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Eastern spiritual practices: what is the mantra of healing

Mantras are special spiritual songs, with the help of sound vibrations establishing the contact of our spirit with other, high matters. Working with them seriously, with knowledge, you can improve your health, clean energy, reach the state of enlightenment, as do the Tibetan monks.

How to use mantras

Mantras of healing are words that fill our bodies with strength, health, active vital energy. When singing the coveted words, do it consciously, without escaping the process. Try to paint in the imagination a picture of how the disease is leaving you. How to do it: when you say the mantra of healing, imagine that from that place or body that is troubled, a dark river flows and flows, through your hand (lower it down), rushes to the floor or the ground. The importance of this moment lies in the fact that you are giving yourself, your body an installation for recovery. Mantras of healing are very effective when taking medications or getting health-improving procedures. Subtle vibrations enhance their positive impact. Naturally, to achieve a result, the environment is important. It's right to start your every new day with solemn hymns. Naturally, you should not be distracted by people, noises, or other circumstances. And after the mantras of healing in your performance sound, you should sit still for a while, so that the body and the body are tuned to the right wave. How many times do I need to repeat the spell? Traditionally, monks practicing such recovery speak of a number that is multiples of 7. That is, seven, 21, etc. The maximum and most effective number for the mantra of health and healing is 108. If you feel fine, then read it, for example , Over a glass of water. The liquid will turn into a real nectar. To drink it is very useful for preventive purposes.

What Mantras Should Be Pronounced

One of the most powerful, universal action, chants - "ohm" or "aum". This is the mantra "Healing the Wounds of Love", "Full Recovery" or "The Relationship of the Soul to the Cosmos". It has the most important, sacred meaning, as in Christianity the first prayer is "Our Father". Mantra gives the possibility of karmic purification, initiation to the Higher Mind and much more. Causing certain fluctuations in the entire body, in the central and peripheral nervous system, the spell "ohm," and not only it, frees us from evil, diseases, various kinds of external and internal negativity. Mantra "Gayatri" saving from most ailments is no less significant and effective. It is considered a kind of first aid. Masters, who have long and firmly mastered this kind of practice, say that with the first unpleasant symptoms you should chant mentally if you are in a public place and out loud if at home. Relief will come literally right away, and soon the disease will disappear altogether, as if nothing happened. Excellent stimulant of immunity! The appeal to Krishna also helps. Of the deities of Tibet, the Green Tara is highly esteemed. She perfectly helps both in male and female health problems, heals the spirit and body. Listen, say the mantras associated with her, and you will completely forget about doctors, hospitals and medications.

Health to you and happiness!

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