A stylish trend - a jacket with a tiger

Recently, there has been a continuing interest of designers and mods in things with animalistic prints. Particularly fond of "predatory" subjects: leopard spots, tiger stripes, dressing for a crocodile or a snake skin. Many famous brands were noted for the release of topical collections, in which the same jacket with a tiger is necessarily present. And now this is not just a tribute to the eponymous sign from the eastern horoscope, it is a well-established fashion trend.

How it all began

Such a craze for large striped cats, perhaps, began with the genius idea of the house "Kenzo" to release soft comfortable svitshots, decorated with a stylized image of this predator. The picture was supplemented by the name of the brand. Several color solutions were launched. And the models were designed not only for female audience, but also for young stylish men.

The jacket with the tiger immediately fell in love with the fans of the brand. And, like any lucky find, it was picked up and replicated by other clothing manufacturers. And now everyone can be pleased with a daring new thing.

"Predatory" character

Stylish novelty is aimed at young and daring. We need some courage to try on a fairly aggressive little thing, on which the fangs are strong and beautiful beast. Particularly impressive products with the so-called 3D-pattern. A jacket with a tiger, which strikes with its realism, is produced in male and female versions.

However, male models differ only in size and more restrained forms. And, perhaps, they do not occur interspersed with rhinestones and sparkles. This is a classic swiss and hoodie.

But the same jacket with a tiger, its female version spoils its diversity. Here, too, is a fine knitted jersey, and a large knit, and loose elongated blousons, and warm cozy sweaters. And the print itself can be supplemented with shiny "tricks": beads, sequins, rhinestones. However, to get involved in an abundance of details all the same it is not necessary. The drawing itself is catchy, there is no need to overload it.

However, lovers of glam rock should not despair. A jacket with a tiger and thorns on the shoulders will fully satisfy their passion for luxury and external effects.

Ideal partners

Like all sorts of extraordinary things, models with animalistic design require careful selection of partners. Best of all, this role will suit restrained jeans, plain plain trousers and skirts. A jacket with a tiger is the center of the composition, and competitors are not needed for attention. Therefore, no matter how good the photographs show bold combinations of clothes with floral patterns, peas or a cell next to the "cat's" jumper, in everyday life it's better not to take chances. Give preference to more modest companions. Also, carefully approach the choice of accessories.

Not bad looking like these models, along with jeans or leather jackets. Partners can be mini-skirts, trousers-chinos or skinny, tight leggings.

On sale, you can find products for all seasons: warm for the winter or light for the spring, summer. If you appreciate cozy, comfortable things with a bright character, then it is worth not to dwell on one model and buy yourself a couple for all occasions.

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