KamAZ 5460 - the flagship of modern saddle KamAZ trucks.

The high pace of business requires the adoption of quick decisions and actions, including in the field of trucking. Increase their effectiveness can be with the acquisition of excellent heavy trucks. KamAZ 5460 is a new direction of the domestic heavy truck industry.

The fact that this model represents an attempt by (and quite successful) engineers of the Kama Automobile Plant to approach the world trends, introduce innovative solutions and technological developments on the production lines, make it a welcome guest in any ATP or in the courtyard of a private trader.

So, KamAZ 5460. The photos hint at a quick and willful character. And he is present. By the way, the car is constantly being improved. KamAZ develops a number of its truck tractors gradually, modernizing and introducing something new. Therefore, we can say that the truck of the first years of production and the latest models are very different things.

The first cars were equipped with powerful turbo diesel engines with a capacity of 360 hp. The subsequent models have a force of 400 "horses". And I think that this is not the limit.

To transfer the force moment, either a mechanized sixteen-step or an automatic gearbox is used. The main supplier is the German ZF, whose products are equipped with a large number of different cars of different brands and models.

The rear axle is constantly being improved. Change the types of gear, increases efficiency. On the latest models KamAZ 5460 install bridges of the world famous Bulgarian producer Madara. Although most cars put Chinese bridges from FAW. A lot of different systems from Bosch. Moreover, only proven solutions are mounted on the truck.

The engineers made great progress in the design of the cabin and the way it was installed. Now it is a large, modern, comfortable cabin with two berths. The air suspension system smooths out all the vibrations that occur when driving. A beautiful noise isolation will allow the car to drive for a long time without feeling tired. Drivers give positive feedback for KamAZ 5460. Although there are also dissatisfied, however, most people accept the car favorably.

By itself, the KamAZ 5460 is not designed to transport a large cargo. The total weight of the road train fluctuates around forty tons, the payload is around twenty. However, the truck can safely keep a steady speed on the track for a hundred, without burning a lot of fuel. Plus, he does not have problems with passing weight complexes.

In general, the car is very soft and docile. He sensitively reacts to all actions of the driver and is extremely maneuverable. Smoothly gaining speed, do not jump jerks. After you sit behind the wheel of KamAZ 5460 after the truck of the old brand of this plant, you feel like in paradise. No roar, noise, shaking. You hold the steering wheel with one hand, underneath you slowly swaying chair on the air bag. You press the pedal - and the motor under you swiftly throws the road train forward. Excellent visibility.

And they say that Russians do badly cars. KAMAZ 5460 its existence denies this claim.

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