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Free volume of "Yandex.Disk" for all

For a lot of modern people who use computer technology every day, the times have passed when it was necessary to move the necessary files between home and work, for example, on a flash drive. Also, many people have forgotten the need to constantly carry a laptop with the necessary files. And quite a long time has passed since teamwork on various projects required the presence of all participants in the same room or, at least in one city.

Why do we need "clouds"

All of the above examples - this is only a small part of the opportunities that provide their users with information storage technology in the "cloud".

Probably heard about it all, and many actively used "Yandeks.Disk", features of work with which are described below. Why not? The volume of "Yandex.Disk" allows an ordinary user to stop using various physical media for data transfer, and most importantly, save a huge amount of time - the necessary files are available at any time and almost anywhere, but it is important that there is access to the Internet.

What is cloud storage of information?

For a complete understanding of the principles of the services in question, it is necessary to at least superficially familiarize yourself with the theory.

"Cloud" as a data warehouse is represented today by an online storage model, which uses the principle of storing data on a large number of servers distributed in the Global Network. These servers are provided to customers for use by a third party. The main difference between the "cloud" storage model and the principle of data storage by the user using dedicated, proprietary servers that are purchased or rented specifically for solving similar problems is the lack of "visibility" by the client of the internal structure of the servers, as well as their number. The information is stored, and also processed in a so-called cloud, which is a single large server from the user's point of view. Such solutions have a lot of features, they are safe and in general can be recommended for use by both ordinary users and the corporate segment of customers for a wide range of tasks.


One of the popular solutions for data storage in the "cloud" on the territory of our country is "Yandex.Disk". This service is created and supported by the company of the world-renowned specialists of the search giant Yandex, which gives every user the opportunity to be sure of the reliability of the service, the availability of all necessary functions and their perfect work. The volume of "Yandex.Disk", provided to each user for free immediately after registration in the service, is quite large, which further promotes the storage.

How the work "Yandex.Disk"

The main principle on which the service performs its functions is the continuous synchronization of user data between different devices, both hardware and software. The amount of memory provided by the Yandex.Disk service can be used by almost any hardware solutions connected to the Internet. These include PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Devices can work under Windows, Linux, Android, iOS all current versions. In other words, everyone can become a user of the service and receive a free volume of "Yandex.Disk" for storing personal files. Registration, by the way, is open for everyone today.

How much data can be stored for free

Many do not know how much Yandex.Disk is available to each user. It is worth noting that it is not as small as one might imagine. With reasonable use, storing only important and really useful information and regularly cleaning up the storage from file debris, there is enough space for most common tasks. Right after registration and forever the user receives as much as 10 Gigabytes of disk space for free use.

How to increase the volume

Of course, each user would like to have at his disposal the maximum amount of "Yandex.". How to achieve this? Let's try to understand.

It is worth noting that in fact the amount of information that each user operates daily, continuously growing. Regardless of the purpose of using the cloud storage, sooner or later it will be filled, and will cease to perform its most basic function - to accept new files uploaded by the user. In order for all the features become available again, you will have to resort to using the service on a fee basis.

How to increase the volume of "Yandex.Disk"? Despite the fact that there are some tricks, for example, getting a bonus volume for attracting friends, the answer to this question can actually be one - for a "serious" increase in volume, one of the cloud service packages will have to be purchased. To date, there are several packages available. This is an additional 10, 100 or 1,000 Gigabytes of capacity. Packages are purchased for one month or year, but you can configure automatic renewal of use. As for the cost of the service, it is worth noting that it is quite democratic. As a recommendation, economical users can be advised to purchase an "annual" package. In comparison with payment monthly, it costs about 20% cheaper.

Thus, everyone can choose for themselves the appropriate volume of "Yandex.Disk" and take advantage of all the advantages of cloud storage.

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