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Rack for room zoning: design ideas

Almost every second person at least once in his life faced the need to split an apartment or room into several zones. The reasons for this decision can be different. If the housing is large with enough windows, you can build additional walls, which will result in isolated rooms. However, not everyone has such an opportunity. How to be people who live in small apartments? The optimal solution is the rack for zoning the room. It, unlike stationary partitions, has a lot of advantages, which we will consider a little later. And now let's figure out what zoning is.

Zoning - the division of a room or studio apartment into functional areas. They are obtained partially isolated and have certain boundaries. This design technique can be performed in several ways: the first - stationary, the second - mobile. It is to the latter include racks.

Rack for room zoning: advantages

What is a shelf? This is a construction consisting of guides and partitions, which serve as shelves. This type of furniture does not have doors and a back wall, so it turns out almost transparent. The width of the structure, as a rule, is not more than 40 cm. Unlike slides or cabinets, racks do not clutter the space of the room, it remains free and easy. In addition to these moments, we can distinguish a number of advantages:

  • Easy installation and availability. When manufacturing racks, complex mechanisms are not used, so that the cost is low. Assembly is also not expensive, all you need is an instruction and a screwdriver. After that, the rack can be installed anywhere.
  • An additional storage system. The design is quite comfortable and multifunctional. In small apartments, shelves with a closed lower part are installed. It can be folded bed linens, winter things, toys and stuff. On the upper shelves are stored dishes, flowers, books and various trifles. This design is very convenient, since there is an approach from both sides.
  • Practicality. In most cases, racks are made of wood or metal. Such materials do not require special care. And the absence of complex mechanisms makes this piece of furniture durable.
  • Translucency. The absence of a back wall allows daylight to easily penetrate into the fenced part of the room. Thanks to this solution, you can save on electricity. If it is necessary to decorate, we recommend using LED stripes. They are a good source of additional lighting, while still very economical.
  • Versatility. Zoning of the room using shelving is permitted in almost any style. For example, for the country are selected rectangular wooden structures, the surface of which is painted with oil paint. In high-tech, the advantage is given to a transparent, matte or colored glass (shelves) and metal (frame). To ensure that the construction does not look cumbersome, it is better to choose stainless steel or aluminum. It is worth noting that in interiors designed in the style of classicism and Empire style, the shelving is not recommended.
  • Mobility. This type of partition, in contrast to a stationary one, can be rearranged at any time.

Shelf-partition: where to use?

The rack for room zoning is used in different cases. Let's look at the most common ones.

  • One-room apartments. In the case when you have to huddle adults and children in the same room, there is a need for space division into zones. In this situation, it is better to use a through rack. This design will not break the harmony of space, will not interfere with the penetration of natural light, will not take up much space, and will act as an additional storage system. If you use a two-sided rack, then your children and adults can arrange their things. This will keep the order in a small room.
  • Shelving in the living room. This decision is most often taken if necessary to allocate the zone of the office, library or sports corner. The design of the partition is chosen with a large number of shelves in order to add books, magazines, disks, small equipment (modem, printer, speakers).
  • Corner for the bed. If you want to create an intimate atmosphere, you can select a sleeping area in the room, fencing it off with a shelf. Such a move will allow to isolate a certain part of the space, without making it heavier.
  • Zoning the kitchen. In studio apartments, owners sometimes prefer to allocate living, dining and kitchen areas. Given that the entire room should be extremely light and spacious, you can install a low rack. Prefer the best models of glass and wood.
  • Children's room. In apartments, children, as a rule, are allocated only one room. In it they sleep, play and learn. That is why it is very important to separate these zones.


Transforming shelving-partition for room zoning is used in most cases in studio apartments. It is a construction of several parts (two, three or more). The racks are mounted on the guides, on which they can be deployed in different directions if necessary. Such a decision will allow each member of the family to have their own personal space.

Cylinder rack

Racks for zoning space in the room are now quite popular. The original choice will be a cylindrical shape. The design in such shelves is rotating. You can use them to store awards, collections and other items that are of value to the owners.

Mobile shelving

Very convenient is the rack for zoning room on the wheels. It can be rolled to any other place at any time. This design will be an excellent solution in small rooms, where, for example, only for a day you need to fence off the sleeping area. The wheels have special locks, which firmly hold the rack in one place.

The lattice model

Racks for zoning rooms, photos of which are listed in the article, come in many forms. The most popular and original model is the "lattice". The design is a set of interlocked racks and shelves. In such models there are not only parallel and perpendicular lines, but also diagonal ones. They are attached both to the floor and to the walls.

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