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A stylish and productive smartphone of the mid-range Lenovo K3 Note. Feedback on the capabilities of this gadget from the perspective of its potential owner

Excellent design in combination with very productive hardware allows you to be considered in the segment of devices of the middle price range one of the most tempting offers of Lenovo k3 Note. The recall of each owner of this smartphone highlights his fantastic level of performance for both devices of this level. It is about its parameters, pros and cons will go further speech.


The price, parameters and characteristics refer to the mid-level solutions Lenovo K3 Note. The recall of any owner of such a "smart" phone indicates that this device is almost in no way inferior even to flagship solutions. Therefore, this smartphone model is the best solution for those who need a relatively modest money for a very, very productive solution. This is exactly what "K3 Nout" is.

Design and practicality of the device

Most of the front black panel is occupied by a screen (its diagonal is equal to a solid 5.5 inches), protected by an oleophobic coating in the Lenovo K3 Note. Feedback Almost any smartphone owner highlights its high quality. Under the display is displayed, as expected, the control panel of 3 buttons with illumination. Above the screen are sensors, a speaker and a front camera. The mechanical control buttons are correctly grouped on the left edge of the smartphone. On its top side is an audio port. At the bottom, there is "MicroUSB". Next to him is a spoken microphone. The back cover, unlike the front panel, can be made in various color versions: white, black, blue, yellow and green. On it the loud speaker, the main camera and its double LED illumination is deduced.

Hardware filling

One of the most productive processor solutions built a mobile phone Lenovo K3 Note. The owners' feedback highlights the high level of performance of the MT6752 (it is this model of the CPU that underlies this gadget). It consists of 8 computational blocks of the A53 architecture, which, if necessary, can be accelerated to an impressive 1.7 GHz. As a result, the MT6752 loses "Snapdragon 801" very little from the performance standpoint. The CPU's capabilities are complemented by the MALI-T760 graphics accelerator. This video accelerator without any problems processes the displayed image in the Full Full HD-quality. The RAM in this smartphone is 2 GB, and the capacity of the built-in drive is 16 GB. If necessary, the amount of internal memory can be increased by installing a flash card with a maximum capacity of up to 32 GB.

The main camera boasts a 13 Mp sensor. The quality of the photos obtained with its help is really excellent and even the demanding users do not complain. Video, it can also write in 1080 p. The frontal camera has a more modest sensor - 5 megapixels. For selfi and video chat using Skype, this is quite enough. The capacity of the complete battery is 3000 mAh. In the average mode of using the gadget, one of its charging is enough for a day. When you run a demanding toy on a smartphone, the specified value will be reduced to 9-12 hours. Well, in the mode of greatest economy, this smartphone can last 3 days, but the level of its functionality will be minimal.

operating system

One of the most recent versions of the OS for mobile devices is used by Lenovo K3 Note. Customer Reviews Highlight the presence of "Android 5.0". The OS interface has been substantially redesigned by Chinese programmers. There is no separate menu for the software to be installed, the labels of all
Installed programs are taken directly to one of the desktops.
Above the operating system is an add-on of Lenovo Lauscher, which allows the user to change the system interface to the needs of a particular user without much trouble.

Reviews and Price

Almost perfect was Lenovo K3 Note. Reviews and the price of the gadget indicate that its competitors do not simply have chances. A productive processor and graphics accelerator, a large amount of memory, an excellent screen, high-quality main and front cameras, a fresh version of the system software - this is not a complete list of the advantages of this model of the smartphone. Minus he essentially essentially has one - this is a small battery capacity of 3000 mAh. You can solve this problem in one of two ways: One of them - reducing the load on the device and saving battery life. And the second is the connection of an external battery (it will have to be bought separately).

Now the cost of such a device is $ 150. Given the hardware characteristics and capabilities of the device, you can safely say that this is one of the best offers in the smartphone segment of the middle price range. But, on the other hand, the difference between flagship devices and "K3 Nout" is not so strong. In most of the existing software to date, it's not so easy to notice. At the same time the price of this smartphone is really modest.


An excellent smartphone with excellent hardware specifications and modest cost is Lenovo K3 Note. The feedback of any of its owners indicates that this device does not have significant drawbacks, but its pros can be listed long enough.

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