How to choose a wedding dress under the dress?

Wedding. This word sweetly tickles the imagination of every girl over thirteen. All of us from childhood we are learning to represent this day: a beautiful prince, a splendid restaurant, admired guests and a fabulous wedding trip, to which you will go immediately after the banquet and which ideally will last a lifetime. However, when we get older, we get the cherished ring and hear the words "Come for me", it turns out that the preparation for the wedding requires huge efforts. Everything should be carefully planned: from the organization of a festive feast to such seemingly trifles as wedding lingerie. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Any woman, whether she is fifteen or fifty years old, knows about the important role that panties and bra play in creating an image. It seems that no one sees them, but to correctly choose them under their clothes is a whole art. What can we say about the underwear for the wedding dress: you do not want the sticking bra from the bra to be printed on a thousand of your wedding photos. Do not forget that the groom will admire you on the wedding night: the wedding linen should not only be comfortable and invisible, but also provocative-seductive.

Choosing clothes

So, we are looking for a "lower order". The simplest thing you can do is go to the first shop and ask you to show you wedding clothes for the bride. Surely, sales assistants will understand what you are talking about. True, this applies mostly to bras: for today there are many models of bras designed especially to wear them under a wedding dress. Well, pick up your favorite version of the panties will not be difficult.

Models and varieties

In general, what wedding linen you will wear depends mainly on the dress. For example, a narrow flowing silk dress will require a seamless bra: so you will be sure that its edges do not shine through and do not catch your eye. Do you have a high ornate bodice? Excellent! Feel free to take the sexiest model: lace, rhinestones, silk ribbons - all this will help you feel even more sexy and desirable. For a mermaid cut dress, you can take special corrective panties (in case you think that the hips might be slightly smaller) and a cast bust. Attire with open shoulders, of course, require the presence of a bra strapless. You are the owner of magnificent forms and have chosen the deep decollete? Wedding lingerie in this case should be as inconspicuous as possible. Try to try on an uplifting bra with a V-neck - it will attach the chest and visually make it taller and more elastic. Do not forget about the panties: carefully examine yourself from all sides in a large mirror. "Bottom" should be safely hidden under the skirt. This remark is especially important for those girls who have weakness for tight clothing. There is nothing more vulgar than the contour of panties under a tight dress. But the bride is the embodiment of purity and innocence.

After you have chosen the underwear, do not forget to try it on with the dress. Remember that its main function is to provide you with comfort and peace at the most important day of your life.

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