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"Grizzly bar" (Yekaterinburg): menu, description, reviews

Establishment "Grizzly Bar" in Yekaterinburg positions itself as a real American meat classic restaurant. Also, there is a mandatory presence of authentic for this place alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails. Obligatory conditions are large portions of food, whatever you order, and high-quality service.

Features of the "Grizzly Bar"

"Grizzly Bar" in Yekaterinburg is a unique institution that simultaneously combines elements of a bar and restaurant. At the same time, it is saturated with the atmosphere of a real American drinking establishment, where parties are regularly held, to which the best DJs of the district come.

Separately it is necessary to say about the interior of this catering establishment. It is saturated with elements of dark wood. There is brickwork, which corresponds to the popular loft style today, as well as some unusual items that decorate the interior. These are road signs, posters that will take you to America in the 60s, a bike, sports attributes of many teams loved by many. All this will allow us to feel the old American spirit of the times of the hippies and Woodstock.

How to get there?

In order to get to the Grizzly Bar in Yekaterinburg, you need to proceed to Malysheva Street, 5. The place has a very convenient location. Nearby there are the Ural State Medical University, the Central Stadium, the residential complex Arbatsky, the Communards Square, the XXII Parish Congress Park. Therefore there is no shortage of visitors. Here come as tourists, and students, and ordinary citizens who want to walk and enjoy a hearty meal or dinner.

The institution is also convenient because it is located on the territory of the shopping and entertainment center "Alatyr" (Yekaterinburg). The "Grizzly Bar" allows guests not only to eat deliciously, but also to visit various shops and shopping galleries. In the five-story complex is a network of cinemas, a fitness center, a trampoline hall.

Menu of the institution

Many others for one reason attracted the "Grizzly Bar" in Yekaterinburg. The menu here is attractive and diverse. And most importantly, large portions can be obtained for very reasonable prices.

Almost all food will be understood by everyone. There are no frills here. Many people like it. Burgers and sandwiches by author's recipes from the chef, indispensable french fries, the most popular cold and hot snacks and salads. Here, there will be huge and satisfying steaks, pork ribs, cooked on the grill.

In the menu "Grizzly Bar" in Yekaterinburg, there was a place for Italian cuisine. Here it is presented in the form of all kinds of delicious pastas. Not without the popular today in almost every institution of Mexican dishes. This nachos, fajitos, quesadilla and something else.

Lovers of sweet will not go away with an empty stomach. At your choice - delicious milkshakes, a wide range of various desserts.

Bar Map

As in any bar, and even the restaurant, the role of the room plays a big role. With this in this institution, everything is in order. In addition, the appropriate atmosphere is created not only by alcohol, but also by cheerful incendiary music, constant sets from DJs, casual communication with guests. In addition to alcohol, there is a large selection of hookahs.

At the bar of this catering establishment you can taste all sorts of aperitifs. For example, a campari, cinzano or absinthe. Here there is Irish whiskey, blended scotch, single malt whiskey and magnificent bourbon.

Connoisseurs of good alcohol will certainly pay attention to the choice of cognac, brandy and armagnac. Not without classic drinks, which are found in almost every institution - vodka, tequila, gin, rum, liqueurs.

Beer lovers will find in the menu five grades of a draft kraft foam drink. Here and firm "Grizzly Bir", light and dark. "Cronenburg" of two varieties and "Grimbergen". To the beer bartender, you are strongly advised to take the appropriate snack - chicken wings, Grizzly Nachos, potatoes "Texas" or onion rings. But be careful, the first three dishes from this list are very sharp.

Guest Reviews

After visiting the "Grizzly Bar" in Yekaterinburg, the visitors leave a variety of comments, but still positive and enthusiastic incomparably more than dissatisfied and skeptical.

Many people like the local cuisine first of all. Very juicy and delicious burgers, as well as an atmosphere that refers to the idea that once everyone needs to realize his American dream and achieve what he wanted all his life.

The majority of visitors are satisfied with the fact that if you did not come to a special DJ set, but on a normal day, then music does not interfere with you. It sounds unobtrusive and not so loud as to prevent visitors from communicating with each other and enjoying the establishment in which they found themselves.

Personnel deserve some special thanks. Waiters and barmen always listen to the wishes of customers, and those who are confused by the rich variety of drinks, always advise what to order.

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