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Freeman (face mask): composition, application, feedback

Freeman - cosmetics came from America, which was released in 1915. The main raw material for production was fruit and vegetable extracts, containing a huge amount of vitamins and beneficial microelements. Initially, Larry Freeman's products were intended for the privileged elite - movie stars and celebrities. Fortunately, today we can use qualitative cosmetics made from natural ingredients without any problems. To our service products for hair care, body, and of course, the legendary face mask "Freeman".

Masks for face

The most famous and beloved by women all over the world, the product of the Freeman brand is a face mask. Find the "own" will be the owner of any skin type: fading, or young problem, fatty, or dehydrated. Allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin masks will not get any discomfort, will not cause irritation. The only exception is the individual intolerance of any component.

It's all about the natural composition and minimum of preservatives. In addition, a big plus for consumers is that the masks are presented in different formats - disposable sachets (which in fact are enough for 2-3 applications) and tubes of 150 ml. You can always begin to get acquainted with the mini format, in order to understand how much the product suits you. The design of packages also can not but rejoice. It is impossible to pass by bright and "tasty" tubes Freeman, the mask and ask in hand.

The ruler of masks is very extensive, it covers all the problems that our skin encounters. Deep moisturizing, exfoliation of the stratum corneum, removal of irritation, and drying of inflammation is an incomplete list of properties of products from Freeman. The face mask has a pleasant aroma that helps to relax and increase mood, and ease of use contributes to frequent use at home.


Today, organic cosmetics occupies a leading place among consumers. We are trying to return to the sources and eat healthy, environmentally friendly food, drink spring water, make masks from vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, the rhythm of life does not allow several times a week to prepare products for grooming yourself, and the necessary ingredients can not be found in every refrigerator. Here, Freeman products come to our aid. Cosmetics of this brand, in particular, masks, consist exclusively of products useful for the skin. The main components are:

  • Kaolin. We are better known as white clay. Ideal for problem and oily skin. It helps to relieve irritation, reduces inflammation and excessive production of sebum. A large number of microelements contained in white clay, favorably affects the complexion, whitens pigmentation spots, smoothes wrinkles.
  • Avocado. Avocado oil contains many vitamins: A, E, F, C, D, as well as copper, zinc, magnesium, and other trace elements. The skin, getting these nutrients, is saturated with moisture, acquires elasticity and is tightened. The dryness and peeling disappear.
  • Strawberry. This delicious berry is the true friend for problem skin. It removes inflammation and helps narrow the dilated pores. Improves the complexion, whitens the skin a little, making it "porcelain".
  • A pineapple. This berry (yes, it is berry) is very useful for oily skin, because it reduces the production of sebum. And also pineapple can be called natural peeling, it very gently and gently exfoliates the upper layer of the skin, making it smooth and tender.
  • Garnet. Cheer for your skin. The pomegranate tones and smoothes the first wrinkles. Struggles with age spots, freckles and traces of acne.
  • Acai extract. Anthocyanins, which are rich in Acai berries, can stop time for the skin. Slowing down the aging process, and cell regeneration, on the contrary, is accelerating.
  • Cucumber. Promotes the production of collagen by the skin, providing it with all the necessary vitamins and microelements. Removes irritation, dries pryshchiki, saturates with moisture.
  • Salt of the Dead Sea. A well of micro and macro elements. Promotes rejuvenation and cleansing. The skin becomes moisturized and radiant.

Who will suit the mask

Masks "Freeman" are suitable for everyone. The main thing - to choose the right "your", based on the type of skin. For example, clay face masks are more suitable for owners of oily or combination skin. Kaolin, which is part of their composition, absorbs surpluses of sebum, promotes the purification of pores. Also, such masks are suitable for normal skin as a deep cleansing and getting rid of black spots.

Mask film Freeman simultaneously nourishes and cleans. It is very convenient to use, do not wash it off with water. This type of mask is suitable for any type of skin, except for very dry.

But moisturizing masks with avocado or acai berries will perfectly moisturize and soothe dry, dehydrated and irritated skin. Their delicate creamy texture pleasantly envelops and cools, leaving no feeling of tightness.

How to use

All masks "Freeman" are used after the procedure of make-up. On a clean, dry skin on massage lines, apply the product on the face (avoiding the zone around the eyes and lips), as well as the neck and décolleté. After 15 minutes, the mask can be washed off with cool water. This refers to agents with a creamy texture.

Clay face masks are kept until completely dry, but not longer, so that they do not tighten the skin.

Mask-film is also kept until completely dry, and after removing, starting with the chin.

There is a Freeman mask with an extract of melon and chamomile, which works while you sleep. It must be applied before bedtime and left overnight. During the night, the skin becomes saturated with nutrients and receives the necessary dose of moisturizing. In the morning, you need to wash the mask off with water. Very comfortably!

Having disassembled the composition and method of application, we will consider the most famous and effective masks and reviews about them.

Facial Peel-Off Mask Cucumber

This mask-film is designed for deep cleansing of pores, whitening and moisturizing the skin. In addition to cucumber, the composition includes aloe juice and fruit extracts.

Among the fans of Facial Peel-Off mask masks Cucumber takes a worthy place. It is very convenient and easy to use, it is well distributed over the face. True, it is impossible to name the expense economically: it can not be applied with a thin layer. After 10-15 minutes, the gel turns into an elastic film, which can easily be removed.

Among the minuses it is usually noted that the expectation of a bright cucumber flavor did not justify itself, unlike other Freeman products. The mask has a specific smell, which rather speaks about the absence of additional flavors.

The undoubted advantage is the effect that the agent has on the facial skin. No tightness and dryness, the skin is moistened, the pores are cleared, the inflammations decrease.

Facial Clay Mask Chocolate & Strawberry

This mask is based on white clay, its main function is skin cleansing. Cocoa butter is responsible for moisturizing, and strawberry whitens and fights with inflammation. The product dries quickly, it can create a feeling of tightness, so it is not recommended to keep it longer than 15 minutes.

Of the minuses, users note that the mask has to be washed off for a long time. And also argue that with very contaminated pores the agent is unlikely to cope. But it aligns the relief, whitens with the first application and delicious smells of cocoa.

Facial Enzyme Mask Pineapple

Pineapple is responsible for exfoliation b cleansing, and chamomile, which is also part of the composition, soothes and moisturizes. According to its consistency, the remedy resembles a fruit puree, it is easily and nicely distributed, it does not tighten the skin, however, it can slightly pinch. But without it, not one, even the easiest, does a peeling.

Lovers of the brand noticed that in the winter season the use of this product can cause an easy peeling of the skin. This is a normal reaction, considering that in winter the skin suffers from low temperatures in the street and dry air in the premises.

The pluses include a pleasant aroma and the result is a fresh, even complexion.

Facial Polishing Mask Charcoal & Black Sugar

This remedy is more like a scrub. Activated carbon and black sugar have become the main components of the Freeman product. Mask black , on contact with the skin is slightly heated, which allows nutrients to penetrate as deeply as possible.

Holders of sensitive skin note that the scrubbing particles are large and can scratch.

Positive feedback is about the beautiful cleansing of pores, smooth relief and fresh face.

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