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Restaurant Ogonek (Vladivostok): description, address, reviews

Not many institutions have such a good, persistent reputation, as the restaurant "Ogonyok" (Vladivostok). It can be called a truly unique place and one of the best in the city.

Location and mode of operation

Primorsky region of Vladivostok is famous for its beauty of nature and great opportunities for recreation. Those who want to relax and get a new charge of energy stop at local hotels that also offer entertainment services. Hotel Astoria does not depart from this principle. On its basis, the restaurant "Ogonyok" was opened, where everyone can enjoy an evening pastime and taste incredible dishes. This place was quickly appreciated by many of its visitors, and it became for them a favorite institution. Located at: Partizansky Prospekt, 44 k6, the restaurant inspires guests with excellent service and a pleasant atmosphere. It is only necessary to cross the threshold of the institution, as it embraces a sense of calm and harmony. Enjoy this visitors can any day of the week from 8 am to 1 night. Its doors "Ogonek" opens to all those who are ready for new impressions.


It is easy to understand the uniqueness of this place. The first thing that distinguishes an institution from the mass of others is its concept. The farm restaurant "Ogonyok" in Vladivostok clings and intrigues its name. Being interested in the offered services, it is visited by more and more people. This place is the only restaurant in the city that so carefully approaches the choice of ingredients. Dishes are prepared from products that are specially grown and brought to institutions from local farms. Eco-friendly vegetables, fruits, herbs, meat and other ingredients of the culinary masterpieces of the restaurant "Ogonyok" make it possible to prove that a healthy diet can be incredibly tasty. Also in this place will help organize a banquet or a celebration in the hotel hall for 40 people. The staff will take care of everything, and the holiday will be remembered with a bright and rich moment in life. Restaurant Ogonyok (Vladivostok) cares about the youngest visitors, offering them a special dietary and classic children's menu. In the playroom, while adults spend their time in a relaxed environment, the children can entertain themselves under the supervision of a nanny. Holidaymakers on their own car should not worry about its safety, because there is a small guarded parking near the restaurant. The restaurant "Ogonyok" collects all the friends together, offering them a club card with which the institution gets closer, and the food is cheaper.


The first impression of the restaurant is created thanks to its appearance. The decoration of the halls imbues a certain atmosphere, which becomes the highlight of the institution, its business card. The place called "Ogonek" pleases with its laconic and strong design. The most popular direction in the design of the premises is the loft, which can be traced in this restaurant. The two-tiered hall allows you to enjoy more than 120 guests at the same time. Behind its doors one can feel the spirit of the new Vladivostok, where each element is part of a large and functional system. White and red bricks in combination with the extensive use of wooden coverings and finishes, warm, light colors and unusual chandeliers make the restaurant Ogonek (Vladivostok) a cozy and unusual place. Also, visitors can watch the process of preparing their order in the open kitchen, which fits perfectly into the overall situation and becomes the guarantor of high quality food. The staircase to the second floor deserves special attention, which, at first glance, seems to float on small rods.


No matter how amazing the interior of the establishment, its main pride should be the kitchen. Restaurant "Ogonek" (Vladivostok), the menu of which is saturated with non-standard taste combinations, offers its visitors to taste dishes of high author's cuisine. The concept of the institution is preserved in all nuances. In the menu near each dish you can see the names of farmers and areas where the products used in it were grown. Each month the list of proposed masterpieces is supplemented with seasonal options. The menu is based on seafood, poultry and meat. Most often in the orders there are ribs of lamb or veal, which from ordinary products in the hands of real masters of their craft turns into a mixture of gastronomic impressions. Serving dishes is not the last attention. Many of them bring on wooden plaques and express the creativity of the chefs. Most of the orders are prepared on chosper and wok. The first is a special BBQ on firewood, the second is a Chinese frying pan, which provides a convex bottom and thin walls with an ideal roasting. Many restaurants in Vladivostok have not even heard of this, and in Ogonyok their use has become very ordinary. The average check of this institution is 1000 rubles. Restaurant Ogonek (Vladivostok), a menu whose prices match each other, is the standard of quality and hospitality for many of its visitors.


Hotel "Astoria" is known to the city as one of the most cozy and pleasant places for rest. Do not destroy this impression and the restaurant "Ogonek", which pleases with a relaxed atmosphere and high level of service. The bright setting of the establishment sets up a quiet meal in the circle of close people. Qualified personnel treats each visitor as a best friend, giving him attention and care. At the same time, people working in the Ogonek restaurant do not have excessive obsession. They will help with the choice of dishes, advise a good wine and provide everything necessary for a good pastime.


Restaurant Ogonyok (Vladivostok) is increasingly replenishing lists of its regular customers. Thanks to their positive feedback, information about this place quickly spreads and attracts visitors. They say that it is rare in life to find something that completely coincides with their images of the ideal institution. The restaurant "Ogonek" impresses with its cuisine, because the naturalness is felt even by the aroma. People in this place surprise with their openness and create a strong family, where everyone plays an important role in the mood and impressions of the other.

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