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Sightseeing, Lipetsk. Lipetsk and region attractions description

By decree of the great Peter 1 in 1703, at the confluence of the river Lipovka in the Voronezh River , the construction of ironworks began. This was the beginning of the glorious Russian city of Lipetsk. In the distant years, he provided the needs of the Russian fleet under the command of Peter the Great and the Russian army.

Lipetsk is a modern

From the street Noble, Lipetsk once began to be built. Now it's Lenin Street, which is rightfully considered a historical center, along with the Cathedral Square. Starting to explore the sights of Lipetsk, it is worth going there.

There you can see another historical monument - the Nativity Cathedral. It is in this temple that all major services are held.

Although Lipetsk is far from the city with a million inhabitants, it fully meets all the requirements put forward to the regional city. At present, it is a large administrative and industrial center.

A short distance from Moscow (450 km) allows tourists to come for one-day excursions to see the main attractions of Lipetsk. The city has many hotels, where you can stay for a longer period. In Lipetsk often come to heal curative waters and at the same time walk around the city.

Sights of Lipetsk and a description of their main features will be discussed below.

Monument to Peter 1

Of course, the main attraction is the monument to the founder of the city - Peter 1. Stella is a symbol and pride of Lipetsk. It is interesting that the monument was made using the means of a patron, merchant Nebuchenov Pavel, who lived in Moscow. But he often came to the town for work related to trade.

The merchant suffered from pains and went to the Lipetsk resort to take healing baths. A miracle happened, the natural waters saved Nebuchenov from the disease, and in gratitude to the local residents, he gave them a gift in the form of a monument to the founder.

It is interesting that historians have a genuine document, which testifies to Nicholas's consent to the installation of stella. Maecenas Nebuchenov wanted his name to appear on the memorial tablet of the monument, but Nicholas 1 rejected this freedom. However, the inscription proposed by the architect with the name of Nicholas himself did not wish to do either. Therefore, the monument is dedicated only to Peter 1.

Stella can be seen on bottles with mineral water produced by the Lipetsk plant.

Komsomol pond

When building a dam on the Lipovka River in the distant 18th century, a pond appeared. Now this place is very popular not only among tourists, but also local residents. Here you can often meet photographed visitors, strolling couples and moms with strollers.

Particularly impressive are the fountains. In the summer heat, many people come to look at cool sparkling sprays.

The area near the pond is often used for various city holidays. Especially interesting and informative is the Birthday of A.S. Pushkin. The holiday is held in June, and it has already become a tradition.

On the street plays a brass band, Lipchans read poetry of the great poet. Everywhere reigns an atmosphere of spirituality and lyrics.

Ancient Assumption Church

Refreshed by the fountains and walking around the city, you can see other sights. Lipetsk is famous for its spirituality, and on its territory there are several ancient churches.

The Old Church of the Assumption is one of the oldest. It is believed that it was erected in 1730. The church is famous for the fact that it was the appearance of the icon of the Mother of God. Therefore, patients often come here for healing and blessing.

It is noteworthy that the church is located directly on a natural spring. Here often came to rest and treatment Peter 1, who was one of the first to recognize the curative nature of the waters.

An interesting fact: The Ancient Uspensky church lurks at the foot of the hill. But in fact, traditionally the temples were built on a hill, so that it could be seen from afar by all the suffering.

Area of the Aviators

The amazing city of Lipetsk! Its sights are conquered by their diversity. It's only you, with a spiritual insight, looked at the temple at the foot of the hill, but now the guide offers you to see the real fighter plane.

The square is dedicated to heroes of aviators, and since 2003 another pedestal has been installed here. It is dedicated to the lost pilots of the Lipetsk air base, who committed a heroic deed. In 1968, the pilots took off the falling plane from the peacefully sleeping inhabitants of Lipetsk. Thus saved a lot of innocent lives, but they themselves were lost. They had the opportunity to escape by bailout, but they did not.

Lipetsk Park

Very popular place for pastime of citizens and tourists. On its territory there are springs of curative waters, which, in fact, served as the reason for the breakdown of the park.

As the legends say, the source was found by Peter 1, having tried the water, he felt the taste of iron. Assuming her healing properties, he ordered the construction of a well in this place. Later, a small source turned into a large sanatorium.

Now in the sanatorium people are treated not only from Russia, but also foreign tourists. Water and truth do wonders. Many diseases go away and do not return. In addition to the sanatorium, there is a unique Lipetsk Zoo on the territory of the park.

Zoo in Lipetsk

Many attractions in Lipetsk offer to explore and the smallest tourists and residents. So, one of the interesting places for the falconers is the zoo, where tourists with children always look. Local children with their parents also come to look at wild animals at least once a year.

Most visitors to the Zoo Lipetsk meets in the summer and spring months. But even in winter you can look here, admire the animals, that you did not fall into hibernation.

Lipetsk Zoo is proud of the fact that not only live, but also breed such noble animals as leopards, jaguars, Himalayan bears and other rare animals.

In addition to large animals, the zoo has a terrarium and an aquarium at its disposal. If you have not yet seen what a piranha, an anaconda or a frog-tomato looks like, hurry to the Lipetsk Zoo.

The special pride of the zoo's employees is the cranes. In the enclosures you can see a variety of species of these beautiful birds.

And it will be very interesting for young children to visit the contact zoo, where they can feed and even pet lambs and rabbits. You can even ride a pony or a funny donkey.

House-Museum. GV Plekhanova

Speaking about the sights of Lipetsk: monuments, museums and other interesting places - you can not ignore the House Museum. GV Plekhanov. The museum is unique in its kind, which will acquaint visitors with Plekhanov, the founder of Marxism. In addition, they will talk about the formation of the Social-Democratic movement before the Bolsheviks come to power.

In addition to various political documents, tourists are shown personal things of Plekhanov, according to which it is possible to judge him as a person. To many, he is not interested as a reformer, but as an ordinary person.

The view of visitors will be offered family photos, his personal belongings and correspondence. Since 1995, the main points of the exposition have changed the accents, now the exhibition does not have a strong political orientation, but is aimed more at life and life of Plekhanov.

Such a multifaceted Lipetsk region

The sights of Lipetsk and the Lipetsk region are diverse, besides they are concentrated throughout the region, which gives an opportunity to visit not only the regional center, but also small villages.

  • Yelets. The city of military glory, which has concentrated in itself a lot of unique temples, which relate not only to the sights of the Lipetsk region, but also rightfully bear the title of cultural heritage of Russia. The special pride of Yelets is the Ascension Cathedral, which is visible from a distance of 25 km from the city. This is truly a grandiose structure, having a height of 74 m.
  • Polybino. The village is located near the Kulikovo field, which in itself makes it interesting. On its territory is a unique mesh tower of unusual shape. Later such towers were built in Moscow and even in Sydney. Not far from the towers there is a palace belonging to Nechaev.

Many foreign tourists who study the sights of Russia, Lipetsk singled out as a unique city with a unique Russian spirit and color. In addition, there you can not only enjoy Russian identity, but also significantly improve your health.

The cozy, blooming, green city of Lipetsk is ideal for people who want to be treated during the holidays. A lot of entertainment will make your stay in the city as interesting as possible.

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