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How to swing at home and do you need sports equipment?

Everyone dreams of a beautiful body, but the gym is not always available in time or in finance. At home, there is an opportunity to allocate an hour for classes. If you are a beginner, then the first few months you can do without additional equipment, and then you have to spend a little, otherwise there will be no special result. It. In particular, is relevant for men.

So, how to swing at home without sports equipment:

Pushups. A fairly complex exercise if you do it correctly. The starting position is known to all. It is desirable that one more person follows the implementation and corrects the shortcomings. Do not bend or deflect the back. Lowering should be strictly horizontal, as low as possible, almost touching the floor with the chest. The effect you get only in the event that the number of repetitions will be large.

Exercises for the press. Here you will need a whole complex to work out all the parts of the muscles. We will not enumerate all the known exercises, which include twisting, scissors, lifting the legs in a lying position, and so on. In the network you will find a lot of video lessons, where they clearly demonstrate the technique.

Squats. If you do not know how to pumped at home, then remember that you need to train the whole body, and not its individual parts. Without cargo, everything is extremely simple, but watch your back and the technique of execution. Keep your back straight, with your knees not protruding from your socks. Strongly deep squats are not needed, because you are looking for an answer to the question of how to swing at home, and not how to get injured.

Now let's move on to the sports equipment. For men, the above exercises are not enough. More precisely, it can be used to maintain muscle tone, but not as basic training.

So, when deciding how to swing at home, consider the proposal to purchase such inventory:

- Bench for the bar or bench for doing exercises with a dumbbell. Of course, many build a structure of stools, but in this case it is impossible to change the angle of inclination. But to increase the load on the press, you need an incline bench.

- Dumbbells. Ideal variant with collapsible scales, because you can not immediately lift heavy dumbbells, and to acquire a large set, from small weight to large, is not appropriate. And places for placing such dumbbells are not always enough.

- The bar. This equipment is optional, but in the future you may need to develop pectoral muscles, arms and back.

By the way, swinging your back at home is also realistic, but for this we need dumbbells and a bar:

Thrust dumbbell to the abdomen with one hand. First we make an approach on one hand, and then immediately on the second, without interruption. The advantage of this exercise is in a large amplitude of movements, as a result of which the broadest muscle is well developed.

Rod pull to the stomach is one of the main exercises on the latissimus muscles of the back. The first approach is done with half the working weight, which is a warm-up. The starting position is the bent back, knees slightly bent.

Pulling on the bar with a wide grip to the chest. Of course, we do not find houses for horizontal bars, but often there is a playground nearby . For the development of the muscles of the back - this is an ideal option. If the exercise is given to you easily, then use an additional load.

We briefly considered how to swing at home. From the above, it can be seen that the result can be without professional equipment. In conclusion, you can only add that no training will not give effect without proper nutrition, so pay attention to this nuance.

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