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Azarov Dmitry Igorevich - senator from the Samara region

Many are interested to know who they are, modern Russian politicians. What is their life path, and how do they get to the top of the political Olympus. The article is devoted to the indigenous Samaritan, or rather, the native of the then city of Kuibyshev, who at the present time headed the Federation Council one of the most important committees - on the federal structure. It's about Dmitriy Azarov.

Beginning of biography

The future politician was born in 1970, on August 9. His parents are ordinary employees, he turned out to be the youngest of two sons. Father instilled in children love for sports, many years training the school basketball team. Azarov Dmitry Igorevich - CCM for this sport. And in his youth he loved rock, being a fan of Viktor Tsoi's creativity, fond of physics and mathematics. Upon termination of school № 132 I entered the local Polytechnic Institute, where I got a specialty of a software engineer.

He began his career in his student years. At the age of 18 he mastered the profession of asphalt paver, making his contribution to the road construction of Zubchaninovka settlement. At the end of the university he worked in the specialty, while studying at the financial and economic college of the city of Buzuluk. He not only graduated with honors, but later became a candidate of science.

Work experience

Azarov Dmitry Igorevich, whose biography is considered in the article, made a dizzying career from an ordinary programmer, accountant and economist of a private firm to the general director of the Srednevolzhskaya Gas Company (2001), having traveled this way in just 9 years. In his track record, a short work in the tax inspection. The first serious appointment he received already in 1995, becoming deputy director of the Volostenergomontazh branch of the trust. Here he dealt with economic issues.

Three years later, Azarov received a similar post at the Sintezkauchuk plant. A new stage was the software "Volgapromkhim", where six enterprises employed about 20 thousand people. The next appointment was already RMSC. As general director, in Moscow Azarov Dmitry Igorevich defended his thesis on economics, becoming one of the most competent managers of enterprises.

The beginning of political career

2006 in the history of the city of Samara became the year of confrontation of the "Party of Life" - "United Russia". Young ambitious politicians and heads of local enterprises teamed up in the team of Viktor Tarkhov against acting mayor Georgy Limansky. And they won. After winning the election, Tarkhov proposed Azarov to become the first deputy of the Head of the city district, in charge of finance and economic development. Until 2008, he worked in the city apparatus, voluntarily leaving a high post. Samara region in his face acquired a new Minister of Nature, and his career Dmitry Igorevich began to associate with the party "United Russia".

2009 was a very important year for him. Azarov's surname was included in the personnel reserve of the President of the Russian Federation, and in the 2010 elections he was nominated as the candidate for the position of the Head of the city district. He won, gaining almost 67% of the vote.

As mayor

For 4 years, Azarov Dmitry Igorevich was the mayor, remaining in the memory of the townspeople, as one of the most accessible and democratic city leaders. He actively communicated on the Internet, leading a page in "Twitter", where other officials of the apparatus soon appeared. With him, a real site was created, where citizens' appeals were not only read, but mandatory measures were taken. Meetings with the residents of the city have become traditional. They were held until late in the evening, until the last question of the present. What specific cases did the former mayor remember?

  • The establishment of order in the streets of the urban district. This concerns cleanliness, the purchase of harvesters, the demolition of illegal stalls and the reconstruction of the embankment of the Volga.
  • Creation of the original monuments, which became the decoration of the city, within the organizational committee "Cultural Samara". So, in front of the railway station appeared the sculpture of Yuri Detochkin, and on the banks of the great river - the composition "Burlaki on the Volga". The historical justice was restored and a monument to the founder of Samara, Grigory Zasekin, appeared on the embankment.
  • Company for a healthy lifestyle. At Azarov's initiative, the sale of alcohol during the holidays is banned in the city, and a green street is open for sport. The former mayor personally participated in street basketball competitions, which have become traditional.

Council of the Federation

When Azarov became the head of the Association of Volga Cities in 2011, and a little later became the vice-president of the Union, which included all Russian cities, it became clear that the policy was tight on the scale of one region. In 2013, a new governor appeared in the Samara region, which only had to win recognition of local residents. Nikolai Merkushkin arrived from Mordovia, where he had a certain authority, but the Samara inhabitants were completely unfamiliar. Dmitry Igorevich Azarov represented for him some competition in the struggle for the sympathy of voters.

The situation was resolved in 2014, when it was decided to appoint Azarov from the region as senator in the Federation Council. On October 10, the Samara politician entered his term of office, which expires in 2019. Thanks to his wide popularity as mayor, he headed an important committee dealing with issues of regional policy and the federal structure.

Personal life

Azarov Dmitry Igorevich, the Federation Council for which today is the main place of work, is happily married. With a wife named Elina, the politician met while still in school, but the offer was made as a student. In the family two daughters are raised: the adult Polina and Alyona, born in 2002. As a senator from the Samara region, Azarov often visits his hometown, regularly meeting with people and especially with young people, whose potential sincerely believes.

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