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Holcon, what is it? Its manufacture and application

Nowadays, there are many synthetic materials. One of them is a silk. What it is, you can learn from this article. This material is a polyester, synthetic fiber, which has found wide application in human life. This material does not crumple or deform. This is due to the fact that its fibers are intertwined and have a strong springy structure. Kholkon is actively used in textile and furniture production, in the manufacture of various filters and toys. Do not do without it in construction and automotive.

Production features

Now consider the holcon - what it is and how it is produced. This material is made on modern equipment using the latest technologies. Hollow polyester yarns are subjected to heat treatment, after which they are twisted in a spiral. For their bonding, a special glue is applied to each other, which is applied at high temperature.

The technology of the production of the holon consists of several stages. First, the fibers are prepared by mixing and loosening them. After that, they are fed into a special bunker, in which this process is repeated again. Next, in the right amount of fiber fed to the carding machine, with which the canvas is formed.

The next step depends on which laying method is necessary. If it is required to be horizontal, then the material falls for thermo fixing in a special furnace. If the laying is needed vertical, the canvas is passed through an aerodynamic machine. This allows you to achieve its springiness and make a better residual deformation.

The last stage is cutting it into sheets or wrapping it in rolls. Then it should be weighed, packaged and labeled.

Material properties

The popularity and relevance of this material is due to its many useful properties. Holcon reviews receive only positive. Among the advantages are the following:

- absence of toxins and ecological purity;

- resistance to absorption of odors and moisture;

- duration of use;

- resistance to burning;

- small migration of fibers;

- absence of allocation of harmful elements;

- good thermal protection;

- beautiful appearance;

- ease of care.

Thanks to all the above advantages, this material has found wide application in many spheres of human life. For example, it is indispensable in the manufacture of mattresses. After all, it is environmentally friendly, does not lend itself to deformation and does not absorb extraneous smells.

Holon in mattresses

Now let's look at the holon, what is this in the mattress? What are its advantages? Distinguished by first-class elastic properties, this material is actively used for making mattresses. Due to its presence, a dream on this mattress is comfortable and strong. In addition, it is longevous, and care for it is simple and does not require much time and effort.

Since the designation of mattresses can be different, then natural bamboo, cotton or woolen fibers can be added to the silk. Their use makes it possible to improve the resistance of the material to the formation of microbes, hygroscopicity. In addition, these additives provide an opportunity to get rid of static voltage.

Thanks to the use of this material, mattresses have orthopedic properties, perfectly hold shape and are able to be used for a long time. They are very popular among buyers, because they use a hologon. What is this, many people now know.

Use of mattresses from the withers

Mattresses from this material are acquired not only for home rest, but also for various public organizations. Mattresses, holon reviews get only positive. Many buyers note the convenience of such products for sleeping and rest.

A mattress made of this material, with proper care, will remain attractive for a long time and will not lose its first-class properties, even despite regular loads.

Advantages of mattresses from the hock

The demand for mattresses from the hologram, above all, is associated with its many advantages. After all, any person wants to have a mattress that is easily folded and transported. They are well suited for recreation in the country and nature. After all, no cold is not terrible, if there are such mattresses. Holcon reviews deserve only positive.

Its cover is easy to remove and wash. Its cleaning and treatment can be carried out in special chambers for disinfection. If you lie on such a mattress, a person will not feel any unevenness. His rest and sleep will be first-class and comfortable.

The result

After reading this article, you are now aware of such material as the hologone. What it is and what it is used for, was described in sufficient detail. Due to its numerous advantages, this material is actively used, and the demand for it is getting higher.

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