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Interpretation and meaning of the rune Ansouz

Runa Ansuz is recognized as universal and belongs to the Senior Futhark. It is directly connected with the divine power and power. To this rune sign are often resorted to creative natures: artists, writers, musicians and artists.

Energy, independence, intellect - these are the main properties that the Ansuz rune is endowed with. What does this symbol mean in the hands? Inspiration, intelligence, training and the ability to influence human consciousness.

In combination with other runes, for example with Gebo and Dagaz, it influences the development of eloquence. Mages often recommend it to people whose activities are closely related to public speaking.

The meaning of the rune Ansouz is multifaceted. But most often it symbolizes openness and spiritual development. With the help of this sign, a person can better understand his connection with the Higher Powers. In ancient times the ruins called Ansouz "the eye of God" and in the predictions paid attention to its position.

The meaning of the rune Ansouz

Photos of this sign are presented in the article. So now everyone recognizes it. But most of them do not know its secret meaning.

If, before guessing, a person asks: "What can I expect in the production field?" - and he drops the symbol in a straight position, then one should prepare for trials and changes. As a rule, they are troublesome, but pleasant.

They can be associated with the choice of profession or new opportunities in the already available. Mature influential people can help in this. You should listen to them, watch your words and exercise wisdom.

Before interpreting the meaning of the rune Ansouz in interpersonal relationships, one should correctly ask the question. For example: "How will I develop further communication with a friend (name)?". The symbol in the forward position means a favorable outcome. The alliance will be fruitful, without tricks.

By the way, the "eye of God" always calls for being honest and open. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it for personal gain. Otherwise, you can get the opposite effect. For example, if a person makes up a rune-staking with the intention of seizing another's property, then the Ansouz sign that is repeated several times should be avoided.

Since, subsequently, there is an opportunity to lose something from your material values. The rune's work can not always be predicted. Often they act directly and do not divide into "their" and "strangers".

Tips with a negative value

Any character in an inverted form predicts an unfavorable event. The guesser often thinks: "What is the warning about the reversed rune Ansouz?" What does it mean? ". In this position, it shows the possibility of deception, fraud and cunning.

Predicts obstacles on the way, possible conflicts with management. Also, a fortune-teller may need help from strangers. This is especially worth focusing on.

If the question is related to such requests, then you should keep the situation under control. As the help will be not selfish, and it is recommended to be attentive with the one who will have to ask for it. Unfortunately, if the diviner asks unequivocally: "Will they take me to work?", The meaning of the inverted runicle Ansouz is not.

If the symbol falls in this position with other positive runes, then the answer is yes. But a deception is possible, or some information is hidden from the person. As a result, there will be no satisfaction from the job.

The final advice can be: do not give way to despair! Search for other ways to achieve your goal, consider different options, ask advice from good friends.

Do not get upset when the situation periodically appears Ansouz (inverted rune). The significance of a negative character can be weakened or killed by making up a rune-like stew in such a combination: Ansouz, Yero, Mannaz.

It is used to activate mental processes and direct them in the right direction. No luck? To attract the luck of your life is a rune formula: Ansuz, Uruz, Jero, Ansouz.

Divination by Love

The heart theme is always popular among women and men. Usually the wonderers are wondering: what kind of energy is the Ansuz rune? Its value in love and relationships is positive or negative?

It has already been said above that the symbol that has fallen out most often in a straight position is favorable. Inverted - carries information of a negative nature. But it also depends on the question posed.

It affects the outcome, which will show the rune Ansouz. The meaning in the love and relationship of this symbol of an obscure character can be supplemented with an auxiliary layout. Suppose a girl asks about a certain young man: "Will I have an affair with him or not?" If an inverted rune falls, the answer is negative.

But the additional alignment can show the following: "The novel does not work out, but it's for the best. Man is driven by selfish thoughts. It's best to stay away from him. " In matters of marriage and marriage, a direct symbol always gives a positive answer.

Additional guesswork will show whether this union will be happy. Consider this for a specific example. If the question is put: "Will a girl marry me?", Then Ansouz answers - yes. Continue further: "What will this marriage be?"

If there is an inverted rune, the interpretation is as follows: an unstable union is possible. There will be prerequisites for keeping a certain period of your life.

Predictions for the couple

Experienced runologists are unanimous in their opinion that, in the general situation, one should carefully look at neighboring runes, in addition to the main runes. It is interesting that the runaway Ansouz value in relations in the direct position is positive: a stable good alliance of the pair. But the presence of the rune Mannaz in the scenario is a sign that the couple can often experience boredom and monotony.

How can this be avoided? The answer will be prompted by the rune that fell from the other side of the Ansouz symbol. If this is Dagaz, then the couple can achieve novelty in relationships through travel, joint recreation, communication with friends.

Decompositions and advice for lovers

Consider the compatibility of the "eye of God" with other signs and try to decipher the answer. For example, the combination of Ansouz with Ingus signals that lovers need to observe the boundaries of their personal space. Temporal distance from each other will subsequently have a positive impact on relationships.

The meaning of the rune Ansouz is not limited to a single fortune telling or hands with other symbols. It is used in runescripts and in the manufacture of various talismans. In fact, this is a serious claim to the Higher Powers for willingness to link their lives with this or that person.

Therefore, if there is no certainty about this, then it is not recommended to use this symbol in love formulas. It is believed that the "eye of God" helps to cement the relationship between people for a long time. However, this is not a guarantee of a harmonious happy life!

Before you start real action, you need to understand how strong the ancient signs, including the rune Ansouz. The meaning, description and interpretation are very important for the formulation of working formulas and runescripts.

A little about the talismans

So, we have considered the meaning of Ansouz. Is it time to think about how to affect your life with this sign? The action of runic symbols can be applied in any area of life.

Ansouz is recognized as an energetically powerful rune, since it is directly connected with God Odin. Thanks to the use of staves, formulas, a person in daily life can achieve significant success.

However, one who fully studies the properties of each rune and knows how these symbols combine with each other is able to make a talisman (amulet) independently. Manufacture should be handled by a professional. Unlike a beginner, he has enough energy to charge the amulet with his personal power.

After all, many beginners have difficulties in this. To the same, the lack of experience can lead to incorrect choice of runes. This will cause the talisman not to work or even harm the person.

Combination with other signs

With what neighboring symbols does Ansouz strengthen its positive properties? Its meaning will always be positive and spectacular if you select Gebo, Odal, Eyvaz, and Feiha for making the talisman. To create a protective object, any material can be used: stone, metal, wood, bone or paper. The most important thing is to intuitively accept what is taken as a basis for a magic product.

Then choose the necessary symbols. You can apply a single rune Ansouz to the selected material. Its action will spread slowly and gently. To enhance the effect and faster result, the runologists are advised to draw this sign three times, or to resort to a combination: Ansuz, Dagaz, Sowulo.

For those who are not sure of themselves

The society knows many cases when a talented person suffers from shyness and does not know how to properly submit his idea. There is no result from long trainings at home in front of a mirror and performances before home.

To gain confidence and become more eloquent will help such a combination: Ansuz, Uruz, Hyer, Ansuz. This may be used by students before passing the sessions, graduation papers. In addition, it will help to bring out the hidden potentialities of a person and make his attention more concentrated.

Becoming an excellent contributor to the development of logical thinking and oratorical gift. As a result, the person expects a brilliant completion of business, good luck in the professional field, new favorable changes. In parallel, a person receives energy protection from the Higher Forces.

Ansouz for lovers

Runa has a beneficial effect on the relationship of the couple. Helps to better understand your partner and strengthen the invisible energy connection. Often the couple has the intention to live together with each other, but they are difficult to "grind" the characters. This is due to the difficult energy compatibility.

In this case, many magicians advise a ritual of harmonization. Here are some of the formulas from the article by Lola Peschel, the Rune of Ansouz: The Importance of Love.

Ansuz, Gebo, Odal - helps to stop conflicts, allows you to find a common language with the partner.

Gebo, Algiz, Odal - encourages to sympathy, causes mutual respect, promotes the emergence of mutuality.

Ansouz, Gebo, Vuño - evokes joy from communication, sexual interest, pleasure from each other.

Meditation on the Fleece

It should be resorted to in the presence of unresolved issues, before working with runes or for energetic recharge from the rune. It is believed that the best place for meditation will be nature: forest, field, river bank.

If there is no possibility for this, then you can use any secluded place. Beginners are advised to apply a lighted candle, as this facilitates relaxation and concentration at the same time. It is also believed that the burning attribute helps create an energy column for communication with the Cosmos.

How does the process occur?

Figure of the runes Ansouz should be put on a neat, even sheet, as the ancient symbol does not tolerate negligence. The pictured sign is placed directly in front of you on a level with a lighted candle. In the future, visualizing Ansouz will be possible without drawing.

Professionals do not focus on choosing the position of the body during meditation: sitting, standing or lying down. Everyone chooses what is convenient for him. The most important thing is to focus your vision on the image. It is desirable to put the figure 1.5 meters away from yourself at eye level.

It is important to relax, stop the flow of your thoughts, take a deep breath and exhale. Then close your eyes and imagine the Ansouz rune in blue tones with bluish or purple hues, surrounded by golden aurora. After a while, the feeling of the flow of energy coming from the rune will come.

It penetrates through the tips of the fingers and toes, gradually filling every cell of the body. Especially sensitive individuals physically feel how their skin is smoothed on the face and head. Energy, gradually emanating from the rune, fills the whole body. Causes heat and light tingling.

Energy can be represented in the form of a golden ball and mentally detain it at the level of anahata (heart chakra). Then you should mentally increase the size of the object until it goes beyond the body, the existing room, the city.

At this point, the vibration of Ansouz is able to change the personality space, expand its subconscious and obtain the necessary information from the lunar canal. After completing the meditation, it is necessary to thank the Higher Powers for their help and support.

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