the car even at its maximum speed.

Speaking about the standard equipment, this "Audi" model has 4 composite discs, based on aluminum. However, if such a variant of the potential buyer does not suit, then it is possible to order brake discs made of ceramics. They are easily able to withstand a trip in race mode. In general, the equipment meets all generally accepted standards. This is an 18-inch disc, and a quality audio system with a bright display of 7 inches, and a system of front position lights. And this is only a small list of what the Audi R8 can boast of.

A sports car that deserves respect

"Audi R8 Spyder" - this is a model that really deserves special attention. It is equipped with an automatic drive, differs from carbon fiber body elements. And the roof of the car is decomposed in less than 20 seconds, even if you go at a speed of up to 50 km / h.

Its engine is several times more powerful than many other models. This is a 10-cylinder V-shaped engine, the volume of which is 5.2 liters. In order to accelerate to the "hundred", the car needs only four seconds, and to the mark in the "200" it is necessary 12.7 seconds. And, finally, about the maximum speed - it is 313 km / h.

"Audi R8 Spyder" - a real supercar, in the image of which the best modern technologies are embodied. For example, an aluminum frame, or a permanent drive, and even a microphone built into the seatbelt. This car will appeal to fans of comfortable high-speed driving. To do this, the complete set of the machine has everything, and even more. There is an opportunity to design an individual order - many people buy an adaptive adjustable suspension, sports seats, advanced acoustics and carbon-ceramic brakes.

Such a car is not only a faithful "iron horse", but also an indicator of excellent taste. This can only be understood by looking at the Audi R8. Photos of this powerful car will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of sports models.

Owner feedback

Many people, planning such an important purchase, decide to get acquainted with the comments and comments of experts and owners. And that's right, because the car "Audi R8" is a pretty decent amount of money, so it's worth knowing what they are talking about. However, the reviews do not disappoint - motorists familiar with this model, really speaking about it are only good. Dynamics, controllability, noise isolation, comfort - all this at the highest level. Although some, of course, express dissatisfaction, but it is connected mainly with the price of this machine. But it should be remembered that this option is for those people who can afford such a model. So if you want to buy a reliable car that will last for many years with faith and truth, it is worth considering this option.


And, finally, a few words about how much the car "Audi R8" will cost. The price, as already mentioned, is rather big. Based on all of the above, you can understand why. Yes, the cost of the notorious Audi Spyder varies from 6,490,000 rubles to 7,600,000. The price depends only on the equipment and technical features. For example, Audi R8 Spyder 4.2 FSI Quattro MT with 4.8 seconds acceleration and 14.4 consumption is the cheapest model. But 5.2 FSI Quattro AMT exceeds its cost by as much as 1 110 000 rubles. All due to overclocking (only 3.8 seconds), consumption (about 13.2) and, of course, a considerable role was played by the volume - 5204 cm3.

But there are more "budget" models "Audi R8", the price of which is not so great. For example, 4.2 FSI Quattro - this car can be purchased for 6 million 60 thousand rubles. But if you want to buy 5.2 FSI, you'll have to pay 8 270 000 p. In general, there are various options - for any color, taste and purse. There are even "Audi R8" for much more affordable money, if you take second-hand options. Such cars will cost less than 2 million rubles (if the car is in good condition).

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